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10 Reasons Why Brands Should Choose Facebook Live Streaming

Live Video has become the go-to video marketing choice of global marketers. Brands & Businesses from across the world are choosing the power of interactivity to connect with their target audience. And to achieve their goal of live real-time interaction, Live Streaming is becoming their go-to preference. However, it’s not just the marketing tool of live streaming that’s gaining prevalence in the industry. Various social media platforms & live streaming services have gained popularity in the last few years to execute memorable live streams for brands. Regardless of countless platforms enabling live streaming, there is one social media platform that is chosen by global businesses- FACEBOOK!

But why Facebook Live? Well, for so many reasons! Through this blog, we will help you explore some of the most prominent reasons why brands should opt for Facebook Live Streaming.

Benefits of Facebook Live for Businesses

Billions of Monthly Users

Facebook is one of the most prominent and used social media platforms on a global level. According to the latest statistics, Facebook had 2.93 billion active users by the end of the first quarter of 2022. It clearly means that your brand can get a better opportunity of reaching a wider audience through an activity over one platform. All in all, live streaming on Facebook can benefit the users with a great audience reach.


Simulcast is a term that means to broadcast simultaneously across different Facebook pages. Using this functionality, you can easily broadcast the same live stream on different pages at the same time. For example, an organization can have multiple products in the same industry or have various pages for the same brand. In such cases, the concept of simulcast can help you target their entire & a wider audience without having to set up multiple streams for each page.

Advanced Functionalities

Facebook is a very well-developed platform that is among the very first social media platforms to offer live video experiences to users. Facebook is enriched with features like automatic real-time notifications to the page followers and reminder settings. Not just this, but it also enables the users to promote their live video in advance to attract more viewers during the live stream. Hence, by being an advanced streaming platform, Facebook can essentially help your brand reach a maximum audience and gain enhanced exposure.

Extend the Life of Your Content

Live Streaming an event on Facebook helps you extend the life of your content in multiple ways. Brands do not only get to share their live video to their feed or page wall but also share it across different pages. This opportunity or feature provided by Facebook helps your users access & view the live stream video afterward if they missed out on it earlier for some reason. You can also save the live video to your gallery and then repurpose the content as per your preference.

Made Exceptionally Better with a Professional Live Streaming Service

Live Streaming on Facebook has a drawback in that your live video can not be customized. Because of lacking this aspect, the platform can lead you to be deprived of some outstanding branding opportunities. However, to ensure that you get to use this opportunity, you can get in touch with a leading professional live streaming service. The most incredible live streaming services help global brands meet their branding & live video enhancement goals by enriching your live stream with:

  • Brand Logos
  • Tickers
  • Branded or Personalized Frames
  • Reverse Timers
  • Aston Bands
  • Personalized Backgrounds
  • Chroma Key Based Productions

Monetization Possibilities

Facebook provides you with exceptional monetization possibilities to meet your revenue goals from live video streaming. The platform comes with features like Fan Subscription, In-Stream Ads, and Buying & Sending of Stars to the live Facebook videos. Using these tools, you can seamlessly monetize your live streaming event.

Long Streams with No Restriction

While your brand has multiple platform options to live stream your content, Facebook certainly comes with better & more opportunities. The platform enables the users to live stream for long durations. In addition, the promotional aspects of Facebook help your brand to create a buzz for your event. Not just this, but the platform also provides excellent transcoding & adaptive bitrate possibility, so your viewers never have to stare at a blank screen. It is so because Facebook adjusts the video quality if there is any internet connectivity issue. You can host your live stream up to 10GB in size and for four hours straight, without any restrictions.

Interactive Opportunities

Interactivity has become a matchless crucial aspect of any event. It is the main factor that drives your audience to feel engrossed at the event, and this, in turn, leads to the success of your live streaming event. Facebook provides you with the feature of live real-time comments & up to five emoticon reactions. Using this live commenting feature, you can directly interact with your viewers by answering their reactions in real-time during the live video.

Builds Trust & Authenticity

The live real-time interaction with your target audience significantly helps you build a whole new level of brand trust & authenticity. Doing this helps you connect, communicate, and educate your viewers about your brands & services. Not just this, you can also collaborate with an influencer or industry expert to talk about your brand to further amplify viewer engagement. Facebook live streaming also helps you boost your lead conversion rate as by interacting with an authoritative face of the brand, viewers find it easier to make an order.

Facebook comes with a complete in-stream analytics feature that provides you with a deeper insight into your live video stream. You get easy access to the complete live stream analytics dashboard. Having this functionality, you can analyze what type of content works the best for your page or brand. Mentioned below are some of the top categories that Facebook provides data analytics & reports under:

  • Viewer Activity
  • Audience Retention
  • Traffic Sources
  • Audience Engagement
  • Demography Based Audience Data
  • Total Views
  • Followers Activities

While these are some limited advantages of Facebook live streaming, a professional live streaming service boosts your live video in various exceptional ways. From next-level viewer engagement to customization goals & seamless execution, a live streaming platform supports your live video stream through & through. Begin your live streaming journey today!

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