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Live streaming
Live streaming
Live streaming

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High Quality

Select The Enriched Production Quality For Your 2-way Video Conference With Dreamcast

  • Rich Production Host a perfect 2-way video conference that matches your organisation’s requirements with a rich production option offered by Dreamcast. Simply get access to various features such as several transition frames, effects, background music, eye-catchy logo, and a lot more with rich production and take your 2-way video conferencing to the next level.
  • Generic Production Host 2-way video conferencing sessions with utmost ease. Remove the unnecessary hindrances with Dreamcast generic production facility.
  • Hybrid Production Bring your virtual as well as in-person attendees in one frame by hosting special 2-way video conferencing with Dreamcast. The hybrid production facility offered by Dreamcast helps you to deliver interesting and captivating live sessions.

End-to-end Customisation For Your 2 Way Video Conference

  • Logo ImpDreamcast allows you to incorporate an eye catchy logo to your live streams or sessions depicting your company in real-time.
  • Confetti This is another feature that allows you to add a personal touch to your live stream. It increases the visual appearance of the live stream for all the visitors present.
  • Ticker This functionality allows you to display important details on the device during a live stream.
  • Background Music Add calming background music to your live streams with Dreamcast. Additionally, you can even integrate sounds like claps, cheer, hoot in the background as per your event requirements to make live streams more engaging.
Boost Engagement

Attract Maximum Prospects To Your 2-way Conferencing

  • Parallel Multiple Platform Streaming With Dreamcast, you can parallelly broadcast your live streams on various social channels at the same time. You can simply live stream on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube at the same time with Dreamcast. This will enhance your event reach and improve audience participation thus bringing in more people to live streams.
  • LIVE Analytics Dreamcast gives you access to reliable data details about different facets of your live stream.
  • Format Dreamcast makes an effort to make its customers’ lives as simple as possible. This is due to the fact that we offer an opportunity to stream any form of video content. It may be static, in between videos, or during the videos themselves.

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"We had a great experience with Dreamcast's team. They were very helpful and proactive. They are using the latest technologies, which made the overall experience for organizers and attendees excellent. We did a record badge printing in just one hour, and that gave a very good experience to the audience. It was a great experience with them, and we'd definitely look forward to working with Dreamcast again."


Entice Your 2-way Conferencing With Dreamcast.

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2-way live streaming is a kind of interactive session that can be used on a variety of social media sites. It enables interactive attendees to participate from the convenience of their own homes. Dreamcast delivers two-way live streaming that provides organisations with an enthralling live stream. You have the option of choosing from a wide range of features and software.Read More ....

  1. Budget-friendly solutions
  2. IP based live streaming
  3. Customizable aspects
  4. Real-time archiving
  5. Parallel multiple platform streaming
  6. Live Analytics
  7. Distinctive Format
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