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40 Virtual Team Meeting Activities, Ideas, Games, and Tips

Be it small or enterprise-level organizations, team meetings hold equal significance in all types & sizes of firms. A team meeting consists of several essential discussions & team updates that enable the team lead and members to ensure that everybody is on the same page. However, along with these vital discussions, a team meeting also focuses on team-building activities to facilitate seamless interactivity between the teammates. Acknowledging the benefits of virtual meeting platforms, almost every organization with remote team members chooses to organize a team meeting virtually. Therefore, in this blog, we have covered some of the most excellent virtual team meeting ideas, activities, games, and tips; to help you ensure a super-engaging virtual team meeting.

Excellent Virtual Team Meeting Ideas & Activities

Explore the best virtual team-building ideas to level up the fun & engagement at your online team meeting.

#1 Virtual Team Ice Breaking Activities

Virtual Meeting Icebreakers play the most crucial role in getting your event going with complete interactivity. And as we have known for a long time, interactivity is one thing that can make or break any online event. If your teammates don’t feel engaged and are not given the opportunity to feel involved, the possibility is that they would prefer to skip the meeting. Therefore, make sure you include excellent icebreaker activities for team building during the meeting.

Best Virtual Team Meeting Ice Breaker Questions

Here are some of the best virtual team meeting icebreaker questions for your reference:

  • Work from home or work from office, what do you prefer and why?
  • Answer honestly, how often did you work from bed?
  • Early bird or a night owl, which one are you?
  • Are you a tea person or a coffee person?
  • What is the one food that you think you can eat all your life?
  • Which was the last movie or TV show you watched & loved?
  • What is the one skill that you always wanted to learn?
  • What’s the one thing that your team probably does not know about you?
  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  • If you had a free ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

#2 GIF Wars

GIF battle is not just a great virtual team-building activity but also an engaging virtual meeting icebreaker. The activity is simple-the participants have to send a shoutout message with an attached GIF to a teammate who was helpful to them. You can use the virtual meeting platform’s live group chat functionality to share these messages. In the end, users can vote for the best GIF.

#3 What’s Your Skill?

Ask your teammates to share and show one skill they are great at. Everybody has one skill that they are good at, and this skill doesn’t have to be common. From flipping the tongue or playing an instrument, the skill can be anything. In fact, the more unique the skill is, the more fun your virtual meeting session is. In the end, you can decide who had the best skill based on voting.

#4 Organize a Virtual Tour for Your Teammates

Organizing a virtual team meeting comes with numerous benefits. One such benefit is the opportunity to incorporate excellent virtual functionalities. So, use this opportunity, and elevate the fun & engagement at your virtual team meeting by including a virtual tour of a famous location. You can also let your teammates pick from multiple location options and choose based on the majority votes.

#5 Arrange a Free Virtual Training Session

You can enhance engagement at your virtual team meeting by arranging a free training session for your teammates. The session can be a webinar, after which, the users get a certificate. Again, this training session can be about anything you or your teammates prefer.

#6 Online Karaoke Sessions are a Must!

Virtual team building is always incomplete without including a karaoke session. Level up the fun at your virtual meeting by dedicating a session to karaoke. You can all sing & play together or one by one. In either case, karaoke is going to be fun!

#7 Virtual Coffee Break

Dedicate a session to a virtual coffee break where your teammates can spend a light time while sharing coffee. Let your attendees know about the coffee break session in advance, so they could keep their coffee mugs ready. Including this session will give your event participants some time to share conversations with each other.

#8 How Good Do You Know Your Team?

It is one of the most fun virtual team meeting activities that can help you in team building. The game is simple, you need to ask all your team members to answer a few ‘about me’ questions. Then during the meeting, share the answer with your teammates and have them guess the person. Even if you don’t know your team, after this virtual team-building activity, you will!

#9 Movie Time

Arrange a movie streaming during the virtual team meeting. You can ask your virtual team meeting platform provider to set up an engaging auditorium where the movie will be streamed. This can be an all-new experience for your attendees which will boost engagement during the meeting. You can also enable live chat and emoticon reactions to enhance the fun during this session.

