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Benefits Of Sports Live Webcasting

Recognising the utility of sports webcasting and offering an option early on, Dreamcast provides sports streaming service as well. Combined with outstanding experience in Facebook Live, Youtube, small private and other larger live streaming options, high standards and customized streaming for you, Dreamcast is a leading provider of an array of sports live streaming options in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the rest of UAE.

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Watch Anywhere, Anytime

While a lot of people love watching sports, not all of them can prioritize it above work and other obligations and make time for it. Sports webcasting allows fans to watch parts of the game that they miss out on or even the whole game. To sum up, broadcast sport can be watched from anywhere anytime.

Mutual Growth

Sports webcasting solutions make both the game and the medium more popular in a mutually beneficial manner. Sports fans start to recognize the medium and the broadcaster, whereas those who are already familiar with the medium like social media websites start to become a part of the fan base through promotions and shoutouts as well.

Revenue Generation

The sports streaming services can easily generate a decent revenue if the content is monetized in a pay-per-view format or through registration for viewing permission.

Sports Live Streaming Features

Dreamcast gives end-to-end support to its clients including management of the live streaming equipment, any network related queries, and the whole process. We offer the best of our services to you via a variety of different plans, choose the ones that best suit your needs.

  • safety
    Security & Privacy

    Your webcasting content has full privacy and is delivered with 100% security to you and the viewers.

  • monetization

    The live stream videos are monetized simply to give high-quality output and full transparency.

  • multi-device
    Unlimited Streaming

    Without any restrictions on shareable content and broadcasting hours, we deliver a seamless webcasting experience.

  • branding

    Our webcast videos can be adapted to many devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tabs, ipads etc.

  • Multichannel Communication
    Multi-Device Support

    Our webcast videos can be adapted to many devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tabs, ipads etc


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