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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Live Virtual Open House

A successful tour or walkthrough is very significant when you are selling, leasing, or buying any property. Your customers would always want to have a clear perspective and be sure of everything while purchasing or leasing any real estate. And for this, visiting the place in person is the first solution that might come into everyone’s mind. However, this is where a live virtual tour or open house comes into action. With the help of this real-estate tech, users now get to showcase the property to buyers in the most efficient way. In addition, a buyer also gets the advantage of exploring any property across the world without having to travel.

Let’s move further and dive into every detail of organizing a successful virtual open house.

What is a Virtual Open House?

A virtual open house is the easiest way to showcase a property to a potential buyer. It is an on-screen walkthrough or a virtual tour of any property provided to the potential buyer through online tools.

But why would one organize a live virtual open house? Well, there are many reasons. Let’s have a look at them closely.

Why do a Virtual Open House?

Doing a virtual walkthrough or an open house can benefit you in various ways. Let’s understand this from your standpoint: For example, if you want to buy or lease a property you really like through images, wouldn’t you want to visit the site and analyze if everything is as you expect or good enough? Now, what if that place is in a different city, state, or maybe even a different country? You would still want to be confident in the property, right? Here’s your answer!

Visiting and exploring a property is very important for any buyer to be convinced & confident. Also, as per a survey, 61% of the respondents prefer virtual house tours of a property as a technological option. Accordingly, organizing a virtual open house can be a great option to ensure that your buyer is sure while making the important decision.

Benefits of Live Virtual Open House

Here’s why you should organize a virtual open house:

1) They are Convenient

Virtual open houses or walk-throughs are super convenient for an organizer as well as the buyer. Even in the post-pandemic world, 24% of the consumers surveyed say they are willing to buy a home without visiting it in person, and 30% are willing to rent one. This clearly shows that people find it easier and more convenient to explore sites virtually and move ahead with a decision.

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Also, from a seller’s point of view, showcasing properties to different people multiple times is not just tiring but also extremely time-consuming. Therefore, a live virtual open house can be your go-to option to save time and indulge with potential buyers.

2) Superbly Time, Cost, and Effort Saving

As you can make a virtual tour of the property available on-demand for the customers, you don’t have to go through the hassle of showcasing one property again & again to different people at different times. Hence, a Virtual Open House helps you save your time & efforts. Also, as you don’t have to receive the customers at the property multiple times, you get to save the cost of incurring resources.

3) Better Option for Distant or International Buyers

Organizing a live virtual open house helps you attract more distant buyers, maximizing your target audience. People from across the world are willing to explore and buy properties out of their states & countries. A virtual walk-through of a property enables the users to examine the property virtually through an immersive video tool.

4) Helps in Scaling the Business

As you get to reach a wider target audience across the world, you also get the opportunity to scale your business. Being a great marketing device, the virtual tour also maximizes the exposure of your property, leading to a faster sale. The best part is, a live virtual open house helps you save large sums of costs required to scale your business.

5) Efficient Dissemination of Vital Information

A virtual open-house platform not just helps you showcase the property but provides the necessary information to the users through multiple content formats. With a virtual venue created especially for a virtual showcase of your property, you can create an engaging buyer experience to ensure customer retention & a successful deal.

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How to Host a Successful Virtual Open House

5 simple & easy steps to organize a successful virtual open house:

1) Pick the Best Virtual Platform

It is significant to choose the best open house platform to ensure the success of your virtual open house. But how do you choose the best platform? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with that too! Just ensure that the platform you choose provides:

  • Robust solutions with a strong content delivery network
  • 100% customization to ensure full-proof personalization as per requirements
  • 3D 360-Degree property showcase
  • Best engaging & networking tools to enhance interactivity
  • Solutions basis your virtual open-house requirement & budget

2) Promote Your Virtual Open House

Widen your horizons by running efficient promotional activities & advertising to reach the maximum target audience. You can also ask the chosen virtual open house platform to create a customized microsite for providing all the relevant information. In addition, another tip is to run social media campaigns as everybody is actively engaged in the platforms.

3) Plan, Strategize and Provide the Necessary Content

Create a strategy while keeping your buyer requirements in mind. Think of all the information that a user might seek while looking at the property. Once strategized, create and provide all the necessary information & details on the virtual venue. Another advantage that you get with a virtual open house is, you can showcase, provide, and make all the details available on-demand in multiple formats.

4) Ensure the Quality of Equipment & Run a Test

To boost a seamless execution of the virtual open house, make sure that the equipment you are using is of high quality. This will help your buyers have an engaging experience without any disturbance. Further, do a test run to ensure everything is working well.

5) Take Your Open House Virtual!

Finally, it’s time to take your property tour virtual. When using the right virtual platform, you don’t need to worry about any aspect. Work on the execution and rest assured, your event is going to be a success.

Pro Tip: Keeping your buyer’s requirements in mind is the key to ensuring a successful & efficient virtual open house.

Organize an Unparalleled Virtual Open House with Top-Notch Virtual Tools

As per a survey, 58% of the respondents who prefer to buy a property virtually like to have accurate & detailed listing information. This means, only a video chat or a virtual tour might not be enough for ensuring the satisfaction of the buyer. Therefore, to make complete information in detail available for the users, you can utilize the virtual tools provided by a virtual open house or property show platform.

Level up your virtual open house with the following industry-first virtual tools:

  • Custom Branded Booths
  • Immersive 360-Degree Showcasing
  • Availability of property details through multiple formats
  • Meeting Schedulers & virtual tables for discussions
  • Virtual replicas of the property
  • Real-time multi-format communication tools
  • Excellent interactivity to solve all client queries
  • Super-engaging virtual tour
  • Gamification to enhance the engagement
  • Complete event analytics & reports to analyze the efficacy of the virtual open house
  • And a lot more!

Get in touch to know more and organize a successful virtual open house or property show.

Virtual Open House & Virtual Tour FAQs

How do you do a virtual open house?

To do a successful virtual open house, you need to pick the right virtual platform that provides comprehensive solutions for an excellent platform for your property showcasing.

How do I host a live virtual tour?

Host a live virtual tour by getting in touch with a leading virtual property show or open house platform that can help you organize a live virtual property tour event.

What is a virtual showing?

A virtual showing is when buyers or real-estate agents view & explore a property digitally through a virtual tour.

How do you do a virtual showing?

To do a successful virtual showing, you can host an online property show with the help of a virtual property show platform. These platforms provide a comprehensive stack of virtual tools to organize an engaging & successful experience for your global buyers.

How do you make a virtual open house successful?

5 proven ways to make a virtual open house successful:
● Choose the right virtual property show platform
● Promote & market the virtual open house
● Provide all the necessary details to your buyers
● Ensure the quality of equipment used for the virtual tour
● Run a test before going live to ensure a seamless execution

How do you make a virtual open house engaging?

Top 5 virtual open house ideas to make it engaging:
● Create virtual replicas of the property
● Make it interactive through live multi-format chat tools
● Include gamification to make it engaging
● Create a 360-Degree 3D immersive environment
● Provide complete property details through multi-format content

Do virtual tours help sell houses?

Yes! Virtual tours help sell houses in an efficient way as the organizers get to reach a wide number of target audiences.

What happens in a virtual open house?

In a virtual open house, buyers and agents get to view and explore properties virtually through live virtual tours.

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