Virtual Meetings: Exploring Different Components

Definition : with virtual meetings, remote participants can easily communicate with each other while sitting in a virtual room. in fact, it is the best way to host a productivity session.

Online meeting platforms are one of the best options when it comes to hosting virtual meetings. With the shift in the digital trend, most employees are working remotely. For carrying out daily routine discussions and conclusions meetings are important.

Virtual Meetings- Meaning And Importance 


In the current scenario, it is very important to hold regular meetings and discussions for the productivity of businesses. Herein lies the role of virtual meetings. It is basically a gathering of people for a healthy discussion on different topics, sharing ideas, key takeaways, etc. The meetings can take different forms in different formats, including audio, video, or textual formats. In addition to this, these meetings take place over the internet, which makes it feasible for each of the participants to easily join and become a  part of the discussion.


Online meetings are an essential component of professional life. Most of these meetings result in deciding the future course of action for the companies and businesses. In addition to this, they tend to focus on keeping everyone on the same page and being part of any decision-making activity.

With the shift in the trend of going hybrid, most companies have remote employees for the purpose of allowing work from anywhere. Virtual Meeting Platforms make this task easier for firms to gather each and every employee under a single roof through the internet. .


How Virtual Meetings Separate Themselves From Virtual Events

As we know, a “virtual event” is the bigger umbrella, which consists of meetings, online webinar sessions, online video conferences, and much more. But, what are the differences between virtual events and virtual meetings  let’s have a look –  

  • It is very easy to host Virtual Meetings but it takes a lot of time in planning and execution of a successful Virtual Event. In addition to this, there is a simple interface if you are planning to attend a Virtual Meeting. On the other hand, the process is more complex in the case of joining a Virtual Event.
  • In the case of hosting meetings, interactions with each other are possible in the best possible way, while for Virtual Events interacting with each individual is not possible at all. It is a one-sided conversation for Virtual Events and just the opposite in the other scenario.
  • If we have to consider the budget requirements, both of them are very different from each other . Virtual Meetings are the first choice for a small group of people, private gatherings, daily discussions, etc. Similarly, Virtual Events like Online Webinar Sessions, Trade Shows etc. are held to maximize audience reach at the global level.

Prominent Benefits Of Virtual Meetings 

Virtual meetings are the best way to boost productivity and increase engagement with employees. Virtual meetings are cost effective and easy solutions to manage and execute.. Here are some of the popular use cases of these meetings – 

Ease Of Convenience 

These meetings are the best alternatives to hosting regular discussions. In addition to this, with no physical venue requirements, no hustle for travel and accommodation, etc.  

Easy To Meet External Customers 

Online meetings are a good option to meet your client or customer who lives in another part of the world. It eliminates the cost of traveling and other expenses and enhances quality communication between individuals.

Flexible Option 

Virtual Meeting Platforms are a great replacement for traditional physical meetings. With the inclusion of features like accurate insights, ease of sharing information in any format,  polling, etc., these platforms are gradually becoming the new normal for businesses.

Everready Option 

This is one of the classic advantages of hosting these meetings. You are prepared for any type of happenings or circumstances that can hinder your regular in-person discussions. With the help of an active internet connection, you can connect with your employee at any time.

Cost Savings 

The costs of holding traditional in-person meetings are greatly reduced by using virtual meetings. There are no costs associated with travel, lodging, venue rentals, or catering. When holding regular or large-scale meetings, these cost reductions might be significant for corporations.

Wider Reach and Inclusivity

Virtual meetings are more accessible and allow people to participate who would not otherwise be able to do so. Geographical limitations are removed, enabling participation from individuals in various cities, time zones, and even nations. Its inclusiveness encourages different viewpoints and makes it easier for a wider spectrum of people to work together.

Data and Analytics

Platforms for virtual meetings frequently provide data and analytics tools that provide information on participant engagement, attendance rates, and other important metrics. These data may be used to assess a meeting’s performance, pinpoint areas for development, and make data-driven decisions for subsequent gatherings.


Virtual meetings can accommodate a large number of participants from diverse locations, making them ideal for webinars, training sessions, seminars, and virtual conferences.

Time Savings

Participants can join virtual meetings from anywhere with an internet connection, saving time that would have been spent commuting to a physical location. This allows for more efficient use of working hours and can lead to increased productivity.

What Are Different Types Of Online Meetings 

There are a variety of ways in which you can easily host your virtual meeting. However, the most popular way is by “teleconferencing.” This is the easiest way of having a meeting with the employees or participants by having direct conversations over the telephone.

The second option of hosting these meetings is by “Video Conferencing”. This type of meeting involves both audio and video outputs. In addition to this, presentations can also be held online which is also termed as webinar session.

Things To Remember While Choosing Your Online Meeting Platform

It is very important to take care of a few points before making the final choice of selecting a platform for your event. These handy tips are – 

  • The platform should facilitate the live session to be recorded for viewing afterward. This is very helpful for those attendees who are not able to attend your meeting due to any circumstances.
  • If we talk about popular Online Meeting Examples, consist of chat features for solving queries of the participants in real-time. This builds the credibility of the company in front of its employees.
  • The platform should also enhance proper engagement with the participants of the meeting. This ensures their active participation in the discussion. However, this can be done by including some features like quizzes, games, etc.
  • The conversation can be held in multiple formats. Additionally, the platform should also support the sharing of important documents and information in different formats including pdfs, notes, audio, etc.

Meeting Agenda – Create An Objective For Your Meeting

Hosting pointless meetings is just like wasting your precious time on useless stuff. Therefore, by setting the objectives for your meeting, you are actually creating a pathway for new ideas to be implemented and executed.

The participants of the meeting should not attend the meeting with a blank mind. In addition to this, they should know what you are expecting from them as homework before joining the meeting. Try to create an outline of the whole session by deciding who’ll introduce the session and individuals for different topics.

Similarly, you have to send the agenda along with the meeting invitation for making your participants aware of possible outcomes. Just by following this quick Virtual Meeting Guide.

Activities For An Effective Virtual Meeting 

You can make the best use of these sessions by creating the right kind of atmosphere for your attendees. This can be done by – 

  • Virtual Ice Breakers: Ice breakers are the best tool for making your attendees feel calm and complex. This is best in the case when your participants don’t speak much in front of others. In addition to this, when they realize they are on the same page as others, they become much more confident.
  • Scavenger Hunt:  This activity best suits the virtual environment. On Virtual Meeting Platforms, you can host this for getting participants moving between rooms in the virtual lobby or exhibition halls, etc.
  • Hosting Happy Hour:  At the end of the day, hosting a virtual happy hour can make your audience surprised and happy. This session is all about sending gift boxes to your employees or participants. Additionally, this will remove all sorts of stress and fatigue for your employees. 
  • Social Media Interactions: With a creative mindset, Online Meeting Platforms can be used for interacting and promoting your meeting on social media channels. With the right type of hashtags, you can gain worldwide attention for your activity. Additionally, this will boost the public reach of the company as well.

Host Successful Virtual Meetings on the Best Virtual Meeting Platform- Mixhub

There are many Virtual Meeting Platforms available in the market including Mixhub which commits permissible service with classic interactive features to host your virtual meetings. However, Mixhub is different from its counterparts due to the following reasons – 

  • Mixhub comes up with a free trial option which is very helpful for those who are new in the industry.
  • With its customizable personal spaces, virtual meetings are turning into productive sessions for the companies as well as the employees.
  • When it comes to enhancing engagement with the participants, Mixhub involves features like – live polling, chatting options, HD video streaming, real-time feedback, and much more.

Final Words,

After all, going with the trend is the key to success. Virtual meetings are the best way to encourage a healthy level of engagement with your participants and employees. By selecting the right strategy for your meeting and working towards the main goal, you will get one step closer to success.


Q: What is a virtual meeting?

A: virtual meeting is a get-together of people or groups that takes place online or via a platform for virtual cooperation. Using video, audio, and text-based communication capabilities, it enables people to connect and converse remotely regardless of where they are physically located.

Q: What are the benefits of virtual meetings?

A: There are many advantages to virtual meetings, including the ability to connect with people from all over the world, time and money savings on travel, increased participant flexibility, improved work-life balance, the capacity to record and review meetings, and improved teamwork through the use of screen sharing and file sharing tools.

Q: How do I manage participant engagement during a virtual meeting?

A: There are several ways to manage participant involvement in a virtual meeting. In order to provide a sense of presence, encourage participants to activate their cameras. Encourage engagement by utilizing interactive elements like polls, chat, or Q&A sessions. Give everyone a chance to talk, solicit their opinions, and actively include them in the meeting. Make sure everyone gets an opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard.

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