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Host engaging and interactive virtual events and expos beyond geographical boundaries with end-to-end customization, and multi-diverse functionalities.


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Transform your virtual events and expos with our unified 3D virtual event platform and experience seamless customization, engaging interactions, robust communication, and actionable insights. All are designed to elevate your event experience and drive exceptional results.


Personalized Microsite

Create a customizable microsite with detailed information about exhibitors and sponsors added with an in-built registration page.


3D Immersive Lobby

Fulfill all your sponsor's objectives of generating new leads, increased visibility, and rest all with our virtual exhibition platform.


Exhibitor and Attendees Chat

Bridge the gap by facilitating conversation using our virtual expo platform enriched with live chat, Q&A, polls, and boost participation.


Simplified Exhibitor Onboarding

Create end-to-end customizable exhibitor's booths and foster onboarding training with audio-video calls.


Document Sharing Made Effortless

Make your virtual events full of conversions with easy document sharing like videos, catalogs, flyers, and others to the vault.


Manageable Feedback Collection

Know what your audience says about your event, brands, and products listed at the booth with an automated yet customizable feedback forum.


Smart Event Reporting

Track and measure all your events activities, games, polls, and engagement with our virtual event platform offering actionable insights.


Third-party App Integration

Maximize your virtual expo performance with easy third-party integration across CRMs, marketing platforms, and more for unmatched convenience.


1-1 Meetings at Booths

Experience quality audio-video 1–1 meetings by exhibitors' company representatives, and attendees with the best virtual exhibition platform.

Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform: Perfect to Host 2 to 10,000+ Attendees

Harness the power of an all-in-one virtual exhibition platform with a 3D immersive environment, live content streaming, interactivity, breakout rooms, and other customizable options to create bespoke online events.


Custom 3D Environment

Dynamic opportunity to customize your event in a multi-dimensional and immersive space with custom branding and endless functionalities.

  • 3D, 2D, and 360-degree space
  • Real-venue integration
  • Breakout & functional rooms

Growth-Driven Registration & Ticketing

Create attractive user-capturing custom registration and ticketing landing pages for a maximized ROI.

  • Create custom registration pages
  • Offer multiple registration & ticketing categories
  • Integrate with all standard payment gateways

Whiteboard For Impactful Presentation

Make your next presentation journey more impactful by personalizing it with a whiteboard-enabled screen and expressing yourself.

  • Draw shapes & figures
  • Write notes & visualizing ideas
  • Illustrate concepts

Exhibit Leaderboard

Encourage attendees to participate, thrive in audience enthusiasm, and experience real-time activity tracking and rewards that elevate engagement to new heights.

  • Encourage & engage audience
  • Attendee gratification
  • Showcase games and activity points.

Virtual Shopping Enriched Events

Give a boost to your ROI with the added advantage of on-spot shopping experience with our advanced live shopping-enabled virtual exhibition platform.

  • In-event purchases capabilities
  • Showcase products in a pop-up
  • Generate immediate revenue with live shopping

Multilingual Communication

Host and create a no-language barrier virtual event in any time zone for a wider audience reach and satisfaction.

  • Live translations
  • Personalize updates for attendees.
  • Global audience reach with preferred language

Your All-In-One Virtual Event Expo Solution

Our virtual event and expo provide end-to-end customization to meet all your expectations and requirements!

Scale Your Virtual Experiences

Expand and enhance your virtual event that reaches a wider audience and creates a long-lasting impact.

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100% Customizable Platform

User-friendly way to host events while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free event management experience.

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Flexible Virtual Event Platform

Experience unparalleled flexibility tailored to your unique requirements for creating exceptional virtual events.

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"We had an amazing experience with Dreamcast, from the people, to the product. As it is with events, there were many requirements and changes in the last moment, and team DC were always ready with a solution. We are also appreciative of their quick and clear communication, which made the process even more seamless and convenient. And a special shoutout to Rajat Mehrotra and Himanshu Srivastava."


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