OTM 2024: How We Tech-Enabled The Leading Travel Show

The Challenge: Streamlining a Mega Travel Expo

Imagine a massive exhibition hall buzzing with thousands of excited attendees. Hundreds of booths showcase diverse travel destinations, from serene beaches to bustling cityscapes. In the air, a buzz of networking and deal-making fills the space. This is the Outbound Travel Mart (OTM), a cornerstone event for India's travel and tourism industry.

However, managing an event of this scale – with smooth registration, efficient movement of attendees, and maximized networking opportunities – presents a significant challenge. In 2024, OTM organizers entrusted Dreamcast, a leading event technology provider, with optimizing the experience.

Dreamcast Steps Up: The Tech Magic for a Seamless Event

At Dreamcast, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to create unforgettable events. For OTM 2024, we delivered a comprehensive suite of features to streamline processes, boost networking, and ensure a smooth flow for all attendees. Think of it as a tech orchestra, each feature playing a vital role in creating a harmonious event experience.

Smart Registration: A Touchless Triumph

Gone were the days of long registration lines frustrating attendees. We implemented a smart registration system with two user-friendly options:

Effortless Online Registration:

Attendees could register conveniently from anywhere, anytime through our online portal. This intuitive interface guided users with clear instructions and required fields. Once registered, attendees received confirmation emails with all the event details, including downloadable digital badges accessible within the mobile app.

Seamless On-Site Registration:

For those who preferred registering upon arrival, Dreamcast provided a swift and efficient process. Attendees were greeted by our knowledgeable staff equipped with tablets, ensuring quick enrollment. The on-site system seamlessly integrated with the online platform, eliminating duplicate entries and keeping data accurate. Attendees could choose traditional printed badges or utilize digital ones in the mobile app.

Smart Badging: Personalized Efficiency at The Fingertips

No more waiting for badges! Dreamcast's innovative smart badging system offered:

Instant Badge Printing:

With our portable printing stations strategically located throughout the venue, attendees received their personalized badges upon registration. This saved time and created a more welcoming experience by eliminating the wait.

Categorized Badge Management:

With 17 distinct attendee categories (exhibitors, hosted buyers, media, etc.), Dreamcast ensured clear categorization through color-coded badges. For instance, Imagine blue badges for exhibitors and green for hosted buyers, making it easy for everyone to identify each other's roles at a glance. Additionally, badge chips embedded with technology-enabled features like real-time attendee tracking.

Self-Check-In Kiosks for Personalized Efficiency:

User-friendly self-check-in kiosks equipped with touchscreens are available throughout the venue.

These kiosks guide you through a streamlined registration process, allowing you to confirm your information, through self-check-in kiosk and redeem the badge instantly.

Footfall Management: A Symphony of Movement

OTM 2024 boasted multiple event areas, each buzzing with activity. Here's how Dreamcast ensured a smooth flow of attendees:

Real-Time Tracking with Interactive Dashboards:

Our system utilized strategically placed technology to track attendee movement in real-time. This data was displayed on interactive dashboards accessible to organizers. Imagine a digital map showing attendee movement, allowing organizers to optimize traffic flow and identify potential bottlenecks. With this information, they could deploy staff to crowded areas or adjust signage for better flow.

Interactive Mobile Event App:

The mobile event app (more on that later) featured interactive floor plans with clear directional signage and booth locations. Attendees could easily navigate the venue, find desired destinations, and discover exhibitors of interest. The app also allowed users to create personalized itineraries based on their interests and scheduled meetings.

Dedicated Staff Support:

Dreamcast provided a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff strategically positioned throughout the venue. These staff members were equipped with tablets to assist attendees with navigation, answer questions, and address concerns. Additionally, Dreamcast staff actively circulated, spotting attendees who might appear lost or confused and offering assistance.

Lunch Scanning: A Bite-Sized Solution with Big Benefits

Our solutions extended beyond registration and badging. Here's how Dreamcast ensured a smooth and efficient meal service:

Category-Wise Lunch Management (Zone Zapping):

A convenient zapping system replaced traditional paper coupons. Lunch access was granted based on attendee categories embedded within the badge chips. Attendees simply scanned their badges at designated food stalls, ensuring a fair and efficient meal distribution process. No more confusion or long lines for lunch! This system also provided valuable data to organizers regarding meal consumption patterns across different attendee categories.

Mobile Event App: Networking in Your Pocket

Dreamcast's feature-rich mobile event app empowered attendees to control their OTM experience and maximize networking opportunities:

Pre-Event Networking:

Attendees could browse profiles, view exhibitor information, initiate chats, and schedule meetings with potential business partners even before the event began. This pre-event matchmaking feature fostered valuable connections from day one, allowing attendees to prioritize interactions based on shared interests. Imagine connecting with potential clients or partners before even stepping into the venue!

Interactive Event Agenda with Personalized Scheduling:

The app provided a clear and interactive agenda, allowing attendees to personalize their schedules and prioritize sessions based on their interests. Users could set reminders for important events and talks, ensuring they didn't miss out on valuable opportunities. No more scrambling through paper schedules – the app kept everything organized and accessible.

The Dreamcast Effect: Measurable Success and Lasting Impact

The impact of Dreamcast's technology solutions on OTM 2024 was undeniable:

Over 42,000 Unique Attendees:

The streamlined registration process, efficient footfall management, and user-friendly mobile app contributed to a record-breaking turnout. This showcased the increased accessibility and engagement fostered by our solutions.

4,500+ Meetings Scheduled:

The mobile app's pre-event matchmaking features and interactive agenda empowered attendees to connect and schedule meetings seamlessly, leading to a significant increase in pre-planned interactions and maximizing networking opportunities. Imagine forging valuable connections before even arriving at the event!

6,200+ Chat Connections:

The combination of the mobile app, efficient event layout, and dedicated staff support facilitated a dynamic and interactive environment. This led to a substantial number of both pre-planned and spontaneous connections, fostering valuable business relationships.

Beyond the Numbers: A Human Touch

Dreamcast's solutions went beyond mere numbers. By creating a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly event experience, we empowered attendees to focus on what mattered most – building valuable connections, exploring new business opportunities, and ultimately achieving their event goals. The intuitive mobile app, strategically placed staff support, and efficient logistics minimized stress and frustration, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the event experience. Imagine an event where attendees can focus on networking and making deals, not worrying about logistics.

In Conclusion: A Partnership for Success

OTM 2024 stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when innovative event technology meets meticulous planning and a commitment to attendee experience. Dreamcast's comprehensive solutions not only streamlined event journey but also fostered a dynamic and engaging environment for attendees. This successful partnership between OTM and Dreamcast paves the way for future events that are not only larger but also more productive and enriching for all participants.

We at Dreamcast are proud to have played a role in making OTM 2024 a resounding success. We look forward to partnering with event organizers to create unforgettable experiences that drive business growth and connections.

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