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Power-packed Engagement

Increase Attendance By Amplifying Engagement

  • GAMIFICATION enhance your hybrid fest by adding 20+ games provided by dreamcast or simply incorporate your games to curate an immersive hybrid festival experience.
  • SIGNATURE WALL we provide a reinventing way for all the attendees to leave a signature/compliment about the event. Just come to the signature wall >type >press enter.
  • PHOTO BOOTH Allows brands to engage and connect with the people they want to reach. Can be branded and customised to fit any need. Comes with multiple templates complimenting the event. Click a picture and keep it forever as a token of remembrance.

Reach Out To Global Attendees Through Networking

  • B2B MEETING facilitates attendees/exhibitors/sponsors to effortlessly network with each other by simply scheduling a meeting as per their convenience and interact in a visually rich space.
  • SEAMLESS NETWORKING enables organisations to expand their reach and network seamlessly with their potential clients via live audio/video functionality without an interruption on a hybrid platform.
  • WHATSAPP/ZOOM INTEGRATION is a quite useful feature offered by Dreamcast. This external integration functionality enables you to have private conversations and reach a wider audience segment with ease.

Get A Real-time Support To Run A Smooth Hybrid Fest

  • 24*7 SUPPORT a key feature provided by Dreamcast. Have an expert solution to handle all your event related issues through our real-time support functionality.
  • TOUCH POINTS this useful feature helps users to identify and configure various aspects of the platform through touch points. Ensure a smooth user journey during the event.
  • GUIDE VIDEO A guide video is a well-curated event walkthrough that offers information and assists virtual participants in understanding the structure of hybrid fest and conveniently exploring various aspects.
  • Tech Chat instantly resolves all the technical queries of any attendee effortlessly.
Do It Yourself

Customise Dynamics All By Yourself

  • DIY BOOTH BUILDERS is a unique feature that enables organisers to design their exhibition booth as per their hybrid fest requirement.
  • DYNAMIC LOBBY amplifies the look and feel of your ambience of a hybrid festival. Seamlessly include soothing music, dynamic banners and animated lights to deliver outstanding hybrid fest of all time.
  • DIY BUTTON & ICONS NAMES modify your button, icons names accordingly to match your brand’s colour and font as per your suitability.

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"We had a great experience with Dreamcast's team. They were very helpful and proactive. They are using the latest technologies, which made the overall experience for organizers and attendees excellent. We did a record badge printing in just one hour, and that gave a very good experience to the audience. It was a great experience with them, and we'd definitely look forward to working with Dreamcast again."


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Dreamcast helps organisations to host both virtual and hybrid events with it’s engaging and innovative tools. Host an immersive event across the world and build empowering connections from any corner of the world seamlessly. Dreamcast adds a distinctive perspective to your hybrid fest.

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  2. Briefcase
  3. B2B meeting
  4. Easy Navigation
  5. Seamless Networking
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