Simplifying India’s Biggest Tech Event ‘India Mobile Congress 2023’

About IMC

India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2023, Asia's foremost telecom, media, and technology forum, marked its 7th edition from October 27th to 29th. The theme, 'Global Digital Innovation,' resonated across the event, setting the stage for an exploration of cutting-edge technologies and fostering India's position as a technological hub.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement of establishing 100 5G labs added monumental significance to this grand event, with Dreamcast playing a pivotal role as the technological backbone in streamlining the entire event tech right from registrations to ticketing and event management that orchestrated a seamless and innovative experience for attendees

How Dreamcast Streamlined IMC Event Registrations

Dreamcast's Event Tech Suite stands as a testament to innovation in event management for every event type irrespective of its scale. At IMC, with a multifaceted approach, it seamlessly integrated various modules to ensure a comprehensive and engaging experience for both organizers and attendees.

1. 360- Event Management

Ensuring a seamless and tailored registration experience for the vast and diverse audience at India Mobile Congress 2023 (IMC) was a paramount challenge. With attendance spanning across 7 categories, including Academia, CXOs, Delegates, Exhibitor, Government, Media & Visitor. Dreamcast rose to the occasion with a comprehensive 360-degree event management strategy.

Managing the on-site registration process for a massive gathering of over 150K+ Lacs attendees from across 67 countries. The day-wise footfall stood at over 46K+ for Day 1, 61K+ for Day 2, and 47K+ for Day 3. Dreamcast introduced multiple ways for on-site registrations, catering to various preferences.

Self-Registration via QR Code:
  • Attendees had the option to effortlessly self-register by scanning QR codes placed on standees.
  • A guided self-registration process allowed attendees to select their respective category and submit details.
  • The M-badge, received on WhatsApp or email, served as a digital entry pass valid for all sessions.
Self-Check-In Kiosks:
  • Attendees could utilize self-check-in kiosks, streamlining the process by entering their details.
  • Instant badge printing at these kiosks provided a quick and efficient way for attendees to gain access to the event.
Check-In & Badging:
  • Attendees enjoyed a swift and hassle-free registration process, with personalized badges provided on-site, enhancing security measures and facilitating a smooth flow of participants throughout the event.
  • It included on the spot badge printing via M-badges as well as online badge printing.
Dedicated Registration Counters:
  • To accommodate varied category-specific requirements, dedicated registration counters were set up.
  • Trained staff at these counters ensured a personalized and smooth registration process, addressing individual needs and queries.

The success of the 360-degree event management approach was evident in the staggering registration figures. Dreamcast efficiently managed On-site registrations, further underscored the seamless and inclusive registration experience provided to the massive footfall.

2. Category wise Online and On-site registrations

Navigating the intricate landscape of India Mobile Congress 2023 (IMC) meant not only addressing the diverse interests and industries represented but also customizing the registration process to meet the specific demands of each category. With over 13000+ delegates from 67 countries, Dreamcast adeptly executed a tailored approach to handle the nuanced requirements of the 7 categories, both online and on-site.

Navigating the intricate landscape of India Mobile Congress 2023 (IMC) meant not only addressing the diverse interests and industries represented but also customizing the registration process to meet the specific demands of each category. Dreamcast adeptly executed a tailored approach to handle the nuanced requirements of the 7 categories, both online and on-site.

Online Registrations at Scale:

Managing a colossal scale of 65k+ online registrations before the event, Dreamcast showcased its proficiency in handling the vast spectrum of attendee preferences. The online registration process was not merely a transactional gateway but a personalized journey for each registrant. Attendees, whether from the telecom sector, media industry, or technology enthusiasts, found a seamless and user-friendly online platform to register, reflecting Dreamcast's commitment to inclusivity.

Varied Registration Preferences:

Understanding that preferences vary across categories, Dreamcast introduced a dynamic online and offline registration system that catered to diverse needs. Whether it was a tech enthusiast looking for detailed sessions or a CEO seeking executive forums, the registration system was finely tuned to provide a user experience tailored to each category's expectations.

On-site Registrations:

As the curtains rose on IMC 2023, Dreamcast's expertise in on-site registrations took center stage. The sheer magnitude of on-site registrations, underscored the efficacy of the seamless and inclusive registration experience provided to the massive footfall of over 150K+ lacs. The on-site process, intricately designed to handle the diverse categories, ensured that attendees could effortlessly transition from the entry gates to the heart of the event.

3. Interactive Event Mobile App

A dynamic theme demanded an engaging and interactive mobile event app, and Dreamcast delivered beyond expectations. This feature-rich app became the heartbeat of IMC 2023, providing real-time updates, personalized schedules, and fostering engagement among attendees.

Seamless Contact Sharing via QR Codes:

At the heart of the Interactive Mobile Event App was a feature that seamlessly facilitated contact sharing among attendees. Through the use of QR codes, participants could effortlessly exchange contact information, fostering a sense of connectivity that extended beyond the event itself and proved helpful for post-event networking. Over 36K connections were created with the networking functionality on the app. This simple yet powerful tool became the linchpin for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of valuable insights.

User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Engagement:

The mobile event app was designed with the end-user in mind, boasting a user-friendly interface that made navigation intuitive and engagement effortless. Attendees could access real-time event updates, personalized schedules, and interactive session details, all within the palm of their hands. This not only streamlined the overall event experience but also empowered attendees to tailor their participation according to their preferences.

Highly Interactive Attendee Experience:

Dreamcast's Interactive Mobile Event App redefined attendee participation. The app allowed users to actively engage with speakers, exhibitors, and fellow attendees, creating a dynamic ecosystem of interaction. Attendees could pose questions, provide feedback, and participate in polls, contributing to the vibrancy of the event and making every session a two-way dialogue.

Collaboration Beyond Boundaries:

The QR code contact-sharing feature acted as a bridge, transcending the physical boundaries of the event venue. Attendees could establish connections, initiate discussions, and build professional relationships seamlessly, adding a layer of continuity to the networking experience. It wasn't just about attending sessions; it was about forging connections that could extend far beyond the event's duration.

The app also provided organizers with real-time insights, allowing them to adapt and optimize on-the-fly, resulting in a flawlessly executed event.

IMC 2023 Event Statistics

The grandeur of IMC 2023 can be measured by its staggering statistics:

  • Total Footfall: Over 150K attendees converged to explore the global digital landscape.
  • Registrations: A record-setting blend of both online registrations and on-site registrations marked the smooth
  • Mobile Event App Downloads: Over 11,000+ downloads of the interactive mobile app reflected the dynamic theme's impact on attendee engagement
  • New Connections: Over 36K new connections were made through the QR code contact sharing feature of interactive mobile app.
  • 150K+

    Total Footfall
  • 36K+

  • 11K+

    Mobile App Downloads
  • 13K+


In the tapestry of India Mobile Congress 2023, Dreamcast emerged as the silent architect, weaving together seamless registrations, an interactive mobile event app, efficient event management, and fostering connectivity and innovation. The statistics tell a story of overwhelming success, but behind each number is a testament to Dreamcast's commitment to transforming challenges into triumphs.

As IMC took its place in history, Dreamcast remained not just a technology enabler but a visionary force that shaped the connectivity and innovation narrative on the grand stage of India's mobile future. The event was not just a gathering; it was a testament to the transformative power of technology when wielded with precision and vision.

We believe in delivering value at every event we deliver. Keep reading for the latest event success stories.

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