Powerful Cashless Payment Solution For Event

Set up a convenient, secure, and reliable way to pay with cashless payment for event suite and increase visibility and profitability for your events.

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Why Choose Cashless Payments?


Boost your
Revenue by 41%

Unlock the potential of your event with our cashless payment solution, driving increased revenue and maximizing your profits.


Your Event

Ensure a remarkable 92% reduction in fraudulent transactions and fewer opportunities for loss or theft with our payment system.


Error-Free Payments, Guaranteed

Say goodbye to payment discrepancies and errors that guarantee 98% elimination of payment errors.


Reduce the
Queue by 75%

Enhance the event experience for your attendees by reducing queuing time by a remarkable margin.

How It Works?

NFC-driven suite that runs without the internet to speed up the payments with an easy top-up, tap pay, and refund.



Conveniently recharge your NFC card, band, or sticker using a cashless device, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.



Receive payments digitally with our advanced tap-and-pay devices across the event space or venue without any interruption.



After your event, refund money to your attendees quickly and effortlessly with our robust digital payment suite

Cashless Solutions for Every Event of All Sizes and Industry

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Robust Cashless Payment Suite For Convenient Events

Cut the clutter of handling the cash by deploying our cashless payment for event suite to deliver a secure, and seamless experience.


Advanced Hardware

Speed up all your transaction effectively with easy-to-deploy handheld cashless payment hardware designed to cater for events of all sizes and industries.

  • No Internet Needed
  • 24-Hour Battery Life
  • Works on NFC

Intuitive Interface

Easy to use plug & play cashless payment for event system interface for effective inventory management, operations, and billings, with support and acceptability of all payment methods.

  • Android-Based App
  • Recharge From Phone
  • Easy to program inventory & products

Effective Cash-Flow Management

Leverage the reliable cashless payment for event hardwares' enabled with one tap pay for quick transactions to reduce wait time, queues, and tax invoice printing.

  • Faster payments
  • Multiple top-up options
  • Tax invoice billing feeds

Custom Branding Opportunities

Customize the payment tools, digital cash cards, wristbands, and others to give an admirable branding experience with real-time inventory editing and detailed statistics functionality.

  • Customized designs for cards and bands
  • NFC Wristbands types; silicon & fabric
  • NFC-Tech Digital Cash Cards

Third-Party Integration Possibilities

Unleash the added possibilities of integrating our reliable cashless payment solution into your existing billing, inventory, ordering and management systems in easy steps.

  • Ease of deployment
  • Payment app integration
  • Menu-driven

Smart Insights & Analytics

Leverage the benefits of detailed analytics about your inventory, sells, audience behavior, and custom stats to ensure business transparency and revenue-driven events.

  • Transactional SMS
  • Detailed Reports On WhatsApp
  • Real-Time Stats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does DC Cashless provide End to end service? Faq Arrow

Yes, we provide end-to-end services and deploy our systems at events, music festivals, concerts, trade shows, expos, corporate campuses, and other places where there is a need for digital cashless payments.

Do I need the internet to run the DC Cashless payment system? Faq Arrow

Simply not, DC Cashless is capable of managing and receiving transactions offline and does not rely on the Internet to operate, making it even suitable for remote areas with poor network connectivity too.

Does DC Cashless provide reporting? Faq Arrow

Yes, DC Cashless provides real-time reporting as well as detailed reporting in just 2 hours tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

In which regions DC Cashless is active? Faq Arrow

DC Cashless is active in India and the UAE and is continuously working to expand its global reach.

Can the DC Cashless payments system integrate with my existing software? Faq Arrow

Yes, it is possible to integrate your existing system or software with our solution. This can include your existing inventory management system and billing system.

Deploy Cashless Payments Convenience At Your Events

Maximize your event's profitability and security with our powerful cashless payment solution.

  • Boost the ROI of your events by up to 41% increase in revenue, while reducing fraud and payment errors.
  • Reducing queues by 75%, with NFC-driven cards and wristband-enriched accessories with easy top-ups, tap-and-pay, and refunds.
  • Speed up transactions with advanced hardware and an intuitive interface that supports all payment methods, even without the Internet.
  • Easy integration with third-party systems, and detailed analytics to ensure transparent and revenue-driven events.
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