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Facebook Live VS Youtube Live

Live Streaming has become the go-to option of many brands & organizations in the last few years. After online events, webinars, and live streaming events came into prevalence, the world witnessed the power of real-time interactivity with the target audience. The concept of live video hosting grew, and global brands began to choose it over all other activities to connect with their global audience. Live Streaming is possible on multiple platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. However, every platform has its own set of functionalities, characteristics, services, pros, and cons. In this blog, we have covered both- a brief and detailed look into the two most used Live streaming Platforms: Facebook & YouTube.

Confused about which one to choose between the two? Here is a brief comparison between the two to help you make a well-informed choice based on your requirements or objectives. But before moving further, let us explore some basic comparison points.

5 Comparison Points to Pick a Suitable Platform for Your Livestream

Here are some of the most important comparison points that you must look after while selecting a platform to Livestream your event or host a video.

1) Live Streaming Capabilities

The process of video hosting is one of the most significant aspects that you should look for when choosing a platform for Live Streaming. If the Livestream itself does not work properly then the rest of the platform features would be of no use. Aspects like transcoding, adaptable bitrate, and stream rewind should all be sorted, so the execution becomes smooth.

It is where the role of professional live streaming services comes into play. By coming on board with an expert team, you get complete support and assistance throughout the Livestream, be it on Facebook or YouTube.

2) Monetization Possibility

The end goal of any activity is to generate revenue, be it a direct or an indirect process. While some users would directly want to generate revenue through live video streaming, some would focus on reaching more audiences & turn more viewers into customers. Therefore, the next aspect that you should look for in a live video platform is the monetization possibility.

3) Marketing

In order to maximize your brand’s or content’s reach, marketing features or possibilities are very significant. If the platforms help you market & promote your live content, there is a better possibility of ensuring a successful Livestream event.

4) Data Analytics & Reports

Any type of online event hosting comes with the advantage of the data tracking possibility. Access to this data helps you understand the effectiveness of your Livestream including aspects like interactivity, impressions, engagement, etc. Therefore, make sure that the platform you choose helps you with complete access to Livestream data reports & analytics.

5) Privacy and Accessibility Management

Live Streaming can be of multiple types. While some users would prefer the live video content to be accessible only to certain attendees, some would want it to reach the world. In either case, you should know and understand the possibilities provided by the platform that you choose.

Facebook Live VS YouTube Live

Comparison Points Facebook YouTube
Resolution/Delivery Quality 720p/30fps 4k/60fps, 4k/30fps,1080p/60fps,
1080p/30fps, and lower
Transcoding & Adaptive Bitrate Possibility Yes Yes
Max Bitrate 4MB/S >10MP/S
Real-Time Notification to Followers/Subscribers Yes Yes
Interactive Possibility Live Reactions & Comments Live Group Chat
RTMP Compatibility Yes Yes
Live Video Rewind or Pause No No
Monetization Capabilities Fan Subscriptions, In-Stream Ads, Buying & Sending of Stars Channel Subscriptions, Super Likes, Super Chats, Merch Shelf (Live Merchandising), Ad revenue
File Size of Video Hosting Upto 10 GB 256 GB or 12 Hours
Content Categorization Collection-Based Playlist-Based
Marketing Tools Facebook Ads based on different filters, Cater to Lookalike Audience Right SEO Practices, Video Optimization, YouTube Ads
Data Reports & Analytics Viewer Activity, Audience Retention, Traffic Sources, Audience Engagement, Demography based Audience Data Watch Time, Key Moments, CTRs, Video Engagement, Audience Retention, Unique & Returning Viewers Data Report, Demography based Audience Data, Data Comparison
Privacy Fundamentals & Restrictions Age-Based, Gender-Based, Country-Based, Comment Moderation, Exclusivity for Subscriptions, Group, Event, and Page-based Controls Membership Level Based Exclusive Live Stream Access, For Normal Video: Public, Private, and Unlisted, Age-Based Restrictions, Comment Restrictions

A Detailed Look Into the Characteristics of Facebook & YouTube

Let’s have a thorough look into the functionalities & characteristics of Facebook & YouTube as platforms to Livestream your video.

