Event Management Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Explore Dreamcast's cutting-edge nonprofit event management platform, designed to streamline every aspect of your NGO's events. From event registration to check-in solutions, webinars, badging, and others we have you covered.

Nonprofit Organizations Event Management

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End-to-end Customizable NGO Events Management Solutions

Unleash the potential of our nonprofit event management platform, offering added convenience with a custom microsite, mobile app, self-serve and volunteer-based check-in Kiosks, badging, virtual meetings, live streaming, and beyond.

Nonprofit Event Registration & Ticketing

Nonprofit Event Registration & Ticketing Made Effortless

Enhance your event management for nonprofit organizations with Dreamcast’s mobile app and badge printing services tailored to your unique needs.

  • Create a captivating landing page, inform the public about your cause, and attract sponsors.
  • Simplify attendee and organizer registration with user-friendly online software, ensuring a seamless process.
  • Tailor information gathering with personalized registration forms, capturing essential details for enhanced engagement.
  • Seamlessly process fees and donations, ensuring secure payments via various methods, and optimizing fundraising efforts.
NGO events management

Empower Impact: Seamless, Engaging NGO Events

Effortlessly host, manage, and live stream your NGO events with our nonprofit trade show management for virtual, hybrid, or in-person needs.

  • Design interactive lobbies, virtual booths, and exhibit halls with limitless customization.
  • Showcase nonprofit innovations through immersive 3D events and expo management.
  • Live-stream your events on various platforms, engaging a wider audience with interactive features.
  • Boost nonprofit engagement with live streaming, multi-language support, and personalized branding.

Effortless Nonprofit Event Check-In

Simplify nonprofit event management with seamless check-ins and networking, facilitated by personalized badges.

  • Generate custom event badges with QR codes or RFID tags for contactless check-ins.
  • Create QR code-enabled badges with on-site printing and deploy on-site check-in through apps and kiosks.
  • Personalize badges with your nonprofit's branding.
  • Provide interactive campus navigation with 3D wayfinders and track session attendance.
Nonprofit Event Check-In & Badging
Nonprofit Events Mobile Appf

Enhance Nonprofit Events with Our Mobile App

Amplify nonprofit event management with our mobile app, perfect for in-person and virtual experiences.

  • Utilize a fully customizable mobile app for informed and engaged attendees.
  • Extend your nonprofit event reach with hybrid events with real-time interactions and custom webinars.
  • Attract sponsors, enhance visibility, and create memorable experiences.
  • Collect event metrics, track attendee behavior, and optimize event performance.
NGO events Networking and Gamification

Energize Events Through Powerful Networking and Gamification

Transform your events with seamless networking and interactive gamification using our nonprofit expo solutions, fostering meaningful connections for your cause.

  • Foster connections via live chat, profile search, and contact exchange.
  • Facilitate impactful conversations with topic-based roundtables, encouraging dialogue about community.
  • Encouraging donations with a fun element through leaderboard points and engaging supporters with interactive fundraising.
  • Boost audience participation with live polling, quizzes, scavenger hunts, and trivia games.

Unified Nonprofit Event Management Solutions For All Kinds Of Events

Revolutionize your virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and create high impact through multifarious event opportunities for nonprofits with us.

NGO Conferences

Elevate your nonprofit gatherings with our cutting-edge nonprofit event management solutions, offering seamless event registration and check-in tailored for conferences.

Career Fairs

Revolutionize your NGO's recruitment efforts at career fairs with our nonprofit event management platform, ensuring a streamlined process for attracting top talent.

Volunteer Recruitment

Simplify volunteer recruitment for your cause with our nonprofit event management solutions, designed to maximize engagement and facilitate seamless onboarding.

Charity Events

Host an impactful charity event to fundraise and donations for your cause both online and in-person with our event management for nonprofit organizations solutions.

Awareness Seminars

Drive impact in your community through awareness seminars with our nonprofit expo solutions, offering a comprehensive platform for organizing and promoting informative events.


Amplify your fundraising initiatives with our charity event management tools, empowering nonprofits with efficient solutions for organizing and managing successful fundraisers.

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"We had a great experience with Dreamcast's team. They were very helpful and proactive. They are using the latest technologies, which made the overall experience for organizers and attendees excellent. We did a record badge printing in just one hour, and that gave a very good experience to the audience. It was a great experience with them, and we'd definitely look forward to working with Dreamcast again."


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Nonprofit Event Management Solutions

Take advantage of user-friendly registrations, engaging virtual events, and impactful networking, creating impactful events for greater NGO cause.

  • Custom microsites to mobile apps, check-in kiosks, and live streaming for host-oriented effortless management
  • Create captivating landing pages, simplify registrations, and optimize fundraising through secure payment processing.
  • Host hybrid events to live-stream interactive virtual spaces and 3D showcases for broader audience engagement.
  • Utilize NGO expo solutions, fostering connections through live chat and gamification with interactive fundraising elements for impactful NGO experiences.
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