Zomaland: Scaling Up the Fun with Dreamcast's Cashless and Ticketing Solutions

About Zomaland

Zomaland is a vibrant event series that captures the hearts of audiences across India. Bursting with music, entertainment, and experiences for all ages, Zomaland is dedicated to crafting an immersive and hassle-free environment. Their commitment to delivering exceptional events extends beyond entertainment, fostering community spirit and unforgettable memories.

Where Food, Music, and Fun Collide

Zomaland isn't just an event; it's a vivacious festival that ignites the senses across multiple Indian cities. Imagine a whirlwind of delicious food from a diverse range of vendors, electrifying live music performances, and interactive experiences designed to captivate audiences of all ages.

The Challenge

As Zomaland expanded its reach across eight Indian cities, managing large crowds and ensuring a seamless event experience became increasingly critical. Traditional ticketing and cash-based transactions presented challenges, leading to congestion, long queues, and potential security concerns. To enhance the attendee journey and streamline event logistics, Zomaland sought a reliable and innovative technology partner.

The Solution

This is where Dreamcast enters the picture. By partnering with Zomaland, we aimed to transform their events from exciting festivals to flawlessly executed extravaganzas. Through our comprehensive suite of cashless RFID systems, box office management with ticketing solutions, and gate management, we focused on creating a truly cashless and hands-free environment.

Zomaland partnered with Dreamcast, a leading event technology solutions provider, to create a more efficient and enjoyable event experience for attendees across all eight cities. Dreamcast's comprehensive suite of services included:

  • Cashless RFID System: Eliminating cash handling and streamlining transactions.
  • Box Office Management with Ticketing Solutions: Offering both online and on-spot ticketing options, integrated with the cashless system and along with guest list management (on-spot).
  • Gate Management: Ensuring smooth entry and security through soft ticketing with access bands.

City-by-City Breakdown

Pune (4th-5th November):

With a footfall of 14,777, Dreamcast's cashless system, box office management, and gate management ensured a smooth and efficient event experience for thousands of attendees. The dedicated team of volunteers played a crucial role in facilitating transactions and maintaining crowd control.

Ahmedabad (25th-26th November):

Despite a slightly lower footfall of 1202, Dreamcast's services remained crucial in ensuring a hassle-free experience. The efficient cashless system, combined with the centralized box office and gate management, ensured an enjoyable event for attendees.

New Delhi (16th-17th December):

The capital city witnessed a significant footfall of 17,974. Zomaland partnered with Dreamcast once again, leveraging their cashless and ticketing solutions to manage the large crowd efficiently. The dedicated team of volunteers once again played a vital role in ensuring a smooth and successful event.

Chandigarh (23rd-24th December):

With a footfall of 1602, Dreamcast's services provided essential assistance in handling the event logistics for Zomaland Chandigarh. The cashless system, box office management, and gate management facilitated a seamless experience for attendees.

Hyderabad (20th-21st January):

Hyderabad saw a footfall of 12,590, and Dreamcast provided their comprehensive suite of services for a smooth event experience. The cashless system, box office management, and gate management with overall high-end support from Dreamcast team.

Deep Dive into Dreamcast Cashless Payment Solutions

Beyond the general overview, let's delve deeper into the specifics of each service Dreamcast provided for Zomaland's multi-city event series:

1. Cashless RFID System: Elevating Convenience and Efficiency

Seamless Transactions:

Dreamcast deployed a robust cashless RFID system across all eight Zomaland events. This system utilized RFID technology, where attendees received RFID wristbands or cards upon entry. These wearables acted as digital wallets, allowing attendees to make purchases at designated vendor booths with a simple tap. By eliminating cash transactions, Dreamcast significantly reduced waiting times at vendor booths and concession stands.

Dedicated Support:

To ensure a smooth user experience, Dreamcast assigned a dedicated team of volunteers to manage the cashless system. These volunteers were stationed at each cashless counter, providing assistance with:


Attendees could conveniently top-up their RFID wristbands or cards at designated counters. Volunteers assisted with this process, ensuring attendees had sufficient funds for their Zomaland purchases.


For any technical difficulties or questions regarding the cashless system, attendees could approach the dedicated volunteers for prompt assistance. Volunteers were trained to troubleshoot basic issues and ensure a seamless experience.

Vendor Booth Support:

Volunteers were also present at vendor booths, facilitating transactions between attendees and vendors. This streamlined the payment process and minimized any potential confusion regarding the cashless system.

Real-Time Data Insights:

Dreamcast's cashless system provided valuable real-time data on attendee spending patterns. This data included information on:

  • Popular Vendor Booths: Organizers could identify vendors generating the most sales, allowing them to tailor future offerings and vendor selection based on attendee preferences.
  • Spending Patterns: By analyzing spending patterns throughout the event, organizers could gain insights into attendee behavior and optimize future event layouts and scheduling based on peak buying times.
  • Inventory Management: Real-time data on sales could be shared with vendors, enabling them to better manage their inventory and avoid stockouts during peak hours.

