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A Guide to Host Memorable Virtual Networking Events

All thanks to technological innovations and high-quality equipment, hosting virtual events have become mainstream. The paradigm shift in event patterns has bought virtual event platforms into the limelight. Today, almost every physical event has been transformed into a virtual landscape. 

However, Live physical events enable attendees to greet other attendees and have open discussions. The same can be accomplished with virtual networking events as well. All you need to do is leverage the right virtual event platform and create an effective virtual event strategy. Virtual events offer many more benefits that are not possible to achieve with traditional events. These virtual networking event ideas replicate the essence of a physical event in a virtual landscape and offer enthralling event experiences to attendees globally. Right from extended outreach to substantial ROI, virtual networking events have many more merits. 

Dreamcast is a global player that has hosted a wide range of virtual events that delivered enthralling experiences. The virtual events hosted on Dreamcast are thoroughly enjoyed by attendees and achieved all the appreciation, accolades, and press coverage. 

With its custom dynamic features, Dreamcast replicates live physical events in a virtual space delivering enthralling event experiences. To meet the demand of the customer and offer them networking opportunities to forge global connections, Dreamcast upgraded its platform with more advanced and innovative virtual networking ideas to suit every demand of the organizer. Have a look at the virtual product launch of johnsons cotton touch range hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform:

In this blog, we have covered a guide to hosting a virtual networking event that attendees can remember for a long time. Let’s get started! 

What is a Virtual Networking Event?

Virtual Networking Events are the online alternatives to in-person events that provide attendees with excellent networking opportunities. Networking at virtual events is supported by exceptional virtual networking functionalities, making it easy for the users to network. Mentioned below are some of the best features to include in your virtual event networking ideas & experience:

  • Meeting Schedulers
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Networking Tables
  • 1:1 Networking 
  • Live Multi-Format Chat
  • Business Card Exchange

Moving further, let us explore some of the best virtual event networking ideas & tips.

Effective Virtual Networking Event Tips to Host & Run a Successful Event

We have listed some of the effective virtual networking ideas to ensure a successful online networking event. Have a look:

1. Determine the goals and objectives of your virtual networking event

Every event whether it is a live physical event or an online event has its sole purpose of hosting it. Identifying the goals and objectives of hosting a virtual event is one of the most significant virtual networking event tips. It will help in creating an effective strategy and attracting a potential target audience to the event. 

If you aim to host an event to connect attendees or offer opportunities to attendees to forge global connections or you want to host a virtual conference, keynote sessions, or any other event, the goal of hosting a virtual event should be clear in mind. Make sure the platform you select for hosting your event is capable of hosting thousands of attendees without any audience cap. Additionally, the platform must offer various networking opportunities for 1:1 and group interactions to have real-time communications.

Once you have planned out your event goals, you can move towards creating an effective strategy and game plan. 

2. Decide the format of your virtual networking event

Now, comes deciding the format of your virtual networking event. Whether you want to have open discussions during sessions, host Q&A sessions just like traditional events, keynote sessions, virtual expo, host a town hall, or any other event, the format of the virtual event should be decided beforehand. 

Once the format is decided, think upon:

  •  Whether you want to stream the event for a small group of attendees or a large segment of attendees?
  • Will your event be gated or free?
  • What engaging features would you like to introduce in the event?
  • Will your event be available on-demand? 

And many such other features. Thinking about all the possibilities beforehand helps in creating and running a seamless event that delivers optimal results. 

3. Leverage the right platform

Another significant virtual networking event tips is Selecting the right virtual event platform becomes a crucial step once you plan to host an online networking event. Leverage the platform that offers brilliant networking as well as engaging features to forge global connections seamlessly. Additionally, the platform that offers custom virtual event set-up and custom solutions helps in recreating live physical event experiences in a virtual landscape.

