LIVE STREAMING The Launch of Xiaomi 32 MP Selfie Camera Phone

The 32 MP Selfie Camera Phone launched by Xiaomi was live-streamed parallelly across 5 multiple platforms.

The latest product launch by Xiaomi created the buzz in the market with its 32MP selfie camera phone. The product launch was live-streamed on five distinctive social media platforms with the assistance of Dreamcast.


Live Streaming Platforms




Live Viewers

14.80 Million

Video Views

For the very first time, Xiaomi streamed their product launch on Instagram Live to boost the market presence. And as expected the result was phenomenal, the product reached a wider segment of attendees in no time thus boosting the online visibility of the product. The event was a massive hit with 31000 views in total. However, the live views spiked up to 1300. The brand received phenomenal support and love from attendees around the world. Dreamcast is proud to announce that the live stream of the product launched by Xiaomi received immense love and support from the audience. Thus contributing to event success.

Key Highlights of the Live Stream By Dreamcast:

  • To facilitate the creation of a picture in picture view (PIP), a 4 camera set-up has been arranged.
  • Displayed a pre-created PowerPoint presentation to deliver memorable experiences.
  • Offered re-streaming services to stream the event live to distinctive social media platforms.
  • Received 14.80 million views within a time period of 4-5 days.

Dreamcast is proud to announce that the product launch by Xiaomi was a grand success and received much-needed appreciation globally along with intensive media coverage. We are delighted to host the live stream of the entire product launch across various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Undeniably, the entire live stream was a tremendous milestone for Xiaomi and another hit to our bucket list.

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