2. Box Office Management with Ticketing Solutions: Simplifying Entry and Streamlining Access

Dual Ticketing Options:

Dreamcast provided a comprehensive box office solution with both online and on-spot ticketing options. This catered to the diverse needs of attendees. Those who preferred to plan in advance could purchase tickets online through a user-friendly platform. For attendees making a last-minute decision, on-spot ticketing ensured a smooth entry process.

Centralized Management:

Dreamcast established a central box office location at each Zomaland event. This central hub housed 30 dedicated volunteers managing three separate ticketing streams:

  • Online Tickets: Volunteers at the box office assisted attendees who had purchased tickets online. This included verifying purchases and issuing physical wristbands or access bands for entry.
  • On-Spot Tickets: The attendee get their QR code scanned post-registration, and get their tickets (wearable wristband) for event entry. Attendees who opted for on-spot ticketing could purchase their tickets directly at the box office. The volunteers facilitated this process, ensuring a swift and efficient entry experience.
  • Guest List Management: For pre-registered individuals and VIP guests, the box office team managed a dedicated guest list. This ensured a streamlined entry process for these attendees, eliminating the need to wait in line for general admission ticketing.
Reduced Congestion:

The centralized box office with multiple windows facilitated faster processing of online and on-spot purchases, minimizing wait times for attendees. This helped maintain a smooth flow of traffic and reduce congestion at the entry point.

Integration with Cashless System:

Dreamcast's ticketing system seamlessly integrated with the cashless RFID system. This ensured that all tickets, whether purchased online, on-spot, or via guest list, were linked to corresponding RFID wristbands or cards. This streamlined the entry process and eliminated the need for separate ticket verification at the event entrance.

3. Gate Management: Ensuring Smooth Entry and Security

Soft Ticketing with Access Bands:

Dreamcast facilitated efficient gate management at each Zomaland event. A dedicated team of 5-6 volunteers managed the gate entry process. These volunteers utilized a "soft ticketing" approach, where they verified the authenticity of attendee tickets by scanning the barcodes on their wristbands or cards. Upon verification, volunteers issued access bands, granting attendees entry to the event space.

Crowd Control:

The dedicated gate management team played a crucial role in maintaining crowd control and ensuring a smooth flow of attendees into the event. This helped minimize congestion at the entry point and ensured a safe and secure environment for all attendees.

Integration with Ticketing System:

Dreamcast's gate management system was integrated with the ticketing solution. This ensured that only valid ticket holders received access bands, preventing unauthorized entry and maintaining security.

This integration functioned seamlessly. When a volunteer scanned a valid RFID wristband or card at the gate, the system instantly verified the ticket's authenticity against the central ticketing database. This real-time verification prevented duplicate entries and ensured only authorized attendees gained access to the event space. This not only protected the integrity of the event but also contributed to a safer and more enjoyable experience for all legitimate ticket holders.

Real-Time Data Insights:

While not directly related to gate management itself, Dreamcast's ticketing system could be configured to provide real-time data on attendee entry patterns. This information could be valuable for future events, allowing organizers to:

  • Optimize Staffing: By analyzing peak entry times, organizers could strategically deploy volunteers at the gates to ensure efficient crowd control during those periods.
  • Identify Bottlenecks: Real-time entry data could reveal potential bottlenecks at specific gates or entry points. This information could be used to adjust procedures or layouts for future events and improve overall event flow.

The Extra Layer

Dreamcast's partnership with Zomaland extended beyond simply providing event technology solutions. Here's what set Dreamcast apart:

Dedicated Team:

Dreamcast assigned a dedicated team of experienced professionals to manage all aspects of their services at Zomaland events. This team ensured smooth operation of the cashless system, box office, and gate management, and was readily available to address any challenges or questions that arose.

On-Site Support:

Dreamcast's team remained on-site throughout each Zomaland event, actively managing the systems and providing real-time support to both attendees and organizers. This ensured a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Scalability and Adaptability:

Dreamcast's solutions are designed to be scalable and adaptable. As Zomaland's event series grew across different cities, Dreamcast's team seamlessly adjusted resource allocation and service implementation to cater to the specific needs of each event.

Data-Driven Insights:

Dreamcast's cashless and ticketing systems generated valuable data on attendee behavior and spending patterns. This data was provided to Zomaland organizers, empowering them to make informed decisions about future events, improve vendor selection, and optimize the overall attendee experience.


Zomaland's multi-city event series successfully delivered a vibrant and enjoyable experience for thousands of attendees across India. Dreamcast's comprehensive suite of cashless RFID systems, box office management with ticketing solutions, and gate management played a pivotal role in making this success possible. By streamlining transactions, simplifying entry procedures, and enhancing security, Dreamcast helped Zomaland create a smooth and hassle-free event experience for both attendees and organizers.

This case study demonstrates the power of reliable event technology solutions and dedicated support in creating successful and memorable events. Dreamcast's partnership with Zomaland serves as a testament to their commitment to innovation and exceeding client expectations.

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