Expo Experience

  • Exhibitor Portal

    Exhibitor Portal

    Upload assets, manage files, assign booth representatives all with ease.

  • Offline or Online Expo sync

    Offline-Online Expo sync

    Exhibitors presence on physical shows to cater seamless presence & experience for virtual visitors to cater larger footfall & better ROI.

  • Live Commerce

    Live Commerce

    Give your exhibitors the power to sell via the platform while interacting with your virtual audience.

Exhibitor's Profile

A detailed exhibitor profile that helps Virtual & on-spot visitors to make informed decisions & better footfall.

Exhibitors Profile
  • Visitor Meeting Scheduler

    Visitor Meeting Scheduler

    Interested visitors can pre-book a meeting slot with the exhibitor either for online or on-spot meetings.

  • Easy Onboarding

    Easy Onboarding

    Smooth exhibitors and sponsors onboarding. Automate your exhibitors and sponsor’s onboarding. Exhibitors can invite and manage team members.

  • Exhibitor On App

    Exhibitor On App

    One app, no hardware Exhibitors just need to download your event app, no hardware needed.

Live Lead Retrieval
Exhibitor Profile

Live Lead Retrieval

Exchange information & company assets digitally & save all the leads at a central digital location over the scan of QR code.

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