India’s Biggest Music Fundraising Showcase- Art Matters

Dreamcast was extraordinarily proud and humbled to host India’s Biggest Music Fundraising Showcase “Art Matters”.

Dreamcast curated a perfect immersive virtual platform for India’s Biggest Music Fundraising Showcase that witnessed active participation from talented individuals. The event was a grand success with the participation of talented individuals who showcased their talents and performances to global audiences. The exuberant performances by individuals captured the attention of audiences instantly thus leaving them wanting more. The event was organised with an objective to appeal to global attendees to help the artists during the chaos of the pandemic.
Undeniably, the event turned out to be a grand success and received exceptional response from attendees from all over the world. The team of experts at Dreamcast offered 24/7 support for seamless delivery of India’s biggest music fundraising event: Art Matters. We curated a perfect platform by amalgamating the most brilliant features that uplifted the entire ambiance of the virtual space and enabled various artists to showcase their talents in front of ample audiences globally. The event organisers received a phenomenal response from the audience thus making the event a grand success.

“ 450+ Artists and 70+ Acts”

The event witnessed the participation of attendees from every corner of the world that incredibly appreciated the event. More than 450+ artists participated in the event to showcase their talent. And more than 70+ acts were part of the event that engaged attendees and captivated their attention. The major objective of this event was to create awareness among attendees about the struggles of these artists during the challenging times of COVID-19.
It’s nothing less than a proud moment that Dreamcast helped organisers to raise sufficient funds to support these skilled artists by curating a perfect custom virtual event platform with the best-in-class features.

We offered the best-in-class features to deliver immersive event experiences. Right from boosting audience engagement to empower them to have seamless communications virtually, we offered an exuberant range of engaging and interactive features such as live chatbox, dynamic lobby, virtual games, and more.

Undoubtedly, the event turned out to be a grand success with ample attendees and sufficient amounts of raised funds. Dreamcast is extremely proud and thrilled to offer our virtual event platform for the event and be a part of their social cause.

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