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How Video-On-Demand Services Have Revolutionized Entertainment Viewing?

When television viewing was taken over by video on-demand services, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hotstar became the new names for the cable connection.

Traditional television viewing has been severely challenged by on-demand video services in recent times. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar and other on-demand streaming providers have spoilt the audiences for choice. These and a host of other players such as Voot, Vimeo, Hulu and Jio have provided a new definition for old-style television viewing.

On-demand video services become the sole option for traditional television channels and cable providers to switch to for ensuring continued subscriptions, or they fail otherwise and shut down.

With on-demand streaming, the users get the privilege to live stream and watch their favourite movies and shows as per their schedule and preferences on their devices – smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPads etc. over the simple and minimal use of the internet services. With video-on-demand services, users get power in their hands where they no longer have to wait for their favourite movie or show to be screened. Movies, television shows and series can be easily watched from the comfort zone of your bedroom or your workspace too for that matter.

Video-on-demand services bring their very own unique benefits to the audience and this has been embraced by the audience hugely. Some quick benefits of on-demand video services in here that’ll make you sign-up for a subscription with the VOD providers.

Benefits of On Demand Video Services


We just quoted above, watch from your bedroom or your workspace. Watch as your schedule allows you. Movies and television shows can be watched easily wherever and whenever desired with video-on-demand services easily. If you’ve missed out on a movie or television show episode with the traditional cable viewing, VOD gets you covered with its screen anytime feature. Bonus – enjoy movie premieres too with on-demand streaming services even before TV premiere.

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On-demand video services provide their users with a wide range of content. A vast content library is available where users can watch endless shows and movies, new launches etc. With only limited viewable content with cable TV, VOD services will offer rich content. Here, content also gets filtered by genre, language, region etc. Watch uncensored and uncut content as released originally by entertainment houses.


Today, cable TV providers have seemingly become a costlier option in comparison to video-on-demand services. When we take into account the content library, original and uncut content availability, shows and movie premieres, pricing plans etc., video-on-demand services simply become a clear winner here. Budgeted plans, discount vouchers, free trial periods etc., one simply cannot deny the benefits they get with on-demand video services.