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Launch Your Product On A Live Stream

Dreamcast is a live stream service provider with international work experience and professional standards. Operating in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the rest of UAE, we understand the importance of live streaming a product launch and provide a complete solution to your live streaming needs.

We take care of the whole process, the equipment, network issues, and management of the entire stream to ensure every live stream product launch is carried out smoothly and without any issues.

Generate more buzz for your product launches

When a company decides to live stream product launch events, it is able to generate more buzz and engagement than a traditional product launch. It also provides the audiences with the option of experiencing the event if they can’t be physically present there.

Reach more people with less cost

When you live webcast your product launch, you are reaching out to a huge audience base to experience the event. You can save the costs associated with the launch by inviting only a small group to the launch and live stream the event for millions of people to experience.

Interact live with a global audience

A live stream of the product launch can be interactive and the host can provide answers to any question that may be asked by both potential and loyal customers of the brand.

Post-Stream benefits

A lot of the material from a live stream of a product launch can be repurposed and used for marketing needs or for archival needs.


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