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Benefits Of Having Video-On-Demand Streaming

Video-on-demand is a service which on top of live streaming offers a variety of benefits to the users. It is a service which allows for offline viewing of the content which was available online earlier. They are generally used for the preservation of live content like events, tutorials, entertainment etc. Though it may miss a feature or two from live streaming like live feedback, live polls, surveys, Q&A, etc., it is beneficial because some people prefer watching on their convenience. Other than convenience, there are other reasons to include video-on-demand services when you pick Live Streaming. If the video content has numbers, graphs and statistics it is more convenient to use VOD service. Business and brands, therefore, consider VOD services as well.

This is a versatile type of broadcasting because the live stream becomes on-demand after the day they were streamed. One of the best benefits of having video on demand service is that the content would be available months or years later if people wish to access it. This helps in increasing the reach of the audience to the content and the archived content can be used later as well for other purposes like lead generation for the event.

These are some of the benefits and considerations which give Video-on-demand feature some weight and reason why you as a business, big or small, should consider when going for live streaming or webcast of your event. In comparison with live video streaming, video on demand is easier to implement, as you will need only a camera in order to record your video. Moreover, this technology always offers better video quality for its users. The recording will be done while a video is being live streamed.

What are some other cases where Video on demand can be used? When you have VOD service, you have lots of options which can be used for business or. The options like previewing, editing, adding, removing in the video for the viewing. The effects, animations, ticker and other add-ons can be added to enhance and improve the video content.

So next time when you plan on having Live streaming, keep these benefits in mind and have a video-on-demand option added as well.

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