Cashless Payment System For Events

Eliminate cash handling hassles with our secure and convenient payment systems designed to boost your revenue with effortless transactions at your next event!

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Why Choose DC Cashless?

Why Choose DC Cashless?

Boost Attendee Spending

Boost Attendee Spending

DC Cashless provides a convenient and frictionless payment experience. Smart payment for events helps attendees spend more and boosts your event’s revenue potential.

Speed Up Payment Process

Speed Up Payment Process

Say goodbye to long lines by reducing purchase time and enhancing the event experience with a fast and efficient cashless payment solution.

Cashless Events Made Easy

Cashless Events Made Easy

Ensures a secure and efficient payment process without the need for physical cash. Smart payment for events can help you make your event operations more smoother and streamlined.

Real-Time Data-Driven Growth

Real-Time Data-Driven Growth

Gain actionable insights into attendee behavior and preferences, and use the data to optimize your event operations in real-time.

Use DC Cashless For

Smart Cashless Payment System
Cashless Features

Cashless Features

Internet Independable

Independent Internet

Enjoy uninterrupted cashless transactions without relying on internet connectivity, ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction experience.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Effectively manage your inventory and stocks of items with menu-driven inventory management integration to get notified and make informed decisions.

Recharge From Anywhere

Recharge From Anywhere

Eliminate the hassle of cash transactions by easily recharging your NFC card from anywhere, to make your purchases more convenient.

Tax Invoice Billing

Tax Invoice Billing

Integrate our digital cashless solutions with your existing billing system or simply input the invoice details beforehand to generate a GST, VAT and other taxes enabled invoice for every sale.

WhatsApp-Based Report

WhatsApp-Based Report

Receive a comprehensive report of all your sales on WhatsApp, presented in an easy-to-understand format that includes exact numbers and metrics.

Our Cashless Impact

500 +

Events Delivered

$ 5 M+

Cashless Transactions

550,000 +

Cards Swiped


NFC Driven-Tech

NFC tech-driven digital cards offer convenience, security, and contactless payments, making them a preferred option to traditional transactions at any event or campus.

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DC Cashless Streamlines

India’s Happiest Flea Market ‘The Lil Flea’

with its Digital Cashless
Payment Solutions.

What Our Customers Say

Happy to use DC Cashless's innovative solutions, as they streamlined our guest's experience by eliminating their worry about handling wallets & phones. A wristband-enabled payment option to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise made our events efficient & profitable.

Aniket Mishra - Cashless Review
Aniket Mishra
Archi Events

DC Cashless collaboration has been a game-changer for our theme park. Their advanced technology for digital payments that works offline with real-time analytics made it possible to make informed decisions, leading to increasing 20% revenue.

Cashless Review - Dheeraj Soni
Dheeraj Soni
Pink Pearl

DC Cashless has made our nightclub more convenient and secure. An in-house digital card payment system increases our revenue efforts and guests' spending. Also, inventory management and POS with invoice printing capabilities and ordering from table-like functionalities are quite helpful.

Abhimanyu Rathore -DC Cashless Review
Abhimanyu Rathore
Paro India

DC Cashless has helped us to improve the security and efficiency of our cafeteria and other activity areas. Our employees can now pay for their meals, parking, and other activity fees digitally.

Meenakshi Tiwari Cashless Review
Meenakshi Tiwari
Shyam Associate

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DC Cashless provide end-to-end service? Faq Arrow

Yes, we provide end-to-end services and deploy our systems at events, music festivals, concerts, trade shows, expos, corporate campuses, and other places where there is a need for digital cashless payments.

Do I need the internet to run the DC Cashless payment system? Faq Arrow

Simply not, our event payment system is capable of managing and receiving transactions offline and does not rely on the Internet to operate, making it even suitable for remote areas with poor network connectivity.

Does DC Cashless provide reporting? Faq Arrow

Yes, DC Cashless provides real-time reporting as well as detailed reporting in just 2 hours tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

In which regions DC Cashless is active? Faq Arrow

DC Cashless is active in India and the UAE and is continuously working to expand its global reach.

Can the DC Cashless payment system integrate with my existing software? Faq Arrow

Yes, it is possible to integrate your existing system or software with our event payment system. This can include your existing inventory management system and billing system.

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