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Streamline, engage, and convert your audience into a sales pipeline with our comprehensive event CRM solution. Automate all your event workflows and deliver personalized experiences with ease.


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Automate all your lead-capturing efforts, build stronger host-attendee relationships, analyze event insights and generate unmatched revenue with the touch of ease and utilizing our CRM event management platform.


Collect Leads Directly into CRM

Easily collect all your leads during events and smoothly import them into your event CRM solution for streamlined follow-up and nurturing.


Carry Over Conversations

Streamline all your event communication, nurture leads, and never miss any chance to carry forward the conversations with our CRM for Events.


Measure Events Against Pipeline Deals

Gather all your event insights, compare event-generated leads with actual deals in your sales pipeline, and track all of them for higher ROI.


Get Notified about Social Media

Deploy the CRM toolkit and ensure instant notifications about event attendees' social media activity to maximize your event reach and brand visibility.

Effective CRM Integration for Enhanced Event Communication

Take endless advantage of our event CRM solution to maximize your reach, streamline lead management, boost conversion rates, and automate attendee responses and follow-ups for a successful event.


Maximize Your Reach With Mass Email Invitations

Leverage the added advantages of our event CRM solution for mass email capability to send event invitations, to target specific contacts, customize email templates, schedule automated outreach, and maximize event success through effective email communication.


Experience Real-Time Social Media Engagement

Boost your event promotion by streamlining the attendee conversations, discussions, and social media sharing related to your event or brand with real-time notifications. Also, collect valuable insights to refine event content and enhance your social media presence.


Streamline Lead Categorization With Event CRM Solution

Automate the process of capturing and managing event leads by saving the lead details, scheduling follow-ups, and leveraging multilingual capabilities to ensure valuable connections are never missed with our globally trusted and best CRM for event management suite.

Maximize Sales Effectiveness through CRM for Events

Deploy the powerful event management, CRM to measure all your event impact, analyze results, evaluate communication channels, track lead-to-customer conversions, monitor event expenses, and calculate event ROI to optimize your event strategies and drive business growth.


Boost Conversion Rates with Event-Specific Tagging

Distribute, distinguish and easily manage your leads by tagging them with the event names for a simplified lead management process, filtering, and personalizing post-event communications. Also, curate successful marketing campaigns and optimize marketing strategies.


Automate Attendee Responses and Follow-ups

Take advantage of the CRM event management platform auto-responder capabilities to maintain active conversation with leads from the moment they sign up. Additionally, set-up automation of emails to acknowledge responses and seamlessly schedule follow-up activities in your CRM, ensuring no prospect is left unattended by your sales team.

Your All-In-One Event Suite Solution

At our virtual event platform, we provide comprehensive virtual event solutions for all your expectations and requirements!


Have well-planned discussions and enable clear communication in the most captivating conference hall.

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Have well-planned discussions and enable clear communication in the most captivating conference hall.

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Have well-planned discussions and enable clear communication in the most captivating conference hall.

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