#10 Signature Wall

The most excellent virtual meeting platform provides you with the virtual signature wall feature. Using this feature, your attendees will be able to share small messages and notes regarding the meeting, their experience, and their colleagues.

#11 DIY & Craft Time

Another outstanding virtual team meeting idea is to incorporate a fun DIY session where you can all get crafty. During this session, your teammates can spend time creating something on their own using art and craft supplies. The best DIY item wins an exciting goodie!

#12 Virtual Team Lunch

Arrange a virtual team lunch for your teammates during the online team meeting. An excellent idea is that you can order food for your team or provide them with coupons.

#13 Include a Virtual Photo Booth

Elevate the engagement & excitement at your virtual team meeting by including a virtual photo booth functionality. The photo booth at your online event can be completely customized and branded as per your preference. Your teammates can not only click a picture in this booth but also share it on their social media profiles.

#14 Social Wall

The social wall feature is a super-engaging virtual tool. It displays all the posts shared by your teammates on their social media profiles over a common social wall. Including a social wall in your virtual meeting platform can not only boost engagement but also ensure a positive attendee experience.

#15 Live Real-Time Quiz

Interactivity is one of the key elements that help you ensure engagement at any online event. Therefore, include a real-time quiz functionality to ensure that your attendees get enough interactive opportunities during the meeting. The live quiz tool can be used based on a specific theme chosen as per your preference.

#16 Leaderboard

As you are going to include multiple fun elements, activities, and games at the virtual team meeting, it would be great to also include a virtual leaderboard. The leaderboard functionality will boost your participants’ enthusiasm and add a competitive vibe, encouraging them to interact & participate. How does it work? All you have to do is allot specified points to each activity or impression at the virtual team meeting. Doing this will help your attendees collect points, and the one who collects the most points comes on the top of the leaderboard.

#17 Virtual Dance Party

How about a super fun virtual dance party? This session could be as fun as it sounds. So, dedicate a mini-session where all the meeting participants can have fun dancing to a common song played on the platform itself. Including this session can be a fun virtual team meeting activity to ensure team building.

#18 A Session Back to Childhood

It is yet another exciting virtual team-building idea that can boost engagement at your virtual team meeting. Remembering your childhood is always a delight. We all have certain fun stories from our childhood days that we like sharing with people once in a while. Therefore, dedicate a session back to childhood, where your teammates get a chance to share their happy moments. You can also ask your virtual team meeting participants to share their childhood images.

#19 Share Your Favourite Memory

Ask your virtual team meeting participants to share their favorite or the fondest memory from work. This virtual team-building activity will not only make your attendees feel engaged but also help them relive old work memories & learn from each other’s stories.

#20 Spread the Magic of Fun Games

When it comes to a team meeting, including fun & exciting virtual team-building games is a must. Virtual team meeting games not only improve communication but also increases the productivity of your teammates. It increases the comfort level among the attendees, motivating them to give their best for the team. To help you with the process, we have curated some of the best virtual team meeting games that can help you achieve the goal of team building. Go on and explore!

The Best & Most Engaging Virtual Team Building Games

#21 Guess the Song

Guess the song is a musical quiz game which clearly means that your teammates will have to guess the song and the one with the most right answers wins. To play the game, you can either play the music, share the lyrics, or the visuals without the music. It is an amazing team-building activity that ensures engagement and boosts teamwork. You can also create teams to play this game.

#22 Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths and One Lie is a classic famous game that most organizations include in team meeting activities. The game is simple, a participant shares three statements about themselves, and the rest of the players have to guess which one statement is a lie. Playing this virtual team meeting game will further help your team get to know each other better.

#23 10 Word Story

It is yet another fun virtual team meeting game or activity that can ensure a fun time at the online event. The ten-word story is a simple game where your teammates will have to tell a story with any theme they like, in just ten or fewer words.

#24 Problem Solving

Problem-solving is exactly what a team should be great at doing. So, why not turn this into a game for a session? If your team is big, divide your team into squads, and give them a problem to solve together. It will enable your team to strengthen team bonding.

