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Any event type, host it with ease. Reinvent the way you host your events, with a quick setup, rich look & feel and user-friendly UI to elevate your event experience.

Social Webinar
Social Webinar
Conferences & Summits
Conferences & Summits
Hybrid Events
Hybrid Events
Award Ceremonies
Award Ceremonies
Networking Events
Networking Events
Fairs & Exhibitions
Fairs & Exhibitions
Online Events

Brand & Style
Your Event With Your Vision

Easy to use intuitive backend that helps the organizer to build an interactive branded event to engage sponsors & attendees with the power of just a click.

Build Your Own

Have complete control of your event right from the registration page to the exhibition booth. Create your event, your way while keeping maximum control and smoothly executing the event.

Engaging Environment

Give your attendees the look & feel of a physical event by offering an engaging & immersive environment right from the lobby to the booth.

Event Branding

100% branded event opportunities with freedom & flexibility to create your event your way, right from design to execution. Branding options available at each step (Pre-registration page, Lobby, Auditoriums, Booth).

Virtual Event Platform

Manage Your Virtual Event
With Ease

Hosting events can be stressful, but not with us! Simply manage each aspect of the event with our expert backend, while also keeping 100% track of attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Registration & Ticketing
Registration & Ticketing

From Paid ticketed event to a restricted entry event, define the event registration as per the event need.

Stage & Booth Management

Manage complex multi-stages and booths rightly sync with speakers & audiences to host event exhibitions of any scale with exhibitor control.

User Management

Make sure you are in complete control of your users by offering the access control mechanism & real-time user data from the event.

Event Platform

Your Exhibitions & Expos

Elevate your next event with our cutting-edge online exhibition platform: Connect with prospects, boost ROI, build market presence, and create immersive experiences with our customizable platform and interactive digital booths.

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Don't Worry
We Are Here To Help

A virtual platform that enables you to host your event all by yourself, or you can always ask for our team of experts to handle it for you. Your Event, Your Way!

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  • Event Planning & Execution by Dreamcast
    Event Planning
    & Execution
  • Hosting & Moderation by Dreamcast
    & Moderation
  • Secure Server & Setup by Dreamcast
    Server & Setup
  • Management & Support by Dreamcast
    & Support
Mixhub for Customisable 3D Immersive Event

Branded Networking Tables

Life-like discussion rooms that help push a group discussion like in a round table setup of physical events, enabling each participant to actually choose their seat on the table to discuss pressing matters.

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Immersive & Engaging Features
That Keep Your Audience Hooked!

Keep your audience focused on your event with the immersive engagement features we have to offer and redefine how your attendees interact with each other.

AI-powered Matchmaking

Our smart AI technology matches each attendee with a list of attendees who share the same interest, helping them network faster & build meaningful connections.

Meeting Scheduler

Life-like discussion rooms that help push a group discussion like in a round table setup of physical events, enabling each participant to actually choose their seat on the table to discuss pressing matters.

2 Way Video Conversation

Facilitate conversations between speakers, audience, sponsors, exhibitors and in groups via video chats.


Complete Data Security & Detailed Tracking
Of The Entire Event

A clean & simple dashboard that enables you to have a direct insight into the customer journey, and optimising ROI, while doing away with the difficulty in collating large data.

Actionable Analytics
Actionable Analytics

From Paid ticketed event to a restricted entry event, define the event registration as per the event need.

Real Time Data

Track every small detail right from attendee traffic, engagement, and buyer movement across the event, all in real-time.

Data Bifurcations

Make sure your exhibitors receive the data of each participant on their booth & you as the host get the exact results of a poll or a quiz etc during the event.

Free Online Event Platform

Power to Integrate

Integrations that mix well APIs let you integrate us with all 3rd party event management tools

Ticketing & Payments

Ticketing & Payments

Integrate with ticketing tools like Eventbrite, Cvent, Aventri for hassle-free paid events. Compatible with global payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay, Paypal or PayU.



Easily send our automated registration mails, ticket purchase receipts, event notifications & session updates via Hubspot, Marketo and Salesforce.

Multi-Lingual Translators

Multi-Lingual Translators

Invite & engage a global audience with real-time audio translation and closed captioning for your sessions using Interprefy, Sync Words and Google Translate.

Scalable Events With Robust & Adaptable Technology

A 100% trusted and reliable platform that is adaptable to your audience size, with the aim to redefine virtual experience via a super secure server.

Secure & Certified

Secure & Certified

Enterprise-class security, data protection, and compliance with all regulatory guidelines.

Highly Scalable & Reliable

Highly Scalable & Reliable

Host up to 100,000 participants with low latency with a guaranted 99.99% uptime.

Meet Our Happy Clients

For me just it was more than a Great platform, it literally TRANSFORMED my virtual experience.
Ritika Pant
Campaign Manager, Isha
Enthralling Experience. It was value for money. It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.
Shreyance Modi
Director Finance, IMC
Dreamcast is an efficient platform with some life-saving features. Team Dreamcast is very supportive, and we appreciate how understanding they are.
Marketing Manager, Blue Pi
My experience has been extremely good both with the Platform and with the team who operates the platform for us.
Suraj Dhingra
Senior Account Director, Teamworks

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Mixhub enhance audience engagement during virtual events? Faq Arrow

A variety of interactive options are offered by Mixhub to increase audience involvement. Real-time polls may be made to gather data, live Q&A sessions can be enabled to promote participant involvement, and live chat can be used to share important information. Your online meetings will be more engaging and interactive with this online event platform, keeping participants engaged the whole time.

Can I customize the branding of my virtual events on Mixhub? Faq Arrow

Absolutely! By personalizing the landing pages for the event and the registration forms Mixhub enables you to highlight your brand identity. You may customize the event experience for your attendees by adding your logo and picking colors that go well with your business. Your online events will have a uniform and polished appearance thanks to this branding versatility.

Is Mixhub suitable for both small and large-scale events? Faq Arrow

Yes, events of all sizes may be accommodated using Mixhub. This online event platform can handle any size event, from a modest internal training session to a massive conference with thousands of participants. Regardless of the scale of the event, the platform is scalable and offers a solid infrastructure to guarantee a positive experience.

How secure is Mixhub in terms of attendee data and privacy? Faq Arrow

Data privacy and security are top priorities for Mixhub. To secure sensitive data, the online event platform uses industry-standard encryption techniques. Moreover, it conforms with pertinent data protection regulations, such as GDPR, guaranteeing the responsible and safe handling of attendee data.

Is technical support available for Mixhub users? Faq Arrow

Yes, Mixhub provides reliable technical assistance to help users at every stage of the event. The support staff is available to respond to your questions, resolve any problems, and guarantee a positive event experience. Depending on your preferred form of contact, you may get in touch with them by phone, chat, or email.

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