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ET Femina Lobby

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Networking Tables

Networking tables are one of the most promising and exciting features offered in a virtual space. It enables virtual attendees to have 1:1 or group meetings via live audio/video chat functionality same as live physical meetings.


Dynamic Banners Functionality (New Feature)

Enhance the sponsorship opportunities at virtual events and give brands the much needed recognition with dynamic banner functionality. Do not miss out on any sponsor at the last moment. Dynamic banners enable host to display ample number of brands in GIF forms and enables attendees to reach out to the virtual booth directly by simply clicking it.


AI Matchmaking Tool (New Feature)

AI-powered matchmaking tool matches the attendees and exhibitors with their potential match holding similar interest. The tool enables exhibitors and attendees to further connect and network with individuals who have matched their interest areas thus making networking seamless during the virtual event.


Browser-Based Solutions

You do not need to download or install any software to join the virtual event. Attendees can simply join the virtual event from any browser with Dreamcast browser-based platform that resolves the hassle of downloading or installing any software.



Explore endless possibilities with gamification. Dreamcast offers a library of 100+ AR/VR games that can be integrated anywhere in your virtual event on the basis of your requirements. It helps in grabbing the attention of the attendees effortlessly while keeping them engaged and entertained throughout the event. You can choose from a wide range of games like spin the wheel, shooting game, crossword and many more and can even customise your own games.


Custom Environment

Customise the entire environment of your virtual event suiting your brand image with Dreamcast. Uplift the overall ambiance of your virtual event with various functionalities offered by the platform like music, tabs, designs, icons, touchpoints and more.


DIY Booth Button Icons And Names

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers a complretely"DIY" module that empowers exhibitors to fully adjust colors, banners, icons, pictures and more as per their liking. Customise your booth your way!



Any immediate update, change or announcement is streamiled to all the virtual attendees with the help of notifications. The host of the event have the control on the notifications for the entire virtual event.


B2B Meeting Scheduler

Enhance your networking opportunities with 2-way B2B meeting scheduler. Plan out meeting even before the events starts or in the near future for seamless networking.


Engagement In Audi Via Emoticons

Engage your attendees effortlessly by evoking an element of fun and excitement. Enable attendees to select from various emojis from heart to clap to hoot to show their appreciation during the virtual event. It helps in uplifting the entire ambiance of the event by seizing audience reaction.


Whatsapp And Zoom Meeting Integration

We offer external integrations such as Whatsapp, Zoom meeting, Google meet, etc. to facilitate seamless networking.


Access Control

Dreamcast offers the functionality of access control that enables the host to give special access to VIP attendees to a certain location at their virtual event. This functionality works best for paid events, media events and so forth.

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