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Enjoy an engaging environment power-packed with branded booths for your global audience by getting on board with the best Hybrid Expo Platform.
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Creating Memorable Experiences Across Diverse Scales.

Our inventive hybrid fairs platform offers you a highly scalable & customizable service helping you deliver an unforgettable experience irrespective of your event size.

Small Scale

Small Scale

Deliver an authentic and immersive event to a small-scale audience with the most compelling hybrid fair platform. Integrate the most engaging & interactive features to make the best out of your online event.

Mid Scale

Mid Scale

Bring your ideas and imagination to our hybrid fair service and cause a stir among your global audience. Scale-up your hybrid event by adding further more features, enhancing its overall value.

Large Scale

The Ultimate

Design your hybrid fair, your way. Take a step ahead, and don't let the screen snatch away a real event experience from your attendees. Customize your event just the way you want and make your audience go wow!

When the best ideas meet the best platforms, the output is nothing short of magnificent.

Set of Top-Notch Features to Catch Your Attendees’ Attention the Moment They Step In

Close to Real Experience with Dreamcast Hybrid expo platform

Close-to-Real Experience

  • Dynamic Lobby - Add lighting, GIFs, music, banners and a lot more in your virtual lobby, adding to the value of your entire event.
  • Customized Venue - Design your virtual space in sync with the physical aspect of your expo.
  • Captivating Booths - Choose from our large library of diverse templates or let your participants create their own booth.
Ample Networking Opportunities with Dreamcast hybrid expo platform

Ample Networking Opportunities

  • Networking Tables - Allow your virtual attendees to connect with the physical attendees seamlessly.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler - Make networking and interaction easy with the option to schedule meetings as per
  • AI Matchmaking -Help your audience meet their fellow attendees having the same expectations and interests.
Multi Format Communication with Dreamcast hybrid expo platform

Multi-Format Communication

  • Live Q & A sessions - Encourage direct knowledge sharing and facilitate two-way communication; boosting attendee engagement.
  • External Integration - Let your global participants integrate with third-party platforms to ensure a better event experience.
  • Live Chat- Allow your remote attendees to have multi-format chat with vendors, exhibitors, and other participants.
Dreamcast hybrid expo Audience Engagement Tools

Audience Engagement Tools

  • Custom Gamification - Shoot up audience engagement rate by choosing from our library of 100+ gamification tools.
  • Social & Signature Wall - Help your attendees share their event experience with inventive engagement features.
  • Live Polls - Maintain the audience involvement and collect honest feedback throughout the event with a live tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Hybrid Expos? Faq Arrow

Hybrid expos can be understood as the combination of virtual and physical expos. The organizers host physical expos and take them a step further by adding virtual components to them. This format of hosting expos allows them to expand their brand awareness.

Why are Hybrid Expos the future? Faq Arrow

Virtual expos and physical expos have their own set of merits.The hybrid version of organizing expos brings the best of both worlds together. People find them more convenient, and it is the reason organizations are planning to continue with this format in the future.

Why have Hybrid Expos become so popular? Faq Arrow

They are by far the most convenient format of hosting expos. When we see a broader view, hybrid expos are advantageous for all the parties involved. The attendees get to choose the format they would like to attend the expo in. Along with this, the hosts get to expand their brand popularity.

What is the difference between Hybrid Expos and Virtual Expos? Faq Arrow

Virtual expos are hosted completely on a virtual expo platform where the entire audience attends the event virtually, through their laptop screens. But hybrid expos are the combination of physical and virtual expos where one portion of the attendees joins the expo physically while the other joins it virtually, depending on their convenience.

Bring the Best of Both Worlds Together with an Engagement-Driven Hybrid Expo!

Get on board with a globally-trusted hybrid expo software and ensure an end result that is no less than spectacular. Get in touch with Dreamcast and host an out of the box, engagement & networking driven hybrid expo.

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