Live Streaming for Agencies



Live Streaming For Agencies

When it comes to managing live streams for agencies, Dreamcast is a great partner. With international work experience, an impressive list of clients, and professional standards, Dreamcast has been operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the rest of the UAE for a while now. We take care of the equipment, network issues, and the management for the entire process.

Whether your agency is thinking of going live on Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts,Periscope Live Streaming, or on your own website or platform, we have you covered. With Dreamcast, you can expect your live stream to be uninterrupted, free of glitches and high-quality.

A Global Experience

The reach of live stream agencies events extends to a global audience. Anyone can watch a live stream anywhere, on any device. This kind of reach has massive benefits for your brand’s overall success. Instead of allowing only a selected number of attendees to experience a brand’s event, an agency has the option to invite a global audience to experience it.

Better Engagement with the Brand’s Audience

Live streams are interactive and enable the brand to engage with the audience on a personal level. Agencies webcasting events for brands can leverage the engagement to derive additional value out of the event for their brands.

Post Stream Benefits

The benefits of live streams persist even after the event ends, as they provide a lot of high-quality content that can be repurposed later for marketing or other needs. Audiences who missed the live event can also later experience it on demand anytime, anywhere.


Live streaming allows agencies to monitor and understand the analytics of the event thoroughly, which provides a lot of data to further optimize the effectiveness of their brand’s events in the future.


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