Live streaming: launch of mg hector plus

The launch of MG Hector Plus was live streamed across 4 major platforms with 7 distinctive profiles powered by Dreamcast. We offered the best class CDN consoles for seamless delivery and global reach.

We are proud to offer our CDN consoles to make the live stream of the event a major hit. Dreamcast swiftly live streamed the entire launch event in high quality on multiple platforms. The event was accessed by ample virtual attendees and delivered immersive world-class experiences to attendees seamlessly. The


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To carry out the live stream of the MG Hector Plus launch event effectively, we utilised the advanced cutting-edge technology that included a 4 camera set up to ensure an astonishing live stream. Our team of experts constantly monitored every aspect of the live stream to ensure seamless delivery and avoid any hurdles.

Key Highlights of the Live Stream Powered By Dreamcast:

  • Live Streaming of product launch on 7 distinctive profiles.
  • A 4 camera set up to cover every aspect of the live stream of the product launch.
  • The entire event is live streamed at 12 Mbps of internet speed enabling everyone to join the event without any glitch.
  • Received 10.5 million views

However, to make the live streaming more appealing and engaging, Dreamcast integrated engaging videos along with name astons. We meticulously met our target of streaming the entire launch in 12 Mbps of internet speed. It is one of the achievements that saved large sums of money. The live stream of the launch event was a huge success as it tapped a wide spectrum of attendees in no time and received immense appreciation from attendees all over the globe. That’s not all, the live video gathered near about 10.5 million views from all platforms. Another hit to the Dreamcast bucket list!

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