4. Attract potential target audience to your networking event

Once the goal of your event has been laid on, attracting potential attendees to the event is key to a successful event. There are many potential attendees who are not aware of the benefits of networking remotely. And hence, do not find any value in it. To attract such attendees, focus on the benefits of virtual networking while creating a marketing strategy or promoting the event on social channels. 

Some of the benefits of virtual networking events are listed below:

The benefits offered by virtual networking events are ample. But, some potential attendees are not aware of the same and see no value in virtual networking. We have listed a few advantages of virtual networking events below:

  • Offer remote opportunities for jobs
    Virtual networking events offer enormous remote job opportunities to job seekers who are willing to work remotely. Additionally, job seekers come in contact with top brands when they participate in networking events and have discussions about the open positions suiting their qualifications and experience.
  • Better access to qualified and talented speakers
    With traditional events reaching high-profile speakers becomes impossible sometimes due to various factors involved. Sometimes due to geographical constraints or sometimes due to heavy price tags. With excellent virtual networking event ideas, you can easily reach high-profile speakers located in any corner of the world. A speech by a knowledgeable speaker helps attendees clear out their doubts effectively. They are well experienced in tackling all attendees with utmost ease.
  • Forge meaningful connections at virtual networking events
    Virtual networking events enable attendees to foster meaningful connections at the event for future collaborations. Additionally, it offers opportunities to attendees to strengthen existing relationships. 
  • Generate qualified leads
    Acquiring amplified leads is the major reason businesses participate in virtual networking events. It helps in generating more qualified leads as compared to physical events as virtual events have a greater outreach. Virtual events overcome various barriers such as geographical location, traveling, time, expenses involved, and so on.  Thus resulting in attracting more attendees and offering an opportunity for broader leads. 

Networking opportunities available at Dreamcast to have real-time interactions:

Dreamcast offers a wide range of networking features that enable attendees to interact freely with other attendees, speakers, hosts, exhibitors, and sponsors in real-time. We have listed the top 5 amazing networking features offered by Dreamcast other than simple live audio/video chats and third-party app integrations. Have a look:

  1. AI-Matchmaking
    This brilliant smart-matchmaking feature enables attendees to have 1:1 interaction with like-minded people having similar interests in networking lounges. The AI algorithms offer recommendations to attendees as per their interest areas with a list of attendees and exhibitors. Attendees can have live audio/video chat with the people they want from the list without navigating much. 
  2. Business card exchange
    Exchanging business cards at physical events for future collaborations has been an integral part. Same way, Dreamcast enables you to exchange virtual business cards with exhibitors, sponsors, and other attendees during the event to foster meaningful connections.
  3. 2-way video interaction
    Another exciting feature that allows attendees to network freely with speakers is 2-way video conferencing. Attendees can send a request by raising a hand. Once accepted by the host, attendees share the stage with the speaker and ask their questions. The conversation between speaker and attendee is speculated with all the other attendees present during the event. 
  4. B2B meeting scheduler
    Another exciting networking feature that allows attendees to schedule a meeting with exhibitors even before the event starts or after it concludes as per the preferred time slot. With the B2B meeting scheduler, networking is not only limited during networking events. 
  5. Virtual networking tables
    Just like physical round tables, have group or 1:1 discussions during virtual networking events with networking tables. It allows a maximum of 8 attendees to grab a spot at a single table and have open discussions via live audio/video chat functionality. 

Follow-up once the virtual networking event ends

Do not skip post-event follow-up. It plays a crucial role if you are hosting an online event. Push a feedback form to attendee’s devices before they leave the event. Ask them to share their valuable insights and feedback. You can even send follow-up emails to registered attendees. It will help in gaining a better understanding of your audience’s perspective and know impediments in your event to work upon for future events. 

Over to you

In-person events have their own value and can never be pushed out of robust event management practices. But, advanced virtual event platforms like Dreamcast closely recreates the essence of physical events and deliver immersive event experiences to attendees along with greater outreach. If you have not yet thought about hosting virtual networking events, think about it. Virtual is the new normal, time is running out. Host any event virtually with Dreamcast. Book a demo today!

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