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Is YouTube Live Streaming Necessary For Business Marketing

To have a strong advertising and marketing standing in the industry, brands choose videos to reach to the audience and connect with them. Videos create a strong and lasting impact on the audience and deliver the message intelligibly. Here, the idea of YouTube live streaming solutions is remunerative for brands and businesses.

Videos create increased brand-user engagement and additionally the ‘like-comment-share’ aspect of the video content is massive too. This is the reason it’s important for brands and businesses to begin incorporating videos into their marketing approach. Solution – Live streaming on YouTube.

Why Should You Choose YouTube Live Streaming For Business Marketing?

YouTube is one of the best and the most popular platform for video content.

  • The platform experiences more than 1 billion unique visits from users each month.
  • Over 6 billion hours of video content is watched each month on YouTube.
  • About 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

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Is this convincing?

If not, to make you think otherwise, read ahead-

  • YouTube is owned by Google and hence Google ensures video links and search results from YouTube are displayed first and on the top. Video links and snippets from other channels or sources are being slowly removed by Google. This way, by adopting YouTube streaming solutions, brands get an added edge and ‘recognition’ from the users as YouTube videos are promoted by Google itself.
  • YouTube has a robust and superior Analytics and Statistics page and is also the highest-trafficked video publishing platform on the web. Along with this, high-quality (HD) video solutions from YouTube are stellar.
  • YouTube as a platform is free for brands and businesses to create their account. YouTube is also the second largest and best search engine. Hence, your marketing and social departments must be tapping the energies of this powerhouse now.
  • YouTube allows for paid advertising solutions as well as for wider and greater reach. AdWords, targeting features etc. make YouTube an excellent platform for live broadcasting.