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Live streaming
Live streaming
Live streaming

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Curate The Perfect Ip Based Streaming For Your Global Attendees With Dreamcast

IP Based Live Stream

Ensure The Safety & Security Of Your Ip Based Live Streaming With Dreamcast

  • IP Based live streaming and webcasting Dreamcast guarantees you safety and protection at all times. We have assembled a list of the best features that will allow you to perform an online session without difficulties.
  • Server Based This is server-based IP live streaming, and in order to hold an online session, you must connect a particular IP to the server. This restricts entry to a few people and ensures utmost safety and security.
  • Microsite OR Virtual Event Dreamcast absolutely removes the need for a third-party social streaming network. However, the entire live stream is hosted on a separate server.
Live Streaming With Dreamcast
Better Quality Production

Go- For The Best Quality Production For Your Ip Based Production With Dreamcast

  • Rich Production It helps in displaying unique elements such as relaxing background music, intriguing frames, technical icons, interactive sound effects, and so on. All these features easily improve the interaction of your IP-based live streaming session.
  • Generic Production With the support of generic production quality features, Dreamcast enables you to host an impactful IP-based live streaming. This is a specialised feature that works by removing any unwanted impediments encountered by an organisation during live streaming.
  • Hybrid Production Dreamcast allows users to access exclusive IP-based live streaming and webcasting that seamlessly combines online and physical activities.
Targeted Attendee On your IP Based Live Stream
Custom Environment

Customise Each Aspects Of IP Based Live Streaming

  • Frame Quickly engage ample attendees in no time by adding several frames to your live stream.
  • Clap Sound Make your IP based live stream more immersive and entertaining by adding clap sound in the background for some encouraging announcements, speaker introductions, and so on with Dreamcast.
  • Countdown This feature assists you in generating a buzz in the crowd. It allows you to incorporate thrilling countdowns into your live stream to increase viewer participation.
  • Name Bands/ Ashton Bands Add speaker’s name to your IP based live stream seamlessly with the assistance of Dreamcast.

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"We had an amazing experience with Dreamcast, from the people, to the product. As it is with events, there were many requirements and changes in the last moment, and team DC were always ready with a solution. We are also appreciative of their quick and clear communication, which made the process even more seamless and convenient. And a special shoutout to Rajat Mehrotra and Himanshu Srivastava."


Enhance Your Ip Based Streaming With Dreamcast

IP-based live streaming is a kind of interactive session that takes place without the use of any social media sites. Instead, the entire live recording takes place on a separate server where only the desired candidates can access. Dreamcast offers IP-based live webcasting solutions to help you take your life broadcasting to the next level. It allows you to get the most out of your audiences. Read More ....

  1. IP Based live streaming
  2. Live real-time audience interaction
  3. Parallel multiple platform streaming
  4. Customizable features
  5. Transition frames
  6. Budget-friendly solutions
  7. Real-time archiving
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