Content & Streaming

In-Studio Live Streaming

In-Studio Or On-Ground
Live Streaming

Get a team on-ground or drive rich production-based streaming from the studio & extend the reach of your event.

On Ground Live Streaming
Connecting with Virtual Speakers
Connecting Virtual Speakers logo

Connecting Virtual
& Physical Speakers

In uncertain times for travelling, deliver a full show while connecting the speaker panel online & give a seamless experience to on-ground & Virtual audiences.

2 Way Interaction Of Virtual Audience

Let the virtual audience interact with the speaker & the stage to give a life-like
experience & achieve better engagement.

Live Production based Streaming logo

Live Production-
based Streaming

Achieve a sport level production while streaming the content & give a much richer experience to the virtual audience.

Live Production based Streaming
Chroma Shoot Integration
Chroma Shoot Integration logo

Studio & Chroma
Shoot Integration

Integrate virtual background or club speaker from different geographies to one screen to get a newsroom level production while delivering event Webccast.

Multi-language Transcription Support Logo

Multi-language &
Transcription Support

Produce a show for an international audience. Integrate Multi language support & transcription feature with your event streaming.

Multi-language Transcription Support

Intranet Streaming

Corporate streaming or an inter-office connection has done best
with intranet streaming.

Multi Feed Integration with Live Motion Camera
Multi Feed Integration with Live Motion Camera Logo

Live Motion Camera
Multi Feed Integration

Live shows & interesting agenda can’t be restricted with the static camera. Deploy motion cameras & give mixed, engaging content to the audience.

Self Managed Streaming Studio Logo

Streaming Studio

Our platform comes with the inbound feature of DIY streaming to give full control & power to the event organizer.

Self Managed Streaming Studio
Extend your events Digitally with Dreamcast Smart Event Solutions