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Network with worldwide audiences and forge powerful connections at your virtual hybrid event with Dreamcast’s Networking Zones, Networking Lounges, 1:1 Virtual Meetings, Virtual Group Meetings, and Networking Tables.
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Enhance The Networking Experience

  • Ai Matchmaking allows participants to engage with their similar mind-set matches in an online event. Attendees/organisations can approach potential matches and set up meetings in a visually rich space.
  • Networking TABLE Roundtables are one of the most exciting elements of a virtual experience. This helps people to understand how networking happens in any event, whether virtual or live. It also encourages all event attendees to take part in audio and video discussions.
  • Business Card Exchange A business card is an excellent two-way interchange option, allowing co-attendees to exchange electronic business cards. Visitors may also request business cards from various brands.

Integrate Fun Activities To Boost Engagement

  • Emoticons Integrationgives participants the choice of choosing from a wide range of emojis to appreciate and provide their genuine thought regarding the live session.
  • Engagement Zone offers you with engaging games and activities to enhance attendees experience in the platform and enable them to stay in the session for longer hours.
  • Popularity Score maximises participation by just clicking on various emoji icons. This amazing feature helps attendees to keep a track of popularity ratings and latter pivots to positive engagement.

Offer A Flawless Multi-Channel Communication

  • Call functionality has a two-way communication functionality: audio calls and video calls, that enables visitors to meet and discuss important topics seamlessly at all times during the Online meeting.
  • Video Meeting Any third-party video meeting applications can be easily integrated into our platform. There are services such as Zoom Virtual Meeting, Google Meet Virtual Meeting, Blue Jeans Virtual Meeting, among others.
  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler enables delegates and exhibitors to schedule a meeting as per their convenience either before or during the meeting.

Achieve Important Insights Of Global Attendee’s

  • Live polls, surveys & Q&A enables attendees to express themselves or vote during the session during the live session.
  • Automatic input forms aid in the extracting useful information from participants on what they liked and disliked about the gathering.
  • Pledge wall is a spot where visitors can leave comments about the event in one or two lines along with their signature.

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"We had a great experience with Dreamcast's team. They were very helpful and proactive. They are using the latest technologies, which made the overall experience for organizers and attendees excellent. We did a record badge printing in just one hour, and that gave a very good experience to the audience. It was a great experience with them, and we'd definitely look forward to working with Dreamcast again."


Hybrid, The New Trend!

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Dreamcast turns the traditional meeting into a gigantic virtual hybrid world in real time. Help users to use the platform’s live chat tools to hold uninterrupted conversations from the comfort of their own location. Easily improve connection and make positive interactions with people all around the world.

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