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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dreamcast? Faq Arrow

Dreamcast is a globally-trusted event tech suite that provides highly customizable & scalable solutions with powerful integrations for Online Events (Be it Virtual Events, Hybrid Events or DIY Events), that enable the event organizers to deliver an event right from the start to finish.

What are the different services provided by Dreamcast? Faq Arrow

Dreamcast Tech Suite provides diverse technology solutions in the following areas:

Does Dreamcast provide Managed Services? Faq Arrow

Yes, all the services provided by Dreamcast Tech Suite are managed services with a 24*7 Support Team.

How can I Schedule a Demo with Dreamcast? Faq Arrow

The Demo can be booked by simply filling in the form details on the given link : Book A Demo.

Is the Demo with Dreamcast a Pre-Recorded Video or is it a LIVE Demo by a Dreamcast Representative? Faq Arrow

It is not a Pre-Recorded Video. Each of the Demo Requests is taken up by our Sales Representatives. And all the organizer queries are also taken up during the Demo.

What all is covered over a Demo Call? Faq Arrow

Everything under the sun, related to the specific organizer requirement. Based on the requirement, each Demo is personalized by our Sales Representative to cover every aspect of the organizer’s requirements.

Does Dreamcast have a Fixed Pricing for each of the Services? Faq Arrow

No. As Dreamcast is a 100% Customized & Scalable Tech Suite, the pricing for any of the Services is not fixed. The pricing is variable for each of the Services which is completely dependent on the requirement of the Event Organizer.

Does Dreamcast work on an Event to Event Model or a Subscription Based Model? Faq Arrow

We work on an Event to Event Model. (However, in case of any requirement for a Series of Event/Bulk Event Requirement - Then we also work on a Packaged Cost)

What scope does Dreamcast cover for an Event? Faq Arrow

Dreamcast are ideal Tech Partners for any type & scale of Event (Whether it is On-Ground or Virtual or Hybrid Environment). Being a Robust & Flexible Tech Suite backed by powerful integrations - Dreamcast can deliver any Tech Requirements that are needed at the event.

How is Dreamcast different from Video Conferencing tools such as Zoom, WebEx, Teams etc? Faq Arrow

Video Conferencing Tools work on a set infrastructure, features & functionalities and have limited opportunity of branding, making every event look like a replica of the other. However, considering we are a 100% Customized Virtual Event Platform, we work on creating Personalized Immersive Event Environments with customized features and functionalities that enhance the experience of the event. We create an environment based event with multiple functionalities occurring simultaneously: Such as Networking, Exhibition Booths, AI Based Matchmaking, Studio Based LIVE Streaming, Engagement of any type and so on, making us stand far apart from any of the Video Conferencing Tools.

How is Dreamcast different from any other Virtual Event Platform? Faq Arrow

Dreamcast has the following USPs when compared to any other Virtual Event Platform:

  • Unique Customized Event Environments:
  • A flexible tech suite gives the event organizers the freedom to think out of the box and create new ideas and concepts for their events. When compared to any other platform that works on a fixed framework and a fixed set of features & functionalities that eliminates the possibility to think out of the box and envision anything new.

  • Scalable & Flexible Features & Functionalities :
  • Having a robust & flexible tech suite that gives the event organizer the freedom to scale up/down or modify any feature, functionality across any Technical Aspect of Events, as compared to any other Virtual Event Platform - That works on a fixed framework with either very less or no modification at all.

  • An All-In One Powerful Tech Suite:
  • Providing all the various technical aspects of an event under one roof, making it a go to Tech Suite for any Event Organizer. Right from providing a flexible platform to Seamless LIVE Streaming to expertise in managing the AWS Servers & so much more. When compared to other Platforms, who just provide a Platform and do not manage any other aspect of the Event, making it very inconvenient for the Event Organizers to coordinate with multiple tech providers and ensuring that all of them are at the same page at all times.

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