Live Streaming & Webcasting

How Webcasting Has Entered The Business World Successfully

Webcasting solutions and on-demand video access significantly leverage business revenue models. Webcasting is an extremely beneficial method to build customer relations, share educational materials, launch new products and services, brainstorming sessions, training sessions and communicate with your target audience.

Affordable Webcasting Technology

Webcasting technology has only recently been adopted by corporate, educational institutes, government organizations and more such organizations wholly and exhaustively. The technology contrary to its pricing in its inception days has become affordable to organizations and brands today.

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Brands and businesses make a painstaking use of webcasting services for events, campaigns and contests given its reasonable means nowadays. Additionally, there are various ways in which streaming platforms are deployed today. Many organizations are licensing webcasting technologies as ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS). SaaS allows businesses to pay a monthly fee for use of webcasting solutions and deploy the services easily.

A Wider Reach Possible

The webcasting technology earlier supported desktops and laptops. The technology has evolved and now reaches people easily on their smartphones and tablets. This ensures greater accessibility and reaches to a wider audience. This way, using webcasting technology for events engages more and more viewers, both ‘physically’ and ‘virtually’.

Increased Trust in Webcast Reliability

In earlier times, the reliability on webcasting technology by network administrators was minimal. This was so because of the ‘buffering’ messages while playing the video. Improvements in the webcasting technology and security around it have empowered corporates and business organisations to use this technology unperturbedly for their events and organizations.

Use-Cases Of Webcasting In Businesses

There are several use-cases of webcasting in businesses. Corporates and businesses can benefit largely from webcasting technology and reap significant results-


Webcasting is very popular for training purposes in organisations. Employee training is the most common use-case considering it saves time and money considerably for organizations. A viewer can participate in a webcast from a distant location. Hence, employees can avail training online by joining a corporate webcast.

This way, corporates save on expenses like accommodation, travel and food substantially.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Webcasting is an effective way of generating leads. Registration tools built into streaming platforms can identify prospects attending online events, measure their interest in online marketing messages delivered during an event and accordingly help prioritize sales.

Offline & Online Content Distribution

Webcasting solutions can be used for a variety of events. It can be done for a meeting taking place in a conference hall and it can also be done for a large-scale beyond the walls of the corporate building. Improvements in mobile capabilities have led events to be captured for both live distribution online and on-demand play.

This way webcasting reaches a wider audience for both offline presentation and online distribution of the file.