Must-Know Characteristics of Facebook

Effortless Engagement with a Huge Audience

Facebook is the most widely used social media network in the world. As reported at the end of the first 2022 quarter, the platform had a total of 2.93 billion monthly active users. Needless to say, Facebook Livestreaming benefits the users with an effortless reach to a large number of the target audience. Your goal can be diverse- from increasing the brand awareness to making an event reach maximum attendees, Facebook is your way to go!

Discoverable Through the Live Video Tab

All the live videos are easily discoverable for the platform viewers through the LIVE tab on the home page of Facebook. Hence, your followers or even the users who do not follow you can easily view the live video based on the platform’s algorithm.

No Restrictions in Terms of Streaming

Facebook does not restrict users from going LIVE under any category. Any registered Facebook user can choose to host a Livestream on their profiles. However, to beautify and make your regular Livestream more engaging & captivating to the audience, you can take help from a professional live streaming service provider.

By coming on board with an expert live streaming service, you get opportunities like:

  • Simultaneous or Parallel Multi Streaming Across Platforms
  • Branding Possibilities
  • Customization of the LIVE Stream Video
  • Enrichment Tools through Additional Design Elements
  • Assured Robust Streaming without Latency
  • End-to-End User Support to Ensure a Successful Execution

And a lot more, based on your requirement.

Option to Save the Live Video Content on the Feed

Facebook enables you to share the LIVE video directly on your feed, page, or group. Like any other post, your Facebook Livestream content becomes highly shareable as the users can then engage, interact, comment, and further share the content.

AI-Based Content Moderation

While the concept of AI controlling the content smartly sounds great, it can sometimes turn out to be a disadvantage for the users. Facebook is filled with a myriad of content, and so the easiest way to curate content is using AI. However, putting the right logic or context to the content moderation process can go wrong when done by an AI.

Must-Know Characteristics of Youtube

A Part of the Search Results

The most prominent advantage of going live and sharing content on YouTube is that its content is easily discoverable in google search. YouTube is basically optimized in such a way that it makes the content appear on google seamlessly.

Live Stream Sales Possibility

YouTube provides users with multiple monetization options to enhance the Live video experience. Hence, these options enable the users to boost their sales through Livestream. For example, products can now easily be displayed during the stream as the presenter interacts with the audience. Latest in the industry, LIVE Commerce & Livestream Shopping have become prevalent concepts as made possible by leading live streaming services & platforms.

Better Monetization Capabilities

From advertisements & promotions to subscriptions & memberships, YouTube provides users with various monetization opportunities. It means users can not only maximize their reach, but also fulfill their revenue or sales goals.

However, Live Stream on Youtube Comes with Restrictions

The feature of live streaming is not available to all users. The platform comes with a restriction that only the users with more than a thousand subscribers can go LIVE from their mobile phones on YouTube. However, anyone can stream live on Youtube from their laptops or desktop systems through a webcam. But the functionality is not as simple as it sounds, as to Livestream through a system, users need to enable the functionality at least 24 hours prior.

Minimum Sharing Capacity

While YouTube has a massive number of 2.6 billion users, the sharing capabilities of the platform are way more limited than all other social media platforms. Unlike Facebook, users can not chat, add or share the content to social feeds & stories. Therefore, if you want your YouTube content to reach a maximum number of the target audience, you will have to share the YouTube LIVE video link across other social media platforms.

After looking into the functionalities & characteristics of both the platforms, you can make a well-thought decision about choosing the best platform for your live video streaming goals. However, picking the right live streaming service is also significant. As when you take help from the right live streaming platform, you can let them take responsibility for everything and focus on your content creation.

Biggest Advantage of Hiring Help from a Live Streaming Service

You don’t have to choose between the two platforms! An exceptional Live Streaming service provider will help you with the possibility of Multistreaming- enabling you to host your live video across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Get in touch to clear all queries and host a successful Live Streaming event.

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