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Organize diverse forms of fairs, maximize its reach, and accomplish all your goals with our all-in-one hybrid fairs platform, power-packed with the most futuristic & helpful features.
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Creating Memorable Experiences Across Diverse Scales.

Our inventive hybrid fairs platform offers you a highly scalable & customizable service helping you deliver an unforgettable experience irrespective of your event size.

Small Scale

Small Scale

Deliver an authentic and immersive event to a small-scale audience with the most compelling hybrid fair platform. Integrate the most engaging & interactive features to make the best out of your online event.

Mid Scale

Mid Scale

Bring your ideas and imagination to our hybrid fair service and cause a stir among your global audience. Scale-up your hybrid event by adding further more features, enhancing its overall value.

Large Scale

The Ultimate

Design your hybrid fair, your way. Take a step ahead, and don't let the screen snatch away a real event experience from your attendees. Customize your event just the way you want and make your audience go wow!

Build a Strong Network and Create a Stir in the Market With Our Expert Solutions!

Top-Notch Features Ensuring an Extraordinary Hybrid Experience

Dreamcast hybrid fair Event Experience

Life-Like Event Experience

  • Dynamic Lobby - Add lighting, GIFs, music, banners and a lot more in your virtual lobby, adding to the value of your entire event.
  • Customized Venue - Plan your event just the way you want. Design the virtual layout according to the physical layout of your fair.
  • User-Friendly Navigation - We ensure your attendees won’t find it difficult moving from one point to another. Enhance the virtual attendees’ experience with the easiest navigation.
Dreamcast hybrid fair platform Audience Engagement Tools

Audience Engagement Tools

  • Fun Gamification - Shoot up audience engagement rate by including AR/VR games; select from available options or come up with your choice.
  • Virtual Booths - Properly branded booths to represent specific organizations, promoting seamless interaction.
  • Social and Signature Wall - Amp up the excitement levels by integrating social media and taking attendees’ feedback.
Ample Networking Opportunities with Dreamcast hybrid fair platform

Ample Networking Opportunities

  • Networking Tables - Get multi-format communication going like an in-person event, using the features of networking tables.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler - Make networking and interaction easy between both sets of attendees with the option to schedule meetings as per preferences.
  • AI Matchmaking - Help your attendees get an entire list of fellow attendees with the same interest areas.
Dreamcast hybrid fair platform Effective Interactive Tools

Effective Interactive Tools

  • Live Q&A Sessions - Encourage direct knowledge sharing and facilitate two-way communication; help your attendees interact better.
  • Live Chat - This feature allows the attendees to have effective real-time communication with fellow attendees.
  • Live Polls - Help increase audience involvement, collect honest feedback, and plan future strategies accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Hybrid Fairs? Faq Arrow

Hybrid fairs are the combination of both virtual and live fairs. These fairs are hosted at a physical venue with its virtual extension conducted on a hybrid fair platform.

How do Hybrid Fairs work? Faq Arrow

Hybrid fairs are hosted physically and virtually simultaneously. Since several attendees find traveling challenging, hybrid fairs allow them to attend the fair from the comfort of their homes. Along with this, these fairs enable a section of attendees to be a part of the event physically.

What are the different types of Hybrid Fairs? Faq Arrow

The different types of hybrid fairs are:

  • Hybrid Trade Fairs
  • Hybrid Job Fairs
  • Hybrid Education Fairs
  • Hybrid Benefit Fairs
  • Hybrid Onboarding Fairs
What is the future of Hybrid Fairs? Faq Arrow

Since hybrid fairs bring virtual fairs and physical fairs together, the attendees as well as the organizers find them the most convenient format of all. Hybrid Fairs are on a boom these days, and it is safe to say that the hybrid format of hosting fairs is here to stay for a long time.

Step Into the Hybrid Sphere With Us & Host a Fair to Remember!

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