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Make Your Events Smart With WhatsApp Communication

Pick the most effective communication channel for your events.

Smart events with whatsapp automation
WhatsApp Driven Tech Solutions
For Your Events
A wide range of Solutions to pick from to make your business more effective
Event Registration

Event Registration (Paid / Unpaid)

RSVP Management

RSVP Management

Event Ticketing

Event Ticketing

Push Notification & Broadcast

Push Notification & Broadcast

Live Audience Engagement

Live Audience Engagement

Post Event Feedback Via whatsapp

Post Event Feedback

Digital Event Help Desk

Digital Event Help Desk

Whatsapp User Journey Automation

User Journey Automation

WhatsApp for Event Tickets & Registration

Event Registration (Paid / Unpaid)

Make event registration highly effective through WhatsApp.

Event registration
  • Go completely paperless with QR Code based M-Badge with an option of personalise.
  • Empowering both online & on-spot registration with instant response over on-spot registration with M-Badge.
  • Post event collect feedback & expand the community over interest groups.
  • WhatsApp Based customer support to cater attendee queries.
  • Create non-transferable personalized M-Badges with initials & photo.

RSVP Management (Direct Invite / Approval Based)

RSVP management like never before to offer a great experience to your guest.

  • Most effective RSVP management with QR code based Digital Invite on WhatsApp.
  • Option to send a direct invite or to collect a confirmation.
  • Add on Invites & guest list management on the go over the mobile phone.
  • Seamlessly manage +1 with the guest live at the event.
RSVP Management

Event Ticketing

Make event Ticketing as easy as Movie ticketing.

Whatsapp Event Ticketing
  • Share booking receipts over Email, SMS & WhatsApp with QR code-based digital tickets on WhatsApp.
  • No more physical tickets at the event, Scan the QR code & let users enter the show.
  • Easy reconciliation, no leakage & pilferage. Full control to organisers with live stats.
  • Option to create a non-transferable personalize ticket with initials & photo.

Messaging needs to be the cornerstone for your next chapter of digital transformation.

WhatsApp for User Engagement

Push Notifications & Broadcast

Manage customer conversations efficiently and improve their experience by creating automated workflows | No complicated flows or path builders required

Whatsapp Push Notifications & Broadcast
  • Push notification & conversation pre & during the event with the attending guest.
  • Automated designed communication over different touchpoints of Attendee journey.
  • Trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when your customer takes an action (or doesn't!).
  • Save time & effort by adding Custom-replies for frequently asked questions.
  • Manage high volumes of customer conversations efficiently

Live Audience Engagement

Use the most powerful live engagement tool for your online and on-ground audience.

Live Audience Engagement
  • Invite the audience to ask questions directly via WhatsApp connect with the event moderator.
  • Live polling over running discussions.
  • Collect Feedback over sessions in real-time.
  • Send digital agenda to the attending audience.
WhatsApp for User Engagement
WhatsApp for User Support
WhatsApp for User Support

Event Helpdesk
Going Digital

Offer Customer Support at Scale on WhatsApp. Manage 1000s of customer conversations with ease via WhatsApp Business APIs.


Post Event

Get constructive feedback from customers with the power of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a 90% open rate in the
First 3 Hours compared to SMS and Emails.

WhatsApp for User Experience

Automation : Automated Messages Over User Journey

Automate Event Communication at Scale on WhatsApp.

  • Transform Conversations for better connect and user ease.
  • Elevate campaign performance with rich media - images, videos, PDFs, and more.
  • Use message elements like CTA & Quick Reply buttons to engage customers.
  • Send Regular Updates with a Twist.
Automated Messages

E-Commerce : Sell Event Merchandise Via WhatsApp

D2C selling Via WhatsApp & expand your event revenue stream.

  • Give Live support to your event audience over the official event WhatsApp number.
  • Solve customer queries on time and motivate them to come again and shop at your store.
  • Use custom auto-replies to manage customer FAQs without having to waste any human resource.
  • Enable real-time team collaboration with conversation labels & private notes. Assign and re-assign chats for better customer service.
  • Organize your contacts & chats using smart cards, labels, tags & private notes to access them with ease.

Use WhatsApp API Modules &
transform your Event

Pricing Structure

Tech. Charges

A Event Module Cost

Complete hand-handling of your band to on-board with Meta & the platform.


B Add-on Module Cost

Based on the module selection from the available solution suite for your event.

Starts from $200

C Manage Services

Fully managed services to manage the complete Whatsapp communication as per the designed plan for your event.

Starts from $500
Charges On Consumption

WhatsApp Conversation Charges by Meta

Example: India (INR)
  • Recipient Country India
  • Business-Initiated Rate Rs.0.4838
  • User-Initiated Rate Rs.0.2906
First 1000 conversations : NO COST

How It Works?

How It Works

How To Get Started?

(In just 3 simple steps)



Covering the formalities with Meta.



Getting to know the platform step by step


Special Module Integration

Pick & choose what fits your event requirements the best

Checklist For Onboarding Process

Website and Domain

Business Website and Domain Email address

Mobile Number

Mobile Number that you wish to link

NOTE : It should not have any active WhatsApp Account linked


Facebook Business Manager needs to be Verified with the following documents
  • GST Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation
  • Udyam Certificate / Business Bank Statement / Utility Bill
Get Started Today
Yes it’s as simple as vanilla.
Event Module

Choose An Event Module & Go

Choose from available solution suite for your event Or design your own based on your problem statement. Option to even go white-label/branded with detail integrations.

Option to even go white-label/branded with detail integrations.