Healthcare Event Management Platform & Solutions

Take advantage of Dreamcast’s advanced healthcare event solutions to easily manage all your medical events to conference registrations, ticketing, virtual meetings, and many more.

Healthcare Event Management Platform

Trusted & Tried Globally

Tailored Healthcare Event Management Platform To Drive Engagement & Host Impactful Events

Bring a new era of convenience with our pharmaceutical event management solutions, offering customizable apps, streamlined check-in systems, and virtual collaboration for learning, networking, growth, and healthcare research.

Medical Event Registration and Ticketing

Advanced Medical Event Registration and Ticketing

Empower your event management for healthcare with an advanced mobile app and badge printing designed for your ultimate convenience.

  • Tailor registration pages with personalized fields and automated confirmations with unique QR codes.
  • Offer multi-tier ticketing options and group registration with discounts and coupons.
  • Ensure safe payment with standard acceptance of credit, debit card, and other channels.
  • Utilize QR-coded badges for seamless event check-ins and networking.
Live Stream Medical Events and Webinars

Effortlessly Host, Manage, and Live Stream Medical Events and Webinars

Seamlessly host impressive virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, fostering collaboration and an engaging experience for simplified pharmaceutical event management.

  • Craft unique events with bespoke design, platforms, and mobile apps that reflect your brand and theme.
  • Create engaging virtual lobbies, booths, and exhibit halls with limitless customization for immersive attendee experiences.
  • Spotlight the latest health innovations through immersive 3D events and effective expo management.
  • Live-stream healthcare events on multiple platforms, support multiple languages, and include personalized branding for widespread engagement

Efficient Healthcare Event Check-In Solutions

Deploy our healthcare event check-in solutions for easy check-ins and networking at all your on-ground events with personalized badges for enhanced collaborations.

  • Generate custom event badges with QR codes or RFID tags for contactless check-ins.
  • Create QR-code-enabled badges with on-site printing with healthcare institutes and sponsor branding.
  • Implement efficient on-site check-ins through mobile apps and kiosks.
  • Provide interactive campus navigation with 3D way finders and track attendee presence in real-time.
Healthcare Event Check-In Solutions
healthcare Mobile event App

All-in-One Mobile App for Medical Event Registration, Ticketing & Beyond

Amplify your events with our healthcare event management platform, which encompasses a mobile app for in-person events and seamless virtual experiences.

  • Offer easy healthcare event registration and ticket purchase with our customizable mobile app.
  • Embrace hybrid events that extend the reach of healthcare events with informed and engaged attendees.
  • Elevate visibility, attract sponsors, and create memorable experiences in real-time interactions with interactive tools.
  • Collect event metrics, track attendee behavior, and optimize event performance.
pharmaceutical event management

Elevate Events: Engage, Connect, and Thrive

Take all your pharmaceutical event management efforts and fulfill goals with easy networking, interactivity, and simplified communication.

  • Enable 1:1 chats, group discussions, and AI-driven matchmaking for valuable connections and collaborative networking.
  • Offer breakout sessions, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations to provide interactive learning opportunities for attendees.
  • Gamify events with leaderboards and scavenger hunts, and enable live polling.
  • Connect onsite and online attendees through 1:1 chats, audio/video calls, and networking lounges.

Unified Healthcare Event Management Platform for Medical Events

Collaborate and gain valuable engagement data for successful healthcare event management.

Healthcare Job Fairs

Enhance job fair experiences with seamless check-ins, personalized registration solutions, and virtual events attracting global talent to align with your organizational objectives.

Conferences & Symposiums

Host impactful conferences and symposiums to discuss the latest trends and technology with researchers, healthcare professionals, and patients with our event management solutions.

Research Events

Efficiently manage check-in and implement tailored event strategies for impactful medical workshops, lectures, and training in the healthcare industry.

Medical Workshops

Transform your events with healthcare event solutions and host medical workshops, lectures, and training for healthcare professionals.


Effectively plan and elevate fundraising for healthcare events and showcase your impactful cause while boosting donor engagement and contributions.

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"We had a great experience with Dreamcast's team. They were very helpful and proactive. They are using the latest technologies, which made the overall experience for organizers and attendees excellent. We did a record badge printing in just one hour, and that gave a very good experience to the audience. It was a great experience with them, and we'd definitely look forward to working with Dreamcast again."


Healthcare Event Management Solutions

Harness Dreamcast's advanced platform for seamless healthcare event engagement—conferences, registrations, ticketing, and virtual meetings.

  • Elevate engagement with tailored mobile apps, streamlined check-ins, and virtual collaboration for impactful healthcare growth.
  • Optimize healthcare events with personalized registration forms, multi-tier ticketing, and secure payment.
  • Host virtual meetings or live-stream medical events with 3D immersive design, virtual lobbies, and interactive tools.
  • Deploy on-site badge printing to generate QR codes or RFID tags for contactless check-ins.
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