#25 Guess Who?

Guess who? is an amusing virtual team meeting game where you share statements collected by all the teammates, and the rest of the players have to guess who said that statement.

#26 Virtual Escape Rooms

Numerous escape room game enterprises have taken their services virtual. You can collaborate with such virtual escape room platforms and ask your virtual team meeting platform provider to integrate this functionality at the virtual venue. Playing this virtual team-building game enables your attendees to strengthen their bonds.

#27 Read My Lips

You can include the Read My Lips game where the participants have to say things without letting any sound out, and other players guess what they said by noticing their lips.

#28 Never Have I Ever

We all know about the Never Have I Ever game! During this team meeting activity, your teammates have to say one thing that they have done or experienced, and the rest of the attendees have to take a sip if they have done it too. What to take the sip of? That’s up to you as it could also be a soft drink.

#29 Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery is an excellent team-building activity that most organizations include in their online social events or team meet-ups. To play a virtual murder mystery game, the participants have to play in teams, explore the clues, and channel their inner detectives and logic to solve the mystery game.

#30 Emoji Song Guessing

Emoji song guessing games have become a common fun team building activity like Charades. To play the game, you can display songs represented by emojis, and the divided teams will have to guess the song.

#31 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The virtual scavenger hunt is another renowned classic team meeting game where the users have to collect the items mentioned in the scavenger hunt list. The player who finds most of the items soon wins the game.

#32 Five Finger Showdown

Five Finger Showdown is not only an excellent team meeting game but also a great icebreaker for your team. To play this game, each player has to hold up one hand with fingers raised. Further, the host shares statements, and the players who have done it have to put their fingers down one by one with each statement. To make this game more fun, the host can share unique and unusual statements that people might have done very rarely.

#33 Remote Team Building Bingo Game

Remote work bingo is one game that gained matchless prevalence during the times of the pandemic. Create an engaging remote team-building bingo game that your teammates can play during the virtual team meeting.

#34 Pictionary

Include a Pictionary drawing game at your online team meeting. In this game, the players have to recognize the word depicted through the drawing.

#35 Virtual Charades

Divide the participants into teams and provide them with prompts to act out for their respective team members. You know what happens ahead- the team members have to guess what was acted out. The team which guesses the most answers wins! This virtual team meeting game will efficiently boost the teamwork of your team.

To further simplify the execution of your virtual team meeting, we have curated some of the best expert tips. Explore below.

Must-Know Virtual Team Building Tips

#36 Give Importance to Small Talk

Small casual talk is one activity that has become difficult in the times of remote work & virtual meet-ups. However, we must give a small talk about the importance it holds. It is how your teammates can get smoothly into the conversation. Therefore, enable your attendees to have a seamless 1:1 or group chat by including a live chat functionality.

#37 Pick an Expert Virtual Team Meeting Platform

Selecting the right virtual meeting platform is one of the most significant decisions an organizer has to make. You must choose an online team meeting platform that provides attendees with excellent interactive and engaging virtual functionalities. Not just this, but as it is your team meeting, you should also ensure that the platform is completely safe and secure. Therefore, explore multiple options and then choose a platform that suits all your event plans, needs, and requirements.

#38 Inform the Attendees About the Meeting Agenda in Advance

Your virtual team meeting is clearly going to include multiple activities and games. Therefore, it is significant that your meeting attendees are aware of the agenda so they can prepare for the activities as per requirement.

#39 Send Swag Bags

Make your attendees feel more engaged and encouraged to attend the meeting by sending them swag bags with goodies. The swag bag can include meeting-related items and the things that might be of use to your teammates during the meeting.

#40 Follow Up!

After the meeting, do not forget to follow up with your teammates. All the fun and good time spent during the virtual team-building activities should not go in vain. The purpose of a team meeting is to update, inform, strengthen, and encourage the team. Hence, your meeting participants must remember the skills they learned and stay updated. Therefore, send a personalized follow-up message to the teammates after the meeting. Bring these virtual team meeting ideas, tips, and games together, and we assure you a super engagement-driven virtual team meeting.

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