Empowering WRI India's Event ‘Connect Karo 2023’ with DC's Smart Registration Solution

WRI India's Event ‘Connect Karo 2023

About WRI

WRI India, operating as the India Resources Trust, is a registered independent charity that fosters environmentally sustainable and socially equitable development. By conducting rigorous research, analysis, and offering actionable recommendations, WRI India translates ideas into impactful initiatives, striving to safeguard the planet, support livelihoods, and elevate human well-being.

A distinguished leader in environmental sustainability, urban development, and climate initiatives, aimed to host a super engaging 3-day event ‘Connect Karo 2023”. Their focus on driving impactful change demanded a seamless event registration and management solution.

The Challenge

For hosting a successful yet result-oriented event, WRI wanted an exact solution for their event that not only enables quick event registration but also provides real-time insights to streamline the entire participation engagement driving results.

After investigating the market, and various event-tech alternatives, they couldn’t find a suitable partner that could help them in putting the complete bunch into one slack. Their search got over with Dreamcast where they were not only able to cover 1, 2, or 3 solutions’ but got all kinds of their requirements covered in one go. Therefore, we helped WRI in converting the challenge into a great opportunity.

Key Services We Provided

  • Smart Registration and Badge Printing: Attendees approached our on-site registration booth, where our team efficiently collected essential information. We generated unique QR codes for each participant, creating a physical badge for seamless entry. Additionally, we also printed the physical badges for the pre-registered attendees who registered on a 3rd party platform.
  • Tracking of Daily Footfalls: DC also provided daily real-time insights into attendee movement, helping organizers optimize resource allocation, improve attendee engagement, and enhance event security and safety, thereby adding an invaluable layer of data-driven decision-making to the event's success.
  • Session Attendance Tracking System: We developed a user-friendly backend interface, allowing WRI India to manage session details and generate QR codes for each session. Attendees marked their attendance by scanning the QR codes displayed on screens between the sessions.

Dreamcast's Unique Approach

  • On-Site Registration: The attendees were able to instantly register on-spot and check-in seamlessly with DC badge printing services.
  • Automation: By minimizing manual data entry, our system significantly reduced administrative workload.
  • Customization: We tailored the solution to align with WRI India's specific event requirements, showcasing our adaptability.
  • Integration: Our system was seamlessly integrated with other tools, databases, and software, ensuring efficient data management.
  • Data Collection: We gathered accurate participant information, enhancing data security and accuracy.
  • Analytics: Organizers gained insights into registration trends, demographics, and engagement metrics.
  • Efficient Check-In: We introduced streamlined check-in processes, using QR codes and physical badges.

The Key Takeaways

“We turn prospects into lifetime customers by providing value for every event!”

Dreamcast played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience at the 'Connect Karo 2023' event.
Our state-of-the-art on-site registration and badge printing services not only simplified the check-in process but also left a lasting impression on attendees and organizers alike. By seamlessly integrating technology into event management, we were able to create a smoother and more efficient registration process with seamless badge printing, contributing significantly to the event's success. We strived to deploy the finest on-spot registration and badge printing solution, to ensure the event goes perfectly.

Dream Big. Dream Efficient. Dream with Dreamcast!

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