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15 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Mobile Event App

The world is in a constant process of digitization. Global industries and businesses are shifting to the digital approach for various regular activities. The same is the case for the events industry. An evident example of this is the growing popularity and demand for mobile event application. Move ahead and explore more about an event management mobile app.

The Go-To Digital Solution to Simplify Your Online, Hybrid, or In-Person Events

Using a mobile event app can benefit your event in various ways. From promoting a more sustainable event planning approach to ensuring seamless access to all the event content, a mobile event application can power up your event in countless ways. Here are some must-know advantages of using a mobile application for events.

1) One App, Multiple Events

Collaborating with the right mobile event app company can be super beneficial as you can create an excellent one-for-all event app for your organization. It simply means you can get a completely customized app created for your organization that can be used for multiple events. Doing this will save you a lot of time and effort as there will not be a need to create an app from scratch every time you need to host an event. In addition, you can also personalize the event app based on your specific event requirements & theme. From functionalities to branding, the right event platform will enable you with complete support & assistance.

One App, Multiple Events

2) Simplified & Impactful Event Planning

Having a dedicated app to organize events can drastically simplify your event planning process. The reason is simple- you are going to have a well-streamlined & structured event delivery method along with all other elements. Hence, you don’t have to plan and strategize the same things again and again.

3) Driving Registrations & Attendance

People spend most of their time on their mobile devices nowadays. So to drive maximum registrations and sell your event tickets, a mobile event app is the best way. With seamless payment gateway integrations to the complete event details, everything can be provided in the event platform itself.

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Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
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4) Provides a Personalized Experience to Your Attendees

You can customize the entire event platform as per your event needs & requirements. You can efficiently pinpoint the interest and preferences of your attendees, ensuring successful audience satisfaction & retention. Not just this, but customizing the app and personalizing it for a positive audience experience can also help you meet your marketing goals.

5) Helps in Keeping the Audience Updated Before, During, and After the Event

Once your target audience or attendees have installed the mobile event application, they can easily receive all the event updates through notifications. In addition, to make sure that the audience is not only engaged before and during the event but also turns into permanent users, you can keep the app live through engaging activities & updates.

Audience Updated Before, During, and After the Event

6) Boosts Your Targeted Marketing Strategies

An enterprise mobile event application not only helps you create a strong attendee network but also strengthens your targeted marketing plans. With an established community of your target audience, you can focus on dedicated and precise marketing.

7) Highly Accessible & Convenient

A mobile event application helps you be more organized as you can store all significant information, data, and content about the event on a single platform. From speaker onboarding to the details of sponsors and exhibitors, your event attendees & audience can access everything with extreme convenience.

8) Fulfills Your Branding Goals

The easy option to customize the application enables you to meet your branding goals. Be it for your organization or your event’s sponsors & exhibitors, authentic brand showcasing is equally valuable for all. Today, almost every global brand has its own mobile app, so why not your event? It is vital because your event is going to represent your brand! Therefore, a mobile event app is a great way to fulfill your branding goal.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


9) Enables a Stronger Audience Connection with Your Organization

A mobile event app can enable a more substantial connection of your target audience with your organization as all the information & content becomes easily accessible to them through the application. In turn, using the application automatically makes your audience feel more connected to your corporate brand.

10) Excellent Networking Possibilities

Networking is one of the most significant aspects of any event. It is so because, be it your attendees or the exhibitors, people always look ahead to building strong networks. However, in the case of an in-person event, networking seems like a task to the attendees. It is where creating an event application can be highly beneficial for your audience. From AI-enabled networking features to digital QR-based business card exchange, an event app provides your attendees with exceptional networking possibilities.

11) Real-Time Content Sharing

A mobile app for your organization can not only be used for events but also to constantly keep your audience updated on the latest content & information. During the event, your attendees get to access the content in real-time along with the option to download & share it. Similarly, even when the event is not running live, you can update your audience with the latest updates via the mobile application.

12) Provide More Value to Your Sponsors & Exhibitors

The section dedicated to exhibitors and sponsors of your event can be monetized, providing more value to you as well as your exhibitors & sponsors. Apart from excellent monetization opportunities, a mobile event app also enables an easy lead retrieval system for your event participants via QR-code. A simple scanning system of the code adds the user’s details to your contacts and a final list of leads is shared over a single tap of a button.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


13) Access to Real-Time Event Analytics & Reports

An event app helps you understand the event experience of your audiences and analyze the overall engagement created at your event. Using an app, you get access to complete event reports based on different factors throughout the event. From measuring app adoption to the entire user journey & behavior, an event app provides you with end-to-end event analytics & reports.

14) Helps in Feedback Collection

Users would any day find it easier to fill the feedback over a mobile event application than the web version of the form. The feedback collection process does not only get easy through an event app but is also super swiftly, saving time and energy for both organizers and attendees. In addition, feedback can not only be collected in the format of a form but also through live polls and quick rating functionalities.

Helps in Feedback Collection

15) Promotes a Sustainable Approach

Event planners and organizers know exactly how expensive it gets to make use of papers while planning and executing the event. From event brochures to the printed schedule, a mobile event app minimizes a lot of paper waste by taking various aspects of the events digital. So, employing an event application will decrease both the event cost and paper waste, promoting a sustainable approach for your event. All in all, a mobile event app has become a significant aspect of any event to ensure seamless management & execution. From planning to engagement, an event management application can boost the success prospects of all essential segments of any event. Therefore, get in touch with a leading mobile event app company and create a completely personalized event app that successfully elevates your attendees’ event experience.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


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