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Features That Make Us Unique

Easy Interface

Easy Interface

Use the self explanatory UI that lets you manage your events.

Hassle-Free Setup

Hassle-Free Setup

Create your events easily; No technical expertise required.

Fully Branded


Make your events a reflection of your brand.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own

Add custom backgrounds, logos and overlays to introduce speakers and create professional videos.

Backstage Access

Backstage Access

For you to manage your event flow and all the last minute checks.



Record, replay and share your streamed sessions.

HD Streaming Quality

HD Streaming Quality

Use the self explanatory UI that lets you manage your events.

Celebration Gifs

Celebration GIFs

Add liveliness to your celebrations; make your celebrations more real.

Name Tags

Name Tags

Display the names of speakers of the session.

Engagements Zone

Engagements Zone

Boost engagement among the attendees with features like live polls, Q&A sessions, Quiz, etc.

Raise Hand

Raise Hand

Bring attendees on screen to talk to speakers.

Multiple Scenes and Layouts

Multiple Scenes and Layouts

Build your event with striking professionally-built scenes.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Share screens in real time to enhance attendees' learning experience.

Hand Holding

Hand Holding

Get Round-the-Clock Customer Support/ Stay Connected to Our Customer Support Team 24/7

A Browser-Based Studio for Professionals Beyond the Types of Industries

Professional Broadcast Studio For Events
Education Webinars




Medical Webinars


Corporate Webinars


How to Broadcast Events With Mixhub Livestream Studio?



Subscribe to our plans. Log into the platform.



Build your event the way you wish to.



Push sessions live with 'Send to Stream' and Go Live With 'Start the Session'.

A Revolutionary Broadcast Studio Built to Cater to All Your Requirements



Engage, captivate, and interact with your global audience seamlessly with high-quality audio and video, customizable branding, and interactive features to keep your attendees amused.

Online Conferences

Online Conferences

Experience and host effortless online conferences with multiple sessions, panel discussions, real-time Q&A, interactive chat and networking opportunities using our broadcast studio.

Online Exhibition

Online Exhibitions

Transform your exhibitions into virtual experiences, showcase your products, services, with customizable virtual booths, interactive product displays, and networking features, with enriched experience.

Online Meeting

Meetings & Networking

Connect and collaborate with your team or clients. Host virtual meetings, presentations, and networking sessions with high-quality video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaborative tools and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Studio free to use? Faq Arrow

Mixhub offers a one-month free trial to its users. One can use the Live Broadcast Studio for free during the free trial offer. However, after the free trial, one needs to subscribe to the platform.

What features will I get in my free trial? Faq Arrow

During the free trial, users will get features such as Live Streaming, Backstage Access for speakers, a set of highly advanced engagement tools, media integrating functionality and the feature of multiple scene management.

What tools and equipment do I need to use the Studio? Faq Arrow

Mixhub is an easy-to-use platform that lets users host their events at their convenience. To access the live broadcast studio by Mixhub, all that the users need is a stable internet connection, a laptop or desktop and a browser such as Chrome.

How many users can I have in the Studio? Faq Arrow

Mixhub is a scalable platform compatible with any number of attendees. Also, when it comes to the number of speakers, one can have as many as 8 speakers during one event.

Who can use the studio? Faq Arrow

The live-streaming studio by Mixhub has been designed to cater to the needs of all kinds of users. So, no matter the profession and requirements of the users, one can use the studio for their events without any hassle.

Can we use the studio without entering the platform? Faq Arrow

To access the broadcast studio for events, one needs to enter the platform.

Does Mixhub studio provide unlimited streaming? Faq Arrow

Yes, One can stream for as many hours as they want. However, one needs to consider the length of the session.

What’s the streaming quality? Faq Arrow

Mixhub live broadcast studio offers HD Video streaming.

How many panellists can come in 1 scene at Mixhub studio? Faq Arrow

There can be as many as 8 panellists in one scene at Mixhub Studio.

Does Mixhub studio allow 2-way interaction with attendees? Faq Arrow

Yes, attendees can interact with each other in a session with the help of the audience engagement tools offered by the Mixhub Live Streaming studio.

What are the branding possibilities with Mixhub studio? Faq Arrow

Organizers can embed media, use branded hoarding slides, make use of name tags, etc. to expand the visibility of their brand.

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