Dreamcast live-streamed the MG Hector Plus Virtual launch simultaneously on 7 different platforms

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MG Hector Plus the latest addition in the family of MG is launched virtually across 7 platforms over Dreamcast virtual event platform.

The latest car model of MG launched on Dreamcast virtual event platform by utilizing the best in class CDN console, was a massive hit. In the socially distanced world where hosting, live physical events are nearly impossible, adapting the ongoing trend MG launched its latest majestic SUV model virtually. The latest product by MG is a perfect blend of comfort and power that captivated the eyes of many attendees. The virtual launch of MG Hector Plus powered by Dreamcast was a massive hit with the immense appreciation and accolades it acquired.

The team of experts at Dreamcast closely worked to offer the best possible solutions to deliver breathtaking results. The platform offered a range of the most enthralling features for the launch of MG Hector Plus making the virtual product launch bigger and better.

The virtual launch was streamed across seven multiple platforms extending the event reach. With our powerful CDN servers, we managed to stream the event Live on seven platforms simultaneously and ensured a smooth and seamless delivery that attendees enjoyed thoroughly.

“The launch was streamed across 7 different platforms parallelly!”

Dreamcast is more than proud and thrilled to curate a perfect platform for MG’s product launch. MG Hector Plus was unrivaled in front of thousands of attendees and received immense appreciation and applause from attendees worldwide. Thus contributing to event success. We even kept attendees who missed out on the live event in mind and offered an on-demand launch session for them. However, resulting in extending event reach. The enthralling virtual product launch hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a successful event and another hit event to our bucket list.

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