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Let your global attendees enjoy an engaging 3D hybrid environment power-packed with branded booths & other customizable features, all in the world's best hybrid festival platform.
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Delivering Excellent Hybrid Event Experiences Across Diverse Scales.

Our inventive hybrid fest platform offers you a highly scalable & customizable service helping you deliver an unforgettable hybrid experience irrespective of your event size.

Small Scale

Small Scale

Deliver an authentic and immersive event to a small-scale audience with the most compelling hybridl feastival platform. Integrate the most engaging & interactive features to make the best out of your hybrid event.

Mid Scale

Mid Scale

Bring your ideas and imagination to our hybrid fest service and cause a stir among your global audience. Scale-up your hybrid event by adding further more features, enhancing the value of your fest.

Large Scale

The Ultimate

Design your hybrid event, the way you imagined. Take a step ahead, and create a life-like event experience for your attendees. Customize your fest just the way you want and make your audience go wow!

Witness the Magic Unfold with a Super Engaging Hybrid Fest Event!

Compelling Features Ensuring an Extraordinary 3D Hybrid Experience

Close to Real Experience With Dreamcast hybrid fest platform

Close-to-Real Experience

  • Dynamic Lobby - Add lighting, GIFs, music, banners and a lot more to boost up the fun & engagement at your hybrid fest.
  • Customized Venue - From touchpoints to venue locations, customize every aspect as per your likes & preferences.
  • Captivating Booths - Choose from our large library of diverse templates and allow your audience to experience a next level fest.
Ample Networking Opportunities with Dreamcast hybrid fest platform

Ample Networking Opportunities

  • Networking Tables - Help you on-site and remote attendees connect with multi-format communication tools.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler - Make networking and interaction easy with the option to schedule meetings as per preferences.
  • AI Matchmaking - Help your hybrid audience meet their fellow attendees having the same expectations and interests.
Multi Format Communication with Dreamcast hybrid fest platform

Multi-Format Communication

  • Live Q&A Sessions - Encourage direct knowledge sharing and facilitate two-way communication; boosting attendee engagement.
  • External Integration - Let your global participants integrate with third-party platforms to ensure a better event experience.
  • Live Chat - Allow all your attendees to have multi-format chat with vendors, exhibitors, and other participants.
Dreamcast Hybrid fest Audience Engagement Tools

Audience Engagement Tools

  • Custom Gamification - Shoot up audience engagement rate by choosing from our library of 100+ gamification tools.
  • Social & Signature Wall - Help your attendees share their event experience with inventive engagement features.
  • Clap, Hoot, & Emoticon Reactions - Maintain the audience involvement with immersive reaction tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hybrid Festivals? Faq Arrow

A hybrid festival is an immersive event format that brings the best of physical and virtual festival aspects together, creating an engaging experience for global attendees. A hybrid fest takes place over a hybrid festival platform, well-equipped with highly engaging & interactive features and tools.

What is a Hybrid Fest Platform? Faq Arrow

A hybrid fest platform is a service that enables the event organizers to host hybrid festivals with top-notch event solutions. It provides you with excellent interactive & engaging solutions to ensure a seamless event experience for both physical and virtual event attendees.

Ready to Create an Immersive, Engaging, and Extraordinary Hybrid Fest?

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