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Dreamcast lets you conceptualise and Live stream the most engaging, interactive, and captivating sessions on the most popular social media platform, Facebook. Live-streaming on Facebook enhances your visibility and lets you attract potential global attendees seamlessly.
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Create Buzz And Reach Prospects Globally With Facebook Live Streaming

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Boost Engagements

Maximise Engagements at Facebook Live Streams

  • Format Dreamcast empowers you to stream any type of content be it static, video or in between videos, and reach your potential attendees without any hustle. We at Dreamcast, offer maximum convenience for our clients and enable them to live stream video content in any format that best suits their requirements.
  • Seamless Integration Integrate live chats and web pages in your Facebook live stream with Dreamcast and deliver immersive experiences to attendees effortlessly. We enable you to host the most immersive live streams and allow you to integrate speakers and attendees on the source platform.
  • Cost-effective Solutions Do not worry about budget limitations with Dreamcast. We offer the best possible budget-friendly solutions and production facilities for the social media platform you desire.
  • LIVE Real-Time Audience Interaction Allow attendees to share their screen with the speaker to have real-time conversations during Facebook live streaming. This feature enables attendees to ask their questions directly to the speaker in real-time that can be accessed by the entire audience present in the event.
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Production Quality

Enhance Your Live Streams Production Quality With Dreamcast

  • Rich Production Improve the quality of your live stream as per your expectations with rich production. Integrate astounding features like background music, sound effects, logos, frames, and much more with Dreamcast.
  • Generic Production Live stream your events smoothly with Dreamcast. We offer generic production features that allow you to stream a Facebook live stream effortlessly and deliver immersive experiences to attendees globally.
  • Hybrid Production Empower organisations to add a physical element to their virtual live streams. Reach in-person as well as virtual attendees with a Hybrid production facility offered by Dreamcast. It allows attendees to join through an online medium whereas few are present at an on-site event location.
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Immersive Experiences

Deliver Immersive Experiences to Attendees With Custom Live Streams

  • Frame Grab attendee’s attention in no time by integrating interesting and captivating frames to your Facebook live streams with Dreamcast.
  • Logo Add an eye-catchy brand or company logo to your Facebook live streams and deliver branded event experiences with Dreamcast.
  • Clap Sound Make your Facebook live stream more exciting and engaging by integrating clap sounds in the background. Dreamcast enables you to embed a clapping sound that plays when an announcement is made or an attendee is rewarded with something. Customise your Facebook live streams with us and deliver the most exciting event experiences to attendees at scale.
  • Confetti Add a twist of appreciation to your Facebook live streams with Dreamcast.

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"We had an amazing experience with Dreamcast, from the people, to the product. As it is with events, there were many requirements and changes in the last moment, and team DC were always ready with a solution. We are also appreciative of their quick and clear communication, which made the process even more seamless and convenient. And a special shoutout to Rajat Mehrotra and Himanshu Srivastava."


Improve your Facebook Live Streaming Facility

With Dreamcast

Facebook live streaming enables you to reach a wide spectrum of global attendees seamlessly. It allows attendees to join the live stream right from the comfort of their own homes. Dreamcast enables you to enhance your live stream production quality and deliver mesmerising live streaming experiences to attendees. Boost your Facebook live streaming experiences with various features offered by Dreamcast and steam most engaging and interactive live streams effortlessly. Read More ....

  1. Customisable immersive solutions
  2. Enhanced production quality
  3. Budget-friendly solutions
  4. Real-time archiving
  5. Parallel live streaming on various platforms
  6. Engagement tools and features
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