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In-Person Event: Benefits and Event Marketing Ideas

Events have become a huge part of marketing strategy. In-person events are one of the most effective event types. To host an in-person event, markets need proper planning, marketing, promotional strategy, and an in-person event platform. Today a lot of organizers prefer in-person event platforms because they plan, track, and manage events more conveniently.

In-person events are events where all the attendees of the events are present at a certain venue. There are various types of in-person events and they offer numerous benefits to the event organizers.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the major benefits of in-person events and marketing ideas for in-person events.

Benefits Of In-Person Events

Here are some of the benefits of hosting an in-person event:

1. Face To Face Interaction

There are various benefits of hosting an in-person event but let’s begin with one of the major benefits of an in-person event and that is personal interaction. Virtual events can be affordable and can accommodate as many people as organizers want but the major disadvantage is that they lack personal touch. But when we think about in-person events, they promote personal connection.

During an in-person event, attendees and event organizers can interact with each other personally, which is beneficial and effective.

2. Attract Target Audience

In-person events are best to attract your target audience. When you are hosting a virtual event chances are not every attendee is your target audience, you will have to filter your audience but in the case of an in-person event, most of the attendees that are present at the venue are your target audience.

In-person events automatically filter the audience because the person who is interested in the event will be present at the venue on a particular date and time. So in-person events attract your target audience.

3. More Sponsorships

When we are talking about the benefits of in-person events we can’t skip sponsorships. With in-person events, organizers can attract more sponsors. Because in-person events are more personal and promote face-to-face connection and engagement, sponsors find these events as an opportunity to promote their products and service at the event.

More Sponsorships for Events

During in-person events, sponsors can have direct interaction with their potential audience. With more sponsorships event planners will be able to manage the expenses of on-ground events. In-person events have a better return on investment than other forms of events because of more sponsorships.

4.  Better Networking & Engagement 

Networking is vital during events from both event organizers and attendees. Most of the attendees take part in the event for networking and an in-person event provides attendees with more personal networking opportunities. Attendees can meet other individuals at the event with the same interest and can network and connect with them.

In in-person events organizers can create networking rooms where attendees with the same interest can talk and share ideas and thoughts. During a virtual event participants can feel bored because they lack personal connection but with in-person events organizers have an opportunity to engage with attendees personally and it helps in building strong connections.

5. Branding

For event organizers, in-person events also help in branding. In-person events provide the best opportunity for branding. During an on-site event, event organizers can do branding in various ways, they can use hoardings at the venue, wall posters, large display screens, gamification, photo booths, etc for branding. They can also offer event merchandise to the in-person audience for branding purposes.

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6. In-Person Feedback

Feedback is what gives event organizers a clear picture of their event. Event organizers can either get feedback at the venue just after the event or they can send mail to gather the feedback of their audience. To get instant feedback at the venue itself event organizers can host a quick survey, poll, or question-and-answer session. But it should not be too lengthy and only ask relevant questions.

Marketing Ideas For In-person Events

Here are some amazing in-person event ideas for marketing:

Marketing Ideas For In-person Events

1. Photo Booths

Photo booths are really in trend these days and many event planners have started using photo booths not just for engagement but for event marketing too. The setup of photo booths attracts a lot of individuals to the event and they are a fun way of marketing the event. With photo booths, event organizers can offer props and backgrounds that are related to their event theme or that can help in the promotion and marketing of the event. Event organizers can ask individuals to share their event photos on their social media accounts with the event hashtag and it will help in event marketing.

2. Gamification

After photo booths, even games are becoming part of the event industry. In-person events are perfect for game setups. These days event organizers and planners are looking for more unique and interactive ways of marketing and engaging their audience. Games are the best way of marketing. Event organizers can set up different games at the venue, they can have a leaderboard that can motivate other individuals at the event to take part in different games. They can also offer different rewards for the best performer and all these activities at the venue will help in the marketing of the event.

3. Social Media Marketing

For the in-person event, social media marketing can also be an effective choice. With social media marketing, event organizers can reach a larger audience and they will be able to attract more people to the venue. Event organizers can also choose paid ads for detailed targeting. Social media is a free but powerful marketing tool. Event organizers can create a dedicated hashtag for in-person event marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Event

4. Email Marketing

We all know email is a very effective marketing tool. It can help in sending the invitation, registration form, updates regarding the event, details of the live venue location, date, time, and hosts of the event. Email can play a major role in event marketing from start to finish. The best part about email marketing is that the whole process can be automated and can save time for event organizers.

6. Live Streaming

To market in-person events, event organizers can also use live streaming. Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool that can be used for effective marketing of the event. Before the on-ground event organizer can conduct a live stream where they can give a glimpse of the event, show some behind the scene, and introduce the sponsor, and presenters of the event to create buzz about the event. Live streaming is an economical way of marketing an in-person event.

Live Streaming for Events

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming popular, especially on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. These days businesses and brands prefer investing in influencers for the marketing of their event because these influences have a strong audience base and have an impact on their audience. For an On-ground event, event organizers can invite an influencer from the industry to the event and it can be impactful for marketing.

The Bottom Line

In-person events make better connections and have a lasting impact on the event attendees so event planners these days prefer in-person events over virtual and hybrid events. Hosting an On-ground event can need more planning, marketing, and management but they are worth it. They offer various benefits like better networking, more sponsorships, help with branding, etc. An in-person event requires a strong marketing strategy and we have mentioned some marketing ideas for an in-person event that can help you stand out from your competitors. So use the above-mentioned ideas and create an impactful in-person event.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

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