12 Best Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Remote Employees

The season of ‘tricks’ and ‘treats’ is finally here, and we are sure you are very excited to go all spooky with your friends, family, and colleagues. With the popularity of online events, Halloween has also gone digital, and in the past few years, Virtual Halloween and virtual Halloween party ideas have become more popular. 

If you are of the opinion that virtual Halloween parties can not be as exciting as their in-person counterparts, wait till we share some of the craziest, fun-filling, and spooky virtual Halloween party ideas with you. We are sure with these ideas you can make your office virtual Halloween party fun, and you will have an amazing festival of ghosts.

So, without any ado, let us jump straight into the blog and see what spooky ideas we have in store for you. 

1. Virtual Halloween Escape Room 

The days of getting online on a regular online meeting platform and pretending to celebrate any festival are long gone. These days interactive online event platforms such as DC Mixhub are gaining popularity, and organizers are focusing more on breathing life into ‘technology-driven’ festivals. If you are also one of them, what is better than trying to escape a virtual room with your peers? 

Get your colleagues to solve puzzles, find clues, untangle mysteries, and get your way out of those hidden doors. 

2. Virtual Movie Night 

Who doesn’t like watching movies, especially when they are with your friends? A virtual Halloween party calls for a virtual movie night. With an efficient online event platform, you can host a virtual movie night and enjoy horror movies all night long with your friends. 

Pro tip: You can send across virtual movie night kits to your friends before the party itself. Include some snacks, popcorn tastemakers, cookies, etc. to add more fun to your virtual movie night. 

3. Online Pumpkin Carving

Have you ever heard of a Halloween without pumpkin carving? Us neither. Halloween is all about pumpkins and spookiness, and you can’t host a Halloween party without some pumpkin carving contests. So what if you are not together with your friends physically, the first thing that technology has conquered is geography. 

An online pumpkin carving contest will bring the creative sides of your employees to the table. The most beautifully carved pumpkins will get the winner tag, and everyone present at the party will decide it. 

4. Halloween Trivia 

A little brainstorming never hurt anyone! You can keep this in mind and conduct virtual Halloween trivia with your work buddies. A round of Halloween trivia will encourage you and your friends to get into some Halloween spirits. What you can do is divide people into groups and make them compete against each other. 

Though the theme for the trivia can be any random subject, since it is Halloween, it goes without saying that you should have a Halloween-themed trivia night.

5. Cocktail Making

To get your employees into a festive mood, host a virtual cocktail-making session together. You can provide them with a set of ingredients or most probably send kits to all your guests beforehand. To enjoy a virtual cocktail session, you can get together on an online event platform such as DC Mixhub. Trust us, a virtual cocktail-making session will definitely lift your spirits and give your Halloween party an amazing touch. 

6. Virtual Halloween Murder Mystery

The next virtual Halloween party idea will allow you and your peers a chance to go all 007 and channel your inner James Bonds. Solve a virtual murder mystery with your colleagues and take your Halloween celebrations to the next level. Just imagine, solving a murder mystery with your friends! Wouldn’t it make your Halloween more fun? After all, Halloween is all about it. 

7. Online Candy Tasting

Nothing defines a Halloween Party like Candies. Therefore, you have to have an online candy tasting activity at your virtual Halloween party. Add to the experiences of your friends by treating everyone with candies. Send kits with different candies to your employees a few days before the Halloween party. It is going to make your virtual Halloween celebrations more fun and sweet, obviously. 

8. Virtual Open Stage

A get-together, be it virtual or physical, is a perfect opportunity to bring out the hidden talents of your guests. At your virtual Halloween party, conduct a virtual open stage and bring out the inner artists of your employees or colleagues. Ask them to perform whatever they want; you can encourage them to participate by announcing prizes for the best performer. 

9. Tarot Reading 

Tarot reading has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and having a virtual tarot session at your party is going to make the experience more memorable. Though your team might have some people who can do the reading, if not so, you can invite someone for an hour or two to practice their skills. 

10. Online Games 

If you can’t think of any particular virtual Halloween party activity, and your brain has absolutely given up, go with some online games. Believe us, a few online games will set the tone right for your virtual Halloween party and make your celebrations lit. When it comes to online games for Halloween parties, there are many options to choose from. However, a few popular options are Halloween bingo, charades, and treasure hunt.  

11. Virtual Dance Party

Would you believe us if we tell you that you can have an amazing party without the hint of music and dance? No, right! It’s because it is not true. How are you supposed to have a party without music? Therefore, host a virtual dance party with all your colleagues and work friends. You can create an open playlist and ask everyone to add music to it. This way, all your guests will be able to add songs of their choice, and you can all groove to the beats of some amazing music. 

12. Online Costume Contest

The essence of a Halloween party lies in getting into the costumes of your favorite characters. And it doesn’t matter if your celebrations are online or offline, you cannot have a Halloween party without a costume contest. Ask your friends to get ready as per the theme and show up in characters. It will give your online celebrations a real feel and make you and your friends feel connected with each other more, even though you would be physically distant. 

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The festival of Halloween is meant to get all spooky and crazy and have fun. Though the celebrations have gone online, online is as real as offline; thanks to the advanced online event platforms such as DC Mixhub

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Q. Why should we organize a virtual Halloween party for remote employees?

Organizing a virtual Halloween party for remote employees fosters team spirit, boosts morale, and provides a fun and inclusive way to celebrate Halloween despite being physically apart.

Q. How to make a virtual Halloween party engaging?

To make a virtual Halloween party engaging, you can plan interactive activities such as costume contests, pumpkin carving competitions, virtual scavenger hunts, spooky trivia, and virtual escape rooms.

Q. How can we ensure everyone feels included during a virtual Halloween party? 

To ensure inclusivity during a virtual Halloween party, provide guidelines for costumes that respect different cultural sensitivities, encourage participation from all team members, and create opportunities for everyone to share their Halloween traditions or stories.

If you are also looking forward to making the most of this spooky festival, you can get in touch with DC Mixhub today. What else do you get with this platform? You get the first month free. 

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