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Provide your exhibitors with the best free online exhibition platform to display their offerings, meet prospects, and build their market presence. Drive ROI with personalised, interactive digital booths for your partners and exhibitors.

Customizable / Trackable / Quick



Allow your exhibitors to showcase their products their way, without restricting them to a few options.



Let exhibitors interact with the attendees through video calls, helping them boost business.

Business Exchange

Business Exchange

Booth owners can demonstrate their products and engage visitors in product showcase and live demonstrations.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our advanced attendee profile search tool helps the sponsors to find prospect with specific interests or industries.



Enable your exhibitors to measure their booth ROI by analyzing everything that goes inside the online exhibition.

Your Journey To Deliver An Immersive Virtual Exhibition

Online Exhibitions
Branded Microsite
Branded Microsite

Build a microsite for your online exhibition, complete with a home page, spotlighting the exhibitors and sponsors, and featuring full-service registration & built-in.

Sponsor Friendly Lobby

Whatever your sponsors’ goals are, this online exhibition platform has them covered. Attract event sponsors with features that help them increase exposure, fill their pipeline, and generate new leads and sales.

Customizable Branded Booths
Customizable Branded Booths

Display event’s agenda at the login page for attendees to know what to expect from the conference, and making it easy for them to find the content that interests them most.

Chat Between Exhibitor and Attendees

Your exhibitors can mobilize their teams to strike conversations with multiple visitors inside the booth. Help them get the conversation going with group text chat engagers. Encourage them to Use live Q&A and polls to boost participation.

Quick Exhibitor Onboarding -
Stress-Free Setup

  • Lets your Exhibitors Set Up Booths in Less than 15 minutes
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Self-Explanatory Backend
  • Detailed Knowledge Hub
  • 100% Self-Managed System
  • Structured Onboarding Training with Video and Audio calls.
Exhibitor Onboarding
Group Meetings at Virtual Booths
1-1 or Group Meetings at Virtual Booths

This virtual exhibition platform allows the visitors to set up audio and video meetings with company representatives; Exhibitors can also reach out to attendees to request meetings.

Document Sharing

The exhibitors can attach brochures and flyers at the booth to enhance visitor experience and help conversion. Also, they can upload demo videos, catalogs, flyers and other resources to the vault.

Attendee Feedback
Attendee Feedback

The attendees can fill the feedback form, and review the exhibiting brands and products listed at the booth.

Data and Analytics

Keep a track of attendee engagement activity while the conference is going on, measure the effectiveness of your online conference in the easiest way possible. Know who was the star of your show, which session witnessed most number of attendees.

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A virtual platform that enables you to host your event all by yourself, or you can always ask for our team of experts to handle it for you.

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Features That Make Us a Right Fit for All Your Events

Event Microsite
Branded 3d Environment
3D Environment
Live & Pre Recorded Session
Live & Pre
Recorded Session
Immersive Stage
Live Chat and Polls
Live Chat
And Polls
Notification &
Feedback Form
Attendee Profile Setup
Profile Setup
Group Chat
Group Chat
1.1 Chat
1-1 Chat
Networking Tables
Multiple Stages
Detailed Schedule

Meet Our Happy Clients

For me just it was more than a Great platform, it literally TRANSFORMED my virtual experience.
Ritika Pant
Campaign Manager, Isha
Enthralling Experience. It was value for money. It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.
Shreyance Modi
Director Finance, IMC
Dreamcast is an efficient platform with some life-saving features. Team Dreamcast is very supportive, and we appreciate how understanding they are.
Marketing Manager, Blue Pi
My experience has been extremely good both with the Platform and with the team who operates the platform for us.
Suraj Dhingra
Senior Account Director, Teamworks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the online exhibition platform? Faq Arrow

The online exhibition platform helps to provide a virtual space where artists, creators, and organizations can showcase their work to a global audience. Visitors may explore and interact with a variety of exhibits from the convenience of their own homes.

Can I interact with the exhibits on the online platform? Faq Arrow

Absolutely, you may interact with the exhibits using the interactive capabilities provided by the online exhibition platform. You can view high-resolution images, watch videos, listen to audio recordings, participate in virtual tours, and even leave comments or feedback.

Can I customize the branding of my online exhibition on Mixhub? Faq Arrow

Absolutely! By personalizing the landing pages for the event and the registration forms Mixhub enables you to highlight your brand identity. You may customize the event experience for your attendees by adding your logo and picking colors that go well with your business. Your online exhibitions will have a uniform and polished appearance thanks to this branding versatility.

Is technical support available for Mixhub users? Faq Arrow

Yes, Mixhub provides reliable technical assistance to help users at every stage of the event. The support staff is available to respond to your questions, resolve any problems, and guarantee a positive event experience. Depending on your preferred form of contact, you may get in touch with them by phone, chat, or email.

Does Mixhub provide analytics and reporting features for organizers? Faq Arrow

Absolutely, Mixhub often provides organizers with advanced statistics and reporting features. These functions allow to measure participant participation, registration rates, session popularity, and other important information. This data may be used by conference planners to assess the effectiveness of their events, make data-driven choices, and constantly enhance subsequent gatherings.

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