Custom Mobile Event App for Effective Management

Digitize your events with the introduction of an end-to-end customizable mobile event app into your attendee's hands to keep them informed, updated, and connected with every detail.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience exceptional features with our intuitive and feature-rich mobile event app to revolutionize your in-person and hybrid events networking, engagement, and interactivity.


Boost Networking

Connect attendees seamlessly, fostering meaningful interactions and expanding networks leveraging our advanced mobile event app.


Drive Engagement

Maximize attendee participation with specially designed mobile app for event with gamification opportunities, real-time updates, and personalized experience.


Foster Interactivity

Empower active participation, collaboration, and an enhanced event experience with polls, Q&As, live chats, and other custom interactive features.


Access Digital Resources

Instantly access all the event details, speaker bios, session resources, and information about the event with our event app.


Streamline Event Check-ins

Simplify registration, ticketing and empower self-event check-ins by utilizing a specially designed mobile event app.


Elevate Exhibitor Experience

Create captivating virtual booths and let the exhibitors connect to common attendees to improve their networking.


Unlock Social Engagement

Let all the top real-time feeds be seen by all your event attendees over the mobile event app to amplify social interactions, sharing, and engagement

Deploy Endless Possibilities With Custom Mobile Event App

Extend the reach of your event and provide a seamless online experience for attendees with a dedicated mobile app for events and ensuring easy accessibility and effective communication.


Boost Your Success with Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

Enrich your brand visibility, attract sponsors, and create memorable experiences for your attendees with impactful sponsorships and branding opportunities.

  • Create white-labelled app.
  • Sponsors can showcase their content and ads
  • Custom mobile app development as per the brand tone.

Seamlessly Transit to Hybrid Events

Embrace the future of event management enabling you to effortlessly host hybrid events that seamlessly blend in-person and virtual experiences.

  • Showcase in-person event live feeds.
  • Create virtual spaces
  • Dedicated chats and breakout rooms for virtual participation

Gain Event Insights and Measure Success

Collect all your event metrics and learn about your attendees' behavior to take data-driven decisions and optimize your event's performance.

  • Track polls, chats, booth traffic, session check-ins, and attendee responses.
  • Learn with easy-to-read reports, graphs, and charts.
  • Track all your sponsors and marketing efforts.

Maximize Networking With Integrated AI-Matchmaking

Elevate your attendees' networking experience with AI matchmaking, enabling real-time, one-on-one interactions and dynamic idea sharing with like-minded individuals.

  • Foster conversations and build networking.
  • Create groups or have meeting with breakout rooms.
  • Expand contacts via virtual business cards.

Tailored and Personalized Event Experiences

Deliver personalized content, agendas, and recommendations through our fully customizable mobile app for events and elevate attendee satisfaction.

  • Send personalized marketing materials.
  • Custom recommendations based on their likes.
  • Empower attendees to select sessions relevant to them.

Amplify Event Promotion and Communication Efforts

Reach and engage your target audience effectively with our comprehensive mobile app for event featuring promotional and communication tools.

  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Post-event feedback

Extend Your Event's Reach with a Dedicated Microsite

Expand your event's online presence and accessibility with a dedicated microsite for event information, registration, and engagement for all attendees.

  • Create a customized microsite for the web
  • Integrate payment gateway for ticketing and registrations.
  • Center hub of event information

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"We had a great experience with Dreamcast's team. They were very helpful and proactive. They are using the latest technologies, which made the overall experience for organizers and attendees excellent. We did a record badge printing in just one hour, and that gave a very good experience to the audience. It was a great experience with them, and we'd definitely look forward to working with Dreamcast again."


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Ease Event Management with Our Mobile Event App

Bring your events into the digital age with our customizable mobile event app, connecting attendees and providing vital updates and information.

  • Empower attendees with a dedicated mobile app, facilitating accessibility, communication, and information sharing.
  • Enrich brand visibility, attract sponsors, and create memorable experiences with our event app.
  • Effortlessly blend in-person and virtual experiences, offering live feeds, virtual spaces, and dedicated chat rooms for hybrid events.
  • Easily analyze attendee behavior, and empower participants to engage in real-time with custom features capabilities.
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