AI Matchmaking for Dynamic Event Networking

Redefine how attendees, and speakers, interact at events with AI-driven highly functional Mindmixer across all event types, sizes, and formats. Ensure streamlined connections, networking, and seamless event experience.

Why Mindmixer?

  • Scalability

    Our platform scales to meet your needs whether you're hosting a small webinar or a large-scale conference.

  • Security

    Rest easy knowing your data and interactions are secure. We prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of our users.

  • Data-Driven

    Collect and analyze the event and session data using our integrated analytics to make data-driven decisions.


AI Matchmaking

Mindmixer employs smart algorithms to match attendees based on their profiles, interests, and professional backgrounds. Say goodbye to irrelevant networking and hello to meaningful connections.

Networking by Dreamcast

Real-Time Interactions

Strike up conversations with fellow attendees in real-time. A live messaging feature by Mindmixer allows you to connect, share insights, and schedule meetings within the app.

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Tailor Your Event Experience

Maximize your event's impact with our fully customizable networking app, tailored to your brand's theme, tone, and color scheme. Adjust functionalities seamlessly, ensuring your key objectives are met with precision and appeal.

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All It Needs To Begin Is A Topic

Post Topic

Post Topic

Start conversations with a topic of your choice.

Book Topic

Book Topic

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Discuss Topic

Discuss Topic

Decide how you want to meet - virtually or in person.


Elevate Event Partner Visibility

Maximize exposure for your sponsors and exhibitors with custom banners at strategic places. Attendees can click, explore products, services, and the latest innovations.

Sponsorship by Dreamcast

Event Analytics Dashboard

For organizers, gain valuable insights into attendee engagement, popular sessions, and networking trends through our comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Insights by Dreamcast

Intuitive Features To Elevate Experience

Crowdsourced Topic Feed

A stream of content collected, curated, or generated by a group of people.

Meeting Formats

Host a meeting in diverse formats - one-on-one, and group.

Scheduling and Booking System

A dedicated booking system to create and modify an event.

Topic Cards

An interactive topic card for a wide collection of topics.

User Profile and Directory

Find the participant's background, expertise, and learning goals to make a better connection.


Seamless Integration

Integrate with third-party tools to help enhance your event experience in various aspects. Manage a multi-diverse range of functionalities directly from the app.

Integration by Dreamcast

Easy-To-Use Interface

Craft a user-friendly event space where collaboration feels as effortless as scrolling social media. Dive into a reliable, robust, and attendee-centric platform experience.

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