Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality or (AR), you must heard this term before. Ever wished you could mix the real world with the digital one, like your favourite science-fiction movie? Well, hold on to your hats because that's exactly what Augmented Reality (AR) does! It's not just a buzzword given by tech geeks; it's the real deal, and it's changing the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.

AI Matchmaking

In the world of connections, matchmaking is like the wizard behind the curtain, orchestrating encounters and bringing people together. But what exactly is matchmaking, and how does it work in today's digital age? 



Hey there, ever wondered how your favourite shows magically beam into your living room, or how breaking news reaches you no matter where you are? Welcome to the world of broadcasting, where the airwaves become storytellers and messengers. Let's break down this fascinating story where technology dances with communication.


In general, bitrate comprises two words “bit rate“ which refers to the rate at which bits are getting transmitted in a given period of time. It is one of the parameters in the digital era of multimedia and communication. It also represents the amount of data processed per second/per unit of time.



Ever felt the thrill of owning something that's uniquely yours? That's the magic of customization, where ordinary things transform into personal masterpieces.


Chats are a common term that reflects engagement through texting. It is a process of communicating through digital mediums over the internet and requires two or more individuals.



Ever had that feeling when you're so engrossed in something that time seems to fly? That's the magic of engagement, and it's not just about relationships. Let's unravel the layers of this term, exploring its depth and significance in various aspects of our lives.



You've probably walked on a sandy beach before, leaving your mark with each step. Now, imagine the digital world as a vast, ever-shifting landscape where your online presence creates a similar trail.



The process of integrating games or gamelike elements into something to encourage participation and engagement is gamification. In the event industry, it has evolved as a powerful strategy that enhances engagement, interaction, and overall attendee experience. It leverages the principles of game design and elements of play to create a compelling and immersive experience. 



Keynote in general refers to a prevailing tone, central theme, address, or speaker. The context of “keynote” is similar in the event industry. A keynote address is a featured presentation that sets the tone for an event and is often delivered by prominent speakers and thought leaders.



A lobby is a room providing a space from which other rooms and corridors lead. The lobby takes a central role in the event industry as a versatile space that bridges the physical and virtual dimensions. It serves as an initial point of contact, a hub for information, and other crucial elements for creating a seamless and engaging attendee experience.

Low Latency

Low latency holds a significant importance in many industries. It is a lag in transmitting data from one point to another over the internet. The meaning of “low latency” is similar in the event industry it addresses the importance of ensuring a smooth and responsive experience for event attendees. 


It's kind of like a chart or board that lets you see who's leading and who's not. The person or team with the highest score or best result usually catch the seat at the top of the leaderboard.



Management is the process of getting the work or task done efficiently and effectively. In the world of events, management forms the backbone of successful planning.



Polls are defined in multiple formats, and they are used differently for each industry. In the digital landscape, polls are used in a voting system to see the effectiveness of any event, to analyze the impact, or for general questioning. The context of polls is similar in the event industry as it is used to collect feedback and more.

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