Horn OK Please- India's Biggest Food Festival

Horn OK Please celebrated its momentous tenth edition by bringing together food enthusiasts for a three-day festival. To enhance the guest experience, Horn OK Please aimed to create a cashless environment. DC Cashless, a leading provider of NFC cashless systems and payment solutions, partnered with Horn OK Please to fulfill their vision.

About Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please is renowned as India's largest celebration of food and drinks. With a curated lineup of food vendors, bars, and artist performances, the festival attracts over 1 Lakh food lovers for a three-day culinary experience in Delhi.

Horn OK Please has continuously evolved and grown, becoming a significant platform for the culinary industry. By offering a seamless and vibrant festival experience, the event has fostered a sense of community among food lovers, created opportunities for culinary exploration and collaboration, and contributed to the overall growth and recognition of India's food and beverage industry.

In line with their commitment to enhancing the guest experience, Horn OK Please recognized the need to create a cashless environment for their guests. To achieve this, they partnered with DC Cashless, a leading provider of NFC cashless systems and payment solutions. DC revolutionizes the way transactions are conducted, offering seamless and secure digital payment options.

Broad Scope

In order to streamline transactions in the "Horn OK Please" event, we developed a digitally secure sales environment. At the same time, we enabled their staff to manage cash flow and handle financial accounting both before and after the event.

  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • More fun results from faster service.
  • No money leaking internally
  • Contact lists to maintain communication with users
  • Sales figures
  • Sponsors' information

The event audience, in addition to the event organizers, profited greatly from the cashless solutions since it allowed them to pay at many stalls more quickly with a single recharge. The inconvenience of constantly paying money "manually" at festival stands was alleviated by the cashless approach.

Challenges Faced by Horn OK Please

The client identified the following problem areas that needed to be addressed:

  • Challenge 1: Long lines were present at several festival stalls, which frustrated visitors and had a negative effect on their overall enjoyment of the event. The client was looking for a way to speed up processes and shorten wait times.
  • Challenge 2: There were worries about theft and thievery at the event booths, which put the festival's organizers and participating vendors at financial risk. The client required a system that could reduce the likelihood of theft and guarantee precise inventory tracking.
  • Challenge 3: Methods for manually tallying stock have proven to be time-consuming and error-prone. The customer needed a product that could automate the stock-tally process, giving them real-time inventory-level data and enabling effective replenishment.
  • Challenge 4: Due to the current invoicing system's inefficiency and the possibility of error, financial transactions were delayed. To ensure fast and correct billing for suppliers and sponsors, the client wanted to streamline the invoicing process.
  • Challenge 5: The client's Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) system had issues, which made it harder for the kitchen and food vendors to work together. To boost order management and the quality of the entire food service, they required a KOT system that was more effective and dependable.
  • Challenge 6: In order to handle monetary transactions, inventory management, and customer service, the event needed a qualified crew. The client was looking for a solution that would improve the professionalism of the event crew while maximizing the use of manpower.
  • Challenge 7: Horn OK Please required a robust and dependable system that could operate independently, guaranteeing continuous operations even in locations with poor or unstable network connectivity. To prevent delays in the processing of payments and other crucial event operations, this was crucial.

Solutions Offered by DC Cashless

DC Cashless played a crucial role in helping Horn OK Please overcome the challenges they faced during their event organization. Here's how DC Cashless addressed each of the identified issues:

  • Solution 1: Simplified Purchases with NFC Technology

    With the introduction of DC Cashless, monetary transactions are no longer necessary. NFC technology made it simple for attendees to make purchases, cutting down on wait times and huge lines at event stalls.

  • Solution 2: Enhanced Security and Transparency with a Digitally Secured Environment

    A digitally secured sales environment was put in place by DC Cashless, assuring transparency and reducing the risk of theft. As a result of having more control and visibility over financial transactions due to cashless transactions, the chance of theft or other unauthorized activity was decreased.

  • Solution 3: Real-time Inventory Management for Efficient Stock Control

    The stock counting procedure was automated by the incorporation of an inventory management component into DC Cashless. Inventory levels may be easily tracked by vendors in real-time, allowing for effective refilling and avoiding stockouts or inconsistencies in inventory.

  • Solution 4: Streamlined Billing Process for Fast and Accurate Transactions

    DC Cashless's solution expedited the billing procedure and ensured fast and accurate billing for suppliers and sponsors. The automated invoicing system improved financial transactions before, during, and after the event by reducing errors and delays.

  • Solution 5: Seamless Order Management with the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) System

    An effective Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) system was established by DC Cashless, enabling seamless communication between the kitchen and the food vendors. By ensuring that food orders were completed precisely and on time, the system boosted order management, resulting in quicker service and more customer satisfaction.

  • Solution 6: Optimized Manpower through Self-Service Kiosks and Automated Payments

    By adding self-service kiosks and automated payment mechanisms, DC Cashless decreased the dependence on staff. This optimized the utilization of manpower and enhanced the professionalism of the event staff, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

  • Solution 7: Uninterrupted Operations with Offline Mode Capability

    DC Cashless included an offline mode feature that made it possible for business to continue as usual even in places with weak or no network connectivity. This made sure that regardless of network availability, payment processing, and other crucial event operations continued without interruption.

Process Overview

  • Step 1: Top-Up

    Cash Payment: Festival attendees make cash payments for the desired top-up amount at a designated location.

    Recharge by Volunteer: A devoted volunteer accepts the cash and continues to recharge the attendee's card with the set top-up amount.

    Card Return: Once the card has been properly recharged, the volunteer returns it to the attendee, ensuring that the updated balance is accessible for use.

  • Step 2: Payment

    Attendee Visit Merchant: The festival attendees visit the merchant's stall to make a purchase.

    Amount Deduction: The merchant deducts the purchase price from the attendee's card. This is accomplished by scanning or tapping the card on the payment device provided by DC Cashless.

    Card Return: Once the payment has been properly processed, the merchant returns the attendee's card, completing the transaction.

  • Step 3: Refund

    Attendee Returns Card: The festival attendee returns the card to the designated refund location to avail a refund.

    Balance Verification: The volunteer validates the available card balance by utilizing a device offered by DC Cashless to verify the card balance. They continue with the refund after the verification.

    Refund Completion: Once the refund is processed, the volunteer hands over the refunded amount to the attendee, completing the refund transaction.

Results and Benefits

  • Streamlined Operations:

    By reducing the dependency on human cash-handling procedures, the cashless payment system simplified event operations. Shorter lines at the stalls and increased operational efficiency for the festival's merchants and organizers were the results of this.

  • Increased Security:

    The risk of theft, pilferage, and fake money was reduced by cashless transactions. DC Cashless's digitally secured sales environment protected the integrity of transactions and protected both customers and suppliers from financial risks.

  • Enhanced Attendee Experience:

    The introduction of DC Cashless's cashless payment solution at Horn OK Please significantly improved the overall attendee experience. Guests appreciated how easy it was to complete purchases without using cash, which cut down on wait times and made carrying cash unnecessary.

  • Reduced Manual Effort:

    The solution provided by DC Cashless reduced the requirement for human cash handling, resulting in more effective use of staff. The festival's organizers might reassign volunteers to more crucial jobs, raising the level of professionalism at the gathering and improving customer service.

  • Improved Financial Control:

    Horn OK Please's staff was able to have complete access to sales numbers, sponsor data, and contact lists thanks to the user-friendly dashboard offered by DC Cashless. This streamlined the handling of finances and financial accounting while improving financial control and enabling accurate financial reporting.

  • Full Control & Visibility Over Money Spent On-site:

    The cashless payment system from DC Cashless gave the event organizers complete oversight and control over the money spent on-site. Companies could readily monitor and examine transactional data to acquire insights into consumer purchasing habits and sources of income. Better financial management and strategic choice-making were made possible as a result.

  • Increase in Sales:

    The cashless payment method's effectiveness and convenience increased sales at Horn OK Please. Attendees were more likely to make purchases thanks to faster transaction times and a smooth payment experience, which increased sales and revenue creation.

  • Understand Consumer Behavior:

    The festival's organizers were able to comprehend customer behavior more thoroughly thanks to DC Cashless's solution. They were able to determine the most popular meal products, the most used payment methods, and other preferences of the attendees through the examination of transaction data. Future event planning and vendor selection are influenced by this understanding.

  • Better Stock Management:

    The cashless payment system made it easier for merchants to manage their inventories since it included tools for real-time transaction monitoring and inventory management. They could accurately track sales and inventory levels, ensuring timely restocking and reducing the likelihood of stockouts. This stock management optimization increased operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities:

    The information gathered by the cashless payment technology gave Horn OK Please excellent sponsorship prospects. Sponsors might receive in-depth data from the organizers on the characteristics of attendees, their purchasing patterns, and their levels of participation. This data-driven approach attracted potential sponsors and opened doors for strategic partnerships and sponsorship collaborations.

  • Attendee Refunds:

    Processes of issuing refunds to attendees were made easier by the cashless payment option. It became simpler to process refunds precisely and quickly with digital records of transactions, assuring participant satisfaction and reducing any anomalies.

    By partnering with DC Cashless and implementing their cashless payment solution, Horn OK Please successfully transformed their payment ecosystem, elevating the festival experience for guests. The efficient and safe cashless environment increased customer satisfaction, enhanced operations, and offered insightful data, paving the way for continuing festival success in subsequent